kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ke itna pyaar-OS (part 1)

Sona’s POV

It’s been 4 years.4 years since I became a Mother.4 years since I became Ms Sonakshi Bose again.4 years since I last saw his face.He,who I taught to laugh..he who I taught to love,live and laugh..he..My ex Husband..Mr Devrath Dixit.A complete mumma’S boy.

It was bedtime for my angel,suhana.It was 9.30 in the night.The night was still young for me.I had sleepless nights,because my nightmares haunted me.the previous Sona,the Sona which I lost,had sleepless nights because of her dreams chasing her..and now..they were all hurting me..I stared at the tall buildings viewing the breathtaking view of the New York skyline.

3 hours later,I got some sleep..that was the night,I went back to 4 years back..to the day..where I lost everything…
4 years ago.
Dev:Sonakshi you’re the biggest mistake of my life.I should never fallen in love with you..

Those bitter words struck sona’s heart.It led to signing divorce papers…and ruining both their happiness.It was 1 month into her return into the Bose house when she started to get continuous vomits and nausea.When Asha took her for check up,the doctor told her she was a pregnant,and that too 5 weeks.
Sona gave birth to a baby girl,and moved to New York after a business expansion offer in a hospital.As her baby girl grew up,she tried to heal..but she knew it was hard

Back to the present:
I had got a call..+9190006555…it was maa..after so many months..I heard the tragic news..baba was dying..I took the next flight to Delhi with Soha and came home..Those Delhi memories just haunted me of my past..was it meant to be like this?Was there a love story?Is there any hope?

love,Sonakshi bose(hopefully Dixit)

Precap:Dev’s POV AND end of OS

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    Beautiful ❤

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    Amazing do post ur other os

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    When I started reading, I was just wondering who could be the writer of such a beautiful OS, and halfway through, I knew such a writer would be none other than our very sweet Nishi??

    Beautiful, post soon ????

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  9. Hey Nishi!
    How are you? It’s so good so see you back with another spectacular story, honey!
    Anyways, the idea is wonderful! I’m waiting to see what happens next! Probably Dev and Sona will meet…
    Besides, please post th next one soon!
    Loads of love,

  10. Amazingggg nishi… Really happy to see you back….
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