Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 138

Day 3:Ria’s mehendi.

The house is nicely decorated with orange flowers on pillars and lights on the staircases.Guests flow in and bless the couple.Ria and Arjun sit on a royal couch.

After few hours…
Mehendi artist:Ok chalo,Dulhan,plz come for your mehendi drawing.bring 4 cushions also.

The artist makes Riya sit on a Low chair,with one pillow for her right arm and one pillow for the left arm.Same for her legs..Riya feels hungry and then tells Sona to feed her something.Sona feeds her and kisses her forehead.
Sona:I’m so happy you for you Ria.
Ria:Thanks Sona bhabhi.I love you.
Sona:I love you 2?

After a while,Vicky and Radha Rani mix A bit of Bhang liquid in the lime juice only for sona(as Sona was putting mehendi).she drinks it fully.

She feels giddy and wants to vomit..She gets severely drunk…

Sona:Someone pick me!!!
Dev:Sona you’re ok no?are u not feeling well?
Sona:Dev dixit,pick me up..
Dev gets absouleutely stunned.He picks her up and brings her up to the room.sona cuddles to him tight.
He makes Sona lie down and is about to go down when Sona holds his hand.
Sona:Dev…don’t go…Come sit here…
Dev:Are you ok Sona?
Sona:Yea..I’m ok….I’m fine…Sit here!come my baby!
Dev is shocked..he comes closer to Sona.
Sona pulls him.He falls on her.*yea imagine Dev falling on Sona and not Sona falling on Dev*
Dev is utterly confused and tries to get up.
Sona takes her duppata and ties Dev to the bed.
Dev:Ki korcho tumi Sona.
Sona:Oho so mr khargosh has learnt Bengali….mr Dev DIXIT…
*fingers his face.*
Dev:Sona tum puri ki puri Pagal Ho.

Precap:Part 2 of sona’s drunk state

Hey guys!
I’m really sorry for the really short ff,but I would only be able to write the Maha episode(ep 140)only like on Tuesday as my mid years start TMRW and it’s my exams basically and I really need to study so yeah!see u with the Maha episode on Tuesday!bye!

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  1. Awesome but too short

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    ?? I want next time a bigger oje?
    Otherwise it was fab???

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