kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi-honge judaa na hum-Episode 2

Recap:Sona and dev are architects in the same company.

Sona:Dev!!dev!!wake up!!!!!
Dev wakes up with a shock.
Sona:I have been trying to wake u up for the last 30 mins.
Dev:Was I just dreaming?
Sona:Ugh.We just had an argument.and I have to wake u up even then.
Dev:we had an argument?
Sona:u have memory loss?chal it’s our anniversary.And u spoilt it again.
Sona:Dev,u ruined our anniversary celeb by inviting her yesterday
Sona:who else??anuskha!
Dev:Anu is my childhood Friend.
Sona:but u know I can’t tolerate her.and*throws a pillow at dev*the way that she flirts with you I can’t even tolerate it*
Dev:*catches the pillow and goes to sona*they way she flirts with me?really?youre talking as if I flirt with her too.
Sona:UGH.tumi ekta boka.
Dev:ms Bose,gusse me bhi agar bengali bolti,mudje tabbhi nehe samaj aathahai.
Sona:It’s mrs Dixit.ANYWAY,Dev Dixit,you ruined our anniversary yesterday and there is no way you’re thinking to make up for it.right?
Dev:ok,I’m sorry.
Sona:u never mean it.Remember on our second anniversary?u maid such a big embarrassment infront of 600 guests.mom got so embarrassed because of;
Dev:Mom Mom Mom…everything Mom…

Sona:Dev,she is your Mother In law and my Mother.have some respect.*sona walks off*
Dev:*holds her hand*i bring you one step forward and when u go there,your mom brings u four steps forward.Sonakshi,if we are not at the same pace u do know that we can’t be happy
Sona:*lets go of dev’a grip*just forget it.
Sonakshi walks away and leaves the house.dev gets angry.
Sona goes to her Mother’s house
(In this ff the bose’s are very rich and Dev is a middle class).
Sona’s Mom,Tara sees Sona running in the house(they are having a grand party at the garden)
Sona is crying in her room.
Tara:beta,no you don’t cry.
Sona:Mom why Doesent Dev understand me I just don’t get it.
Tara:Sona,this isn’t your first time crying and this isn’t your first time fighting with Dev.Sometimes we make the wrong decision.and we make the wrong choice,I don’t want you to regret it later.thats why I want to sign this*passes her the divorce papers*
Sona:Mom..*still crying*
Tara:the choice is yours.

Tara leaves and sona continues to cry with the divorce paper in her hand.
She hastily signs it and throws it on the bed.she is crying when dev’s text comes.
Dev:I’m waiting at the place we always meet.Until u come I won’t go.
Sona decides something and leaves her room.
She comes out and Tara sees her and smiles.
She comes to Tara:Mom im gg.
Sona:To Rohan Mom..he said he was sorry..bye Mom!!bye dad!!
She is in the car when Dev’s text comes.
Dev:you’re coming right?
Sona:what do u think?
Dev smiles.
Sona gets dev’s call.
Dev:I promise I will never fight with you again.
Sona smiles: I also promise that I will never figh;dev!!!*she screams*
Dev’s car bumps with sonakshi’ car and overturns and a lamp falls over sona’s car and her head hits the steering wheel.
People crowd around and take out sona from the car.
People also take out Dev from his car.
Sona is taken on the stretcher in the ambulance her head and hand full of blood.Dev is also taken into the hospital with his head full of blood.

Precap: The doctor turns out to be the mutual Friend of Dev and Sonakshi,Tara blames Dev’s sister(parents not alive)for sona’s accident.

Sona’s attire-
White salwaar kameez(the one she wore for ep 203)
Dev’s attire-a blue shirt(his normal shirt)with a light brown sleeves overcoat and caramel jeans.

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Gud going post soon dear…..????

  2. Awesome

  3. Hey Nishi! How are you? Are your exams over yet? If yes, how had they been? Okay, okay. I know I’m asking too many questions at once, but seeing you after so many days is compelling me to write so much! Anyway, I hope you, your sisters and your dad are all doing fine.?
    Well, coming to the episode, I had one question (okay, please don’t throw tomatoes on me for asking so many questions, but I think there’s something probably wrong with my brain today?): So, like, in the first episode, you showed Sonakshi and Dev as two different personalities who worked together in the same office. You also mentioned that they two always noticed each other. And finally, you had concluded the episode by questioning whether the two of them would end up/ come together. (Please do correct me if I a man wrong at any point).
    Anyways, today, you started the episode with Sonakshi, who is surprisingly Dev’s wife all of a sudden, waking Dev up. Isn’t that a bit irrelevant over here, honey? Like, it’s just too different from what the previous chapter had been about. Also, in the previous episode, Asha was Sonakshi’s mother, not Tara. Tara is a character whom you hadn’t included anywhere in the previous episode, not even in the list of new characters. All this divorce and marriage drama is a bit off-story, don’t you think?
    Now, sweetie, please don’t be hurt my words. I really don’t mean to hurt your feelings, and I never will. But, considering the fact that I actively follow your stories, I found this sudden change in the storyline quite startling. And, it need not be you who is actually the one at fault here. Maybe I have missed out on an episode or something. If I have, then please let me know so and I’ll readily take my words back. And, it’s nothing you should get worried about, either. Everyone makes mistakes, and you’ve just made a tiny mistake. That’s it.
    Moreover, this episode, irrespective to what the story and all is, was good. But, has Sonakshi just signed the divorce papers? Oh no! Tara, who is supposedly Sonakshi’s mother over here, is so cruel! She literally reminds me of Ishwari. Wait a moment. Are Ishwari and Tara twin sisters or something???
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next episode. Just one request: please let me know what I’ve missed out on or which storyline you’ll be following; the one given on the first episode or second.
    Sorry in advance.
    Loads of love,

    1. Gosh! My comment is so damn long. I seriously didn’t notice how far I’d reached while typing! Really sorry for wasting your time, Nishi…?

    2. Erica

      Hey anshi di,
      No comment is hurting,especially yours!i know the fact that I took a big jump from one episode to a another.This wasn’t a mistake but let me clarify some matters.

      I didn’t give a introduction shade:(although I did say in brackets that in this ff instead of Asha,Sona’s Mother name would be tara)
      I started my story with the storyline of Dev and Sonakshi being aspiring architects.Correct.but then I realised this wouldn’t be going anywhere and I also got a amazing idea how to continue my story.So I started my second episode saying the first episode was kinda of a dream for Dev and they were already married.sonakshi has signed them,but threw them away because she got Dev’S message.Il make sure I won’t Make u guys confused about the story line.keep reading!z?

      1. Thank god you aren’t hurt! I was so scared that you might be extremely mad at me!
        Anyway, thanks for the clarity from your side. This will make me understand the story loads better! Thank you so much!❣️

  4. Priya12

    Nishi, my doubts were asked by anshita and ur clarified it…nw I can understand better…thx 2 anshita nd u…cmg 2 the epi…omg..sona signed the paper nd went 2 meet dev,…nw they cleared their fight but dev would misunderstood when he sees the paper….its interesting…. nd precap..I m damn excited…pls post asap…

    What abut ur exams ? How did u write those …Ik u would have written nicely …..

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