Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 95


The episode starts with ishwari,suman and rajveer going to the lawyer to get a copy of a divorce paper.suman and rajveer sign it,ishwari sulks.
Lawyer:the hearing will be on 16 th October,to certify that this couple is legally divorced.
Everyone nods.
At night,Sona and dev are sleeping while Sona has this dream:
A girl is getting shot at her heart and falls in sona’s arms.sona wakes up with a jerk.
Dev:sona?what happened Sona??sona!??you want water?
Dev:u saw the same dream again?

Dev:ok calm down..down..calm down…

The next morning while Sona comes down,Nikki closes sona’s eyes.
Sona:dev what childishness is this?
Nikki:dev bhaiya is not with you all the time bhabhi!!
Sona:Nikki??why are you holding my eyes like that??
Nikki opens sona’s eyes!!
Beautiful decor with a big banner ‘happy birthday Sona laado’was put up!!

Just then a gunshot is heard.

Precap:is the dream to do with the gunshot and her birthday?

?A sweet note from the sweet author?:hope you guys understand,I can only write my ff’s this short because I only get time in the night!im sorry and HAHA Maha episode coming up!!5 more episodes!!technically 4!!

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  1. Nice

  2. Dhira

    Awesome episode
    Waiting for your next episode
    ????? 4 more posts and maha episode ???? duper excited

  3. Aaru

    Sweet but scary episode dear..

  4. Manya

    Awesome but scary precap post soon

  5. Erika

    awesome and very nice but dear very scary precap i hope dev nkki or sona is not shot pl. update asap

  6. Awesome…amazing…and full of suspense..?????☺️☺️????☺️?????☺️???☺️…..don’t know who is being shot….maybe suman has shot herself?☺️

  7. Scary precap..
    Plzz post soon

  8. Erina

    Awesomeeeee erica dear but scary precape. So post soon

  9. Hi erica☺.though it was niz?.it was scary?

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