Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 99

The episode starts with ishwari getting hyper and arranging for food from bhola,and decorating the house.
Sona:Maa,why are you getting so hyper?
Ishwari:sonakshi beta,Teri daadi bua..is coming.
Ishwari:my bua!!
Sona:oh!!phir u must be happy??why are u getting hyper?
Ishwari:beta you don’t know dadi bua!she is very traditional!
Sona:oh…does dev know?
Ishwari:go to tell him…and get into a nice sari.

Sonakshi goes up.
Dev jumps out of the cupboard and closes the door and locks sona against the door.
Sona:dev tumi ki korcho?
Dev:I don’t know what that means but Ms bose,you’re really my khargosh.
Sona:its mrs dixit for you mr obodro!
Dev:oh I’m obodro now*puts his hand on his waist*
Sona:hawww..acha dadi bua is coming today evening so I need to get into my most nice sari and u also.
Dev:I have to wear sari??

Sona:dev!!tumi ekdum boka!i mean wear a nice shirt or your boring sa blue black.
Dev:then I will wear orange.
Sona:ok!!now get ready fast..
Sona goes.
In the evening….
Daadi bua makes an entry:ishwari!
Ishwari:ji bua!!!ayi!!
Ishwari takes her aarthi and blessings.
Daadibua:khush raho.*bless her*
Sona comes and takes her blessing.
Daadibua:tum kohon Hu chori?
Ishwari:*put her hand on sona’s head*bua,she is my Daughter in law,dev’s Wife.
Dadibua:last time I met dev,he was this short*shows a certain height*khush raho bahuriya!!
Sona smiles and dev comes down.

Dev:dadi bua!!!
Dadibua:hai meri cheeku!!
Sona:cheeku(under her breath)*laughs*
Nikki,riya,diya:namaste daadi bua!
Daadibua:nikita!!riya!!khush raho beta!!who is this?*looking at diya*
Sona:yeh mere or dev ki Beti hai,Diya.
Daadi bua:u alr have a kid?how many years have u been married?
Sona:daadi bua,actually Diya is adopted,but abhi abhi my jhanavi made an entry.
Daadi bua smiles.


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  1. Sarayumane

    Yippeeeeeee 99 episodes, that is a lot, keep it up……

  2. So…..tomorrow is the mana episode….???????☺️????……nishi……just keep it up…..??????☺️???….it’s really a great accomplishment to do 100 episodes or more….main tou 10th episode par lait gayi ????……congratz….to for this great accomplishment….☺️?????????….and may u achieve many more…???

    1. Erica

      Thank you Maheela di for commenting!haha ok I’m waiting for you to reach 100 then!!di,ep 100 may not be published today because I’m still working on it(I’m only done with 2 scenes because I started yesterday,so yep I’ll tell u asap when it’s ready

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow 99 hey sorry nishi for not commenting for many days but now i did and wow loved the way u introduce diff storyline and twist
    And can’t wait for your century and how is your exams?

    1. Erica

      Thanks joyee di!my exams are over haha even I can’t wait for my century?

  4. Aaru

    Plzz dadi bhua ko zyada rayta mat phailane dena..

  5. Manya

    Woho Nishi next is hundred ???I am so happy I am feeling like I have completed 100 episodes ???
    Awesomeee epi ❤️??❣??????
    Post soon ?
    Love love ❤️❣❤️

    1. Erica

      Thank you so much for commenting aaru and arushi di,I’m so happy to hear the utmost excitement from u arushi di!❤️Lots of love too and di what’s zyada rayta mat philana?

  6. Amazing
    omg 99 keep it up
    Post soon

  7. Erina

    Awesome epi nishi so ahead like this only. Truely enjoyed and plzzz don’t make dadi bua pakau….

    1. Erica

      Thanks nikita and Erina di.dont worry I won’t make daadi bua pakau.??thanks for enjoying!stay tuned!!everyone!!

  8. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fantastic and wow congrats dear u are going to complete a century best of luck dear and update asap

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