kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi-honge judaa na hum-Episode 1

Hey guys it’s nishi and I’m back with a new ff!

Introducing unknown characters:

sonakshi’s Sis saira
Dev’s blood related Brother jai

It starts with a view of a rich white house(looks like a palace.there is a beautiful garden with beautifully designed white chairs with a table.There,a man in his 50’s is reading the newspaper grumpily.
Man:Asha!iss desh ka kya hoga!!
Yes,it’s none other than Bijoy,a retired business man.a lady in her 40’s arrives.its Asha!in her latest look.
And there comes a young sweet hyper girl from behind in a salwaar kameez(before marrige types for Sonakshi)and it is none other than Sonakshi.sonakshi is a well known architect.

Sonakshi:good morning papa!maa.
Bijoy:good morning beta..where is saira?its already 9 am..isn’t it time for her to go to college?
Sonakshi:papa,don’t u think it’s too early for saira to get up?woh gyaara baaje uthegi..slowly slowly thayaar hogi aur phir?

Bijoy,Asha and sona:oh no I’m late for college!!*imitates her*
And there,it’s 11 am and saira wakes up and says:oh no I’m late for college.
The role of saira is played by palak Jain.
Saira:Sona di!!
Sona:what happened?i have ironed your dress and put it in the cupboard,I have cleared up your bathroom of coco’s pee,and your bag is under your hammock.
Saira:thank you so much didi.
Sona:as if u appreciate it..ok ok let’s go even I have to go to work..
Saira:hai..what a hectic life*overacting*
Sona:oi nautanki!baar nikal.ill only drop u in college then ok?
Saira:ok di..coming..chill..
Sona and saira:bye Ma!bye papa!see u in the evening!and OFCOURSE,for saira it’s night!!!
Sona drops saira at college and goes off to work.
Sona is wearing a white salwaar kameez(the one she wore when she found out that Dev lied that she was pregnant)
Her hair is left open and she gets to work.She gets out the sketches from her bag and is walking to her boss’s Cabin to finalise the designs when a young handsome fellow enters.all the girls go mad after him.
Girl 1(roshini): oh my god he is so hot!!!
Girl 2(samyuktha): ya I know right??
Girl 3(kalyani):u guys..most likely he is already taken..
Girl 4(aishwarya):and what if he is not??

Sonakshi all stares at them..and finally stares at him…it was Dev.wearing a black woolen shirt and jeans made him look amazing.he worked as the same company as Sonakshi.its just that until now,they didn’t try making eye contact with eachother.
Dev always noticed her..she always noticed Dev..were they meant to be together?

Precap:Dev and Sonakshi work on a project together and slowly become friends.

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  1. Nishi! So, I see you’ve already come up with something new, eh? And, something even more interesting! Yay! So far, the story sound pretty exciting and the last line makes me go bonkers as I think of the possible ways these two will meet! So, this story is kinda about unknown two-sided love, huh? If yes, then I bet there’s a lot to look forward to!
    Anyway, now that you’ve already provided us with such an amazing story, I can’t help but say please post the next one soon sweetie!! I simply can’t wait for it!
    Loads and tons of love,

    1. *as I think of the possible way these two will come together

    2. Erica

      Hey anshi di!

      Glad to see ur comment!!
      Haha thanks!!
      Yes I will try to submit the next epi ASAP
      Lots of love❤️❤️

  2. Looks interesting….go ??…and as we all know…ofcourse they are meant to be…??

    1. Go ahead**

    2. Erica

      Thank u shalini❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sounds interesting

  4. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon as possible

  5. V.V.harshita

    Hey nice plzs post soon

  6. Priya12

    Nishi dr, I m so happy …u came with a new ff….and ths ff is having a new story line…professions were different….seems interesting…. u know my goal is 2 becm a architecturer….I m hell excited 4 ur ff…I know ur hell busy with ur studied…try 2 post ASAP….
    I wish u 2 hit double or triple centuries 4 ths ff…..

  7. Friends, check KRPKAB’s latest spoiler on http://consumerap.com/suhanas-truth-revelation-shocks-dev/ have a nice day.

  8. Shruti710

    Its amazing
    Post soon
    And as everyone is saying to Mai bhi Leh hi deti hoon Ki they are meant to be together
    Bas hamein yeh dekhna hai Ki kaise
    Good going track

  9. Niki645

    It’s really interesting dear!!
    Pls do post asap!

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