kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ke itna pyaar-OS (part 2)) BY NISHI MALHOTRA

recap:Sona is divorced from Dev and lives in New York. She is called back to India because her Father is dying and she also wants meet Dev because she still feels there is some love story.
Dev:what happened Elena?why are u shouting?
Dev wears his overcoat with his normal shirt and black pants.
Elena:bhai sona is in Delhi!!
Dev is shocked and Kuch rang plays…

Dev:Sonakshi..is in Delhi?
Elena:bhai..can I meet her??please bhai..it’s been 4 years..
Dev:Elena..I’ll come along.
Elena:bhai..are u sure..I mean will ishwari Bua mind..
Dev:OFCOURSE Not..Elena Sonakshi is my ex Wife…maa can’t stop me from meeting her..she is not a stranger..she was once family..it’s not like I love her..
Elena:when did I say u still love her?

Dev looks at Elena and kismat leke plays..
Elena:bhai…if u still have feelings for Sona..it’s Not wrong..
Dev:what nonsense Elena..I dont love her anymore..I hate her..
Elena:that’s why u want to follow me?
Dev:I want to follow you because..because..because I want to see..how she is living…whether she is happy or sad like me…
Elena:if u don’t know how to lie why do u..
Dev:Elena enough…
Elena:ok up to you bhai..I’m leaving now..
Dev and Elena come to the Bose house.

Asha opens the door.
Stands shocked.
Dev comes behind:Asha maa..
Asha:Dev?come in…
Dev sees the house:Maa,the house has changed a bit..
Asha brings water:yes..Sonakshi changed it…
Dev:Sona..I mean Sonakshi…

Sona comes down the stairs:maa,Soha is very hungry please make something for her.
Dev looks at her and she looks at Dev.
Dev is mesmerised by her beauty.
She is shocked to see him and waqt ne Kiya plays.
Sona:what are u doing here?
Dev:I came with Elena..
Dev:leave all that..who is soha?

Sona stands shocked:tumse mutlab…
Dev:I’m just asking…
Asha:Shona why don’t u just tell him..eventually he will find out…
Sona looks at him:u have no right to call my Mother maa…she is not your Mother in law anymore…like I stoped calling Ma;I mean ishwari Aunty ji maa..
Asha:let him call me Maa..after all I was his Mother Law once..
Sona:Elena..you’ve become very fat yaar…
Dev and Elena laugh.
Sona:kya Hua.
Elena:Sona,im pregnant.
Sona:shuddi??im gonna become a maashi??
Soha comes down with her school uniform..
Sona looks at her and Dev also looks at her.
Running towards sonakshi.
Dev stands there puzzled:mumma?

Sona looks at Dev..and introduces Soha as her Daughter.
Dev:Sonakshi,if she is your Daughter,who is her Father?
Dev:I have a 4 year old Daughter and You didn’t even tell me?
Sonakshi:I didn’t even try to tell u?i sent u so many messages,emails,and letters..but nothing reached right??thats because ishwari Aunty ji didn’t want me to be with u anymore..I was never angry with u Dev..I always loved u..and I always hoped that we would be together again..
Dev stands shocked there…
Dev:if u had come to the dixit villa once to tell me..I would have not got engaged..
Sona:engaged?to who?
Dev:Nikita.nikita agarwal.

Sona stands there shocked.
Dev:HAHAHAH…shakal dekho..happy April fools yaar..
Sona:it’s February!!
Sona:and its..ITS…

Sona:Valentine’s day..
Dev:it’s 14 of feb today.the day.where every couple express their love for eachother.
Sona:that means You will stop loving me before and after 14 th feb?

Sona and dev were finally back together..with suhana..in their own small house..far far away..happily ever after

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  1. Awesome episode

  2. Hey Nishi,
    This was extremely sweet!❣️ This short story was really very beautiful!? Dev and Sonakshi’s meet was so cute! I loved this story!!❤️❤️
    Anyway, how is school life, eh? Seeing your late post, I suppose it’s quite hectic..?
    Also, now that you’re done with this story, I’ve gotta tell you that I’m waiting for the next one now! Please do come up with something soon!!
    Loads and tons of love,

    1. Erica

      Hey anshi di!

      Yup,indeed school life is tough..haha..I’ll work on a ff and present to you guys about end feb and start of march.Im going to Brunei as a school trip so I wouldn’t be in town for the second week of march and I highly doubt whether there would be wifi there but nevertheless I’ll think of a plot soon and present to u guys!love you!?

  3. V.V.harshita

    Hey is this the end of this epi….no plzs don’t gurl….it’s jst awsome

    1. Erica

      Hey harshita!!

      Are u by any chance South Indian?anyways this is just an OS,I’ll be writing a ff soon!!kinda like season 2 but with a different name and different adventures of devaakshi!Infact,changing my mind,I should upload one today since I have time,and I’ll try continuing as frequently as possible!keep reading!

  4. Priya12

    Nishi dr, after long time u posted…happy 2 see u ..nd cmg 2 the os…it was just amazingg….splendid…

  5. Niki645

    Oh wow Nishi!! Such a sweet OS by a sweetie like u????

    Well written!! Pls do come up with more of these??

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