Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 135

Recap:Ria’S alliance gets fixed.

Sona is seen running to Ria’s room after being decked up in a sweet light yellow blouse and pink floral saree with a single pendant chain and light earrings.Her hair is curled down and her curls are laying perfectly on her chest.

Sona:Riya chalo they’ll be here any minute!
Ria is seen wearing a pink and silver saree.
Riya:Bhabhi im nervous.
Sona:Arae.You have loved Arjun,and he has just come to ask for Your hand with his parents.
Riya:ok bhabhi..but I don’t want to serve tea.
Sona:Riya…you know why we serve tea?
Sona:because if you don’t like the guy u can pour tea on him.
Both laugh.

Riya:But bhabhi…*still recovering from her laugh*i love arjun.
Sona:that’s the whole point Riya..that’s why you’re getting married.chalo,don’t worry,be happy and let’s go.
Riya:thanks bhabhi..
Sona smiles:you’re always welcome princess.now go,arjun is waiting downstairs.
Sona and Nikki bring down Riya.
Arjun:Kushal Tandon from Beyadh
Ishwari:how beautiful is my Daughter looking.chalo,at least when I go,my soul will rest in peace.i got my 4 children married.
Dev to Sona
Neil to Neha
Riya to Arjun
Nikki to Suhan(their marrige wasn’t celebrated in my ff but ya they are married)
It’s 2022 by the way(5 years have passed)
Back to the story.
Arjun’S parents like Riya a lot and Ishwari and Dev and sona like Arjun a lot.their alliance gets finalised and everyone gets very happy.Riya blushes.

The 4 girls go shopping with the 3 men.

Precap:The dixit family does shopping..devaakshi romantic moments…neiha romance..suhakii romance…

Hey guys I’m so sorry for such a short epi but to make up for This there is going to be Maha episode and that will be episode 140!

Episodes to go:4

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