kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi-honge judaa na hum-Episode 3

The episode starts with Sona being rushed to the hospital.She is unconcious.
Doctor:wait let me have a look at the patient.
The doctor sees Sona and gets shocked.The doctor turns out to be sona’s Best Friend,Anirudh(played as aamir Ali)
Anirudh:Sonakshi?sona..nothing will happen to you..nurse..take her into the ICU. We are going to do a SRI and after than CEM scan(all the medical terms are ficitional)
Nurse:ok sir.

They rush Sona into the operation room.
5 seconds later comes rushing in Tara and her Father Avinash(not jagat rawat-bijoy, but imagine an older version of jatin)
Tara:Anirudh..what happened to sona..
Anirudh:Aunty..nothing will happen to Sona..we are trying our best..Please come down..
Just then dev comes and his Sister is running with the strecher.
Tara:Dev?Roshni(dev’ Sis)meaning this wasn’t an accident..it was all planned..Dev wanted to kill my Daughter.
Avinash:What the hell are you saying Tara?

Tara:Avi,Dev tried to kill my Daughter.
Roshni:Dev didn’t try to anything.He loved Sonakshi more than anything else.
Tara:then can you explain the situation?huh?can you?look here ms roshni Dixit,if my Daughter Doesent survive,I will jail you and your humanless Brother.
Roshni:one more word against Dev bhai..
Tara:what will u do?huh?
Avinash:pls calm down..I’m sorry roshni..Tara..come…
Dev and sona are being operated in the same room.as they get operated,their memories fade away..the sweet memories they spent together in the rain,painting,eating,by the seashore and so much more.

3 hours later..
Anirudh:Tara Aunty..Avi Uncle..You can meet Sona.
Tara and Avi rush in.
Tara:my baby..*carrases sona’s hair*nothing will happen..mumma is there right?
Sona:you..You two are my Doctors?
Tara and Avi tear
Anirudh comes in and shares that because of the accident,both Sona and dev have lost their memory and can’t remember ANYTHING.
Tara tells Sona to rest and brings Avi and Anirudh out of the room and calls roshni.

Tara:Dev and Sona have both lost their memory.thats why,for the happiness for my Daughter,I want Dev and sona to stay separately,and no one to tell them they were ever married,ever in love,or ever knew eachother.
Roshni:what?why would u do that?
Tara:Dev has only given my Daughter sadness.
Roshni:Dev has loved Sona immensely also..
Tara:whatever.I want Dev and sona to never meet eachother again.
Everyone sadly agrees.
Sona and dev both get discharged.They are walking at the corridor of the hospital when they cross eachother and they hands touch eachother.
Kuch rang plays…

1 year later….
It’s 17 of September and a pink bedroom is shown it’s a rich house.The radio is on and the alarm rings. A sweet girl opens the blanket and puts her feet into slippers.She smells her scent box when someone calls her.
Nitai(servant):Didi moni
It’s none other than Sona!
Now Sona has Long straight hair and she is wearing a pathani green kurti with white patiala.

Sona:nitai..*gives a wide smile*
Nitai:Didi moni,can u read the bhavishya vaani in the news paper today?
Sona:nitai..u believe in all of that?ok I’ll read it for You.today Mom will scold you a lot,dad will make you polish all his shoes,and saurabh will see all this and say that ok let me tell nitai to polish all my Football trophies.
Nitai:aah..didi moni..you’re pulling my leg again…
Sona laughs and says:nitai,there is no need to believe in all of this.
Nitai:didi moni,read yours?
Sona:Today my day is really special.you will meet someone who will change your life is the main relationship of the past.what nonsense.
Nitai:didi moni,what’s the date today?

Sona:17 th September 2018.
Nitai:Of course it’s special.Its your anniver;
Sona turns In Shock:what?
Nitai:aam..mangoes..didi moni,in our village,mango is very popular..
Sona:mango..village?what are u saying?tell me the truth?did 17 th September have any importance to me in the past?
Nitai:no didi moni..

Precap:if I give you a precap,the surprise will be spoilt,but don’t worry!!wont keep your surprise for long!

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