Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)ep 134

Hey guys it’s nishi with epi 134 of ek aur rang!Sorry for the delay!

Recap(Ep 1-133 basics)-Dev and sona are married for 3 years and have 2 kids,Diya and Jhanvi,who are 6 and 9 currently.The show has taken a 3 year leap.Currently,sona’s Best Friend,who had a non developed crush on Dev,passed away in a sudden accident,and Dev seems very depressed about that.

Today’s episode:
Sona’s POV
It was breezy cool morning,and I opened the window to walk in the balcony.I placed my feet on a polished parkey floor,Sipping my coffee.It was 6:30 am in the morning and obviously,Mr obodro hadnt woken up yet.The sun isn’t up yet,But I love seeing the sun rise.
I played with my windchimes hanging from the walls of the corners of the balcony,and slowly walked past all the beautiful photos.

And of course my happy calm silence was disturbed by my Mr Obodro,alias,My Husband Dev.OK ok wait..why am I speaking like this to You??like you have known me from 29 th feb 2016,As The Sonakshi Bose the Nutritionist,Then the rude girl to Mr Obodro,Then the comic crush,the Girlfriend,the loner and finally as a Wife to someone you may also fall in love with..

Sona:Wake up first Dev..And go freshen up..I’ll make breakfast for you.
Dev:I’m lazy..can I sleep more?
Sona:Ole mera bacha…*goes close to him*if you dont wake up,no coffee..
Sona:Riya,Nikki are on my side..Neha and Neil are not here…and diya is also on my side..And don’t even think about jhanvi ok?
Dev:That’s what I don’t like..everyone is on your side?
Sona:That’s because I’m nice Mr Obodro!ok now wake up who will go to office?
Sona’s POV
I also shower and get into a nice salwar.I hope mr obodro remembers that’s it’s jhanvi’s birthday…
I go down to make breakfast where the younger Daughter in law of the family is making breakfast for her Husband,Vicky.

Vicky is married to Aru-Moh Moh ke daage one.
She is rushing for work and so hurriedly toasts all the breads and places all the spreads over the table.
Sona:Aru,I’ll help no..
Aru:No no it’s ok bhabhi…you go take care of Diya.and jhanvi.
Sona:Arae Riya will manage them.Come let me help you.
Aru:thanks bhabhi.I don’t know where Vicky went so early in the morning.And also there was nothing in the kitchen.I don’t know what he ate or drank?bhabhi,what if he is starving.
Sona:*laugh*dont worry Aru,there is juice in the fridge.and as much as I know Vicky,he would have eaten something from the work space don’t worry..

Ria’s wedding

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