Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 137

Recap:Riya’s engagement.

It’s Ria’s haldi.
Ria is wearing a yellow saree with her hair blowdried.She looks beautiful.First,the elderly puts the mehendi on her.all of them bless her.

Dev and sona are standing tgt behind:Remmeber our haldi Ms khargosh?
Sona remembers small bits of their sweet haldi 8 years ago.
Sona:Seriously,how time flies na Dev?

Arjun(Elena and suhan’s Son):Mesho Mesho pick me up!!pick me up!!pick me up!!
Dev carries Arjun:Yes my champ?
Arjun:* giggles with baby slurps*because he is only 4 years old.
Elena comes there:I’m so sorry Dev jiju,he can’t stay in one place.You know him na..
Ajju baby,come to mumma..aaja..
Dev:Elena kese baathe karreheo?Arjun is like my Son only.its ok,if he wants to be with me,it’s fine ele.

Elena:Okay Jiju.
Sona and Dev’s turn come for putting the haldi.Sona puts dots first and then smashes a chunk of haldi on Riya.Everybody laughs as Sona runs around and Riya runs after her.

Next to ria,is Arjun(her fiancè) who is putting haldi too.Nikki smashes haldi on him.
Ishwari:Nikki,don’t do that..he is your would be Brother in law!
Arjun:arae Ma..let her do it..she is a kid..
Nikki:hello…I’m not a kid ok..I’m 28.and by the way,I’m also married.
Arjun:you’re married?to who.
Nikki:Wait he is in the room,just call him and come.
Namik is Namik Paul.

She goes to their room.
Nikki:Namik,you’re on your laptop!come on,it’s didi’S haldi..
Namik:Nikks last email.
Nikki:no.chalo abhi.
Namik:teke baba..
Namik goes down with nikki and Namik sees Arjun and becomes very happy.
Namik:Abhey Ajju yaar.

Arjun:Namku???Omg..it’s been so many years yaar..
Both of them hug.
Nikki:You both know eachother *holding on to namik”S arms*
Arjun:Wait Namku how are you here.
Namik:Meet my Wife,Nikita Dixit,turned Parulkar.
Arjun:Pleasure to meet you mrs Nikita Parulkar.
Nikki:Oho..so much respect despect now..Abey jija ji..I’m still your nanand.
Arjun:Hhaaha Nikki..

Haldi is over and it’s the sangeet next day.Ria and Arjun are sitting on a royal couch in the hall as Elena and Sona Emcee.
Elena:Hi guys,so we are here to witness the sangeet of Ria dixit and Arjun Gupta!
Sona:Yes!And were going to have a lot of fun dancing and singing!
Elena:so let’s not delay and start with the first performance by none other than our one and only Namik!!

Nikki:Go namku!!!*whistle*
He dances to kala chashma as girls from the sides join him.Neha,Elena,Sona dance with Him.
The next item is by Diya and Jhanvi Dixit.
Dev:Go my two angels!!Papa loves you!!
They both dance to Sau aasman.

Riya goes and hugs them:Thank you my angels.That was beautiful.
Diya and jhanvi:No problem bua.Congrats!!youre getting married!!
Riya:Aww my two sweethearts.
Diya and jhanvi run to Dev and sona and jhanvi jumps and Dev carries her while jhanvi stands infront of Sona.
Elena:And now..the most awaited couple dance by Riya and Arjun!
Riya and Arjun dance to tere sang yaara..

Everyone claps.
Now there is couple rotation dance.
Dev comes to Sona:You look stunning.
Sona:I know.
Dev smiles.

Finally,as a last segment ishwari gives a emo speech:Ria,it looks like u were just born yesterday,but see today,you’re getting married laado.Always stay happy!love you.
Ria:love u too maa..
Everyone whistles..

Everyone dances on the dance floor together.

Precap:Sona gets overdrunk and the Bhang served in the mehendi.DevAkshi cute moments…Ria’s mehendi..

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