Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 77


Sona is making rotis in the kitchen when ishwari comes and checks on her.
Ishwari:sona beta how many have you made?
Sona:Ma..*shows a torn roti*
Ishwari:*laughs*beta..come ill teach u to make a Roti..
Ishwari teaches sonakshi how to make roti..she rolls the aata(very skillfully)
Sona:maa..you are very talented in kitchen matters.
Ishwari:beta,I have spent my whole life in this,this means my life,that’s why I’m very passionate about it.
Sona and ishwari smile and share some light and sweet moments.

While dev is playing sona’s Favourite beat on his table,Tina barges in with files.
Dev is lost in his thoughts.
Dev:ya!!?!umm sorry ya?
Tina:are you ok sir?
Dev:ya..what happened to me..*straightening his coat*
Tina:ok sir..here are some files I need you to go through before the meeting at 4 with the modi industries sir.
Tina:Wlc sir..
While he goes through his files,a slideshow of sona’s images play on his laptop..yeh lamhe..hazar se..hote hain..rang pyaar ke kein..*song plays*

Dev finishes office and reaches home to meet his Sona.dev rushes up the steps in excitement and throws is coat up.sonakshi catches it from upstairs and throws it into the laundry basket.
Dev:I missed you.
Sona:but I had fun.
Dev:ok.then..I will stay away from you..
Sona:I swear I will kill u if you say that in my dreams.
Dev:oh Pls..try killing me in real life first..
Dev and Sona run around and Sona trips and falls into Dev’s arms..

*song plays*
Dev carresses sonakshi’s hair..Sona runs away,shying..Dev messes up his hair and laughs…
Dev holds sona’s hand..just then Nikki comes..
Nikki:hello guys,the room’s just there..
Dev and Sona separate..
Dev:we don’t need the room what.
Nikki:ok…see u tmrw!!good night…oh I have college tmrw..I better sleep early..
Sona:ok gn Nikki..
Dev:so can we continue now?
Sona:err..permission not granted mr dixit*hits his bag on him.
Sona walks away and dev smiles at her.

A new girl makes an entry in the dixit house the next morning.her dangling feather(peacock design)earrings are shown..she is wearing silver payaal(anklets)with a light pink kurti with her duppata flying..
Sona:oh my!!!ankita!!!!!!!!
Ankita:sona?!?!!!!omg Ong Omg!!??its been so many years yaar…
Sona: I know right!!!!
Ankita:how are u???are u married???quite rich ah??!!

Precap: ankita increases the bond of the dixit family,preekar loss of their baby…shraman divorce ongoing..

Hahahah sorry I can’t stop writing so I’m gg to write short epis until my exam and then maha epi(VV special epi for KRPKAB and EKDV for ep 100)!!

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