Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 94

The episode starts with Sona walking back home from the auto and she feels dizzy.she lies down.
Ishwari:sona beta!!come down beta dinner is ready!
Naina:ya chachi!!come down fast!!otherwisr I don’t like these ghaas poos.
Rajveer:beta,just count to 1 23 then eat !!*smile*
Arjun:don’t tell us what to do uncle.
Suman:Arjun,Naina say sorry he is your dad guys.
Arjun:my only dad is shravan papa.ok?
Dev(thinks):why is Sona taking so Long to come down?
Nikki comes to sona’s room and sees Sona clutching her stomach in pain.
Nikki:bhabhi??are you ok??bhabhi look at me!!maa!!bhaiya!!everyone come here something’s happened to bhabhi!!
Ishwari:that’s nikki’s voice!!nikki are you ok beta??ishwari goes up.
Dev:something happened to Sona??what??
Dev rushes up.riya,suman and rajveer and Arjun and Naina and Diya too.everyone is crowding around the door when dev barges in.
Dev:sona look at me!!sona!!sona!!ok be strong!!nikki call for the ambulance!!
Sona is rushed to the hospital.
After a few hours,
Doc:don’t worry,due to stress,she had a several stomach pain.she is fine she just needs rest.
Dev:thank you doctor.
Dev goes in.
Sona:dev?*tries to get up*
Dev:if you try to get up I will break your bones.
Sona:break break!!i have 206!!
Dev:very funny*sarcastically*you just scared me!

Sona:I know I’m sorry*holds the ear*
Dev:it’s fine.ok lets go home!
Everyone goes home and sleeps

The next morning..
Sona is going down the steps and sees Elena at the door with a belly bump smiling!

Sona:oh my god!!ellu!!is it a boy or girl?
Sona:thought of name??come on come
in!!maa!’dev!!elena is here.
Ishwari:arae Elena beta come!
Sona:what’s the name?
elena:chutkili(actually my mom used to call me chutkili when I was very small kinda miss her😞)
Elena:no na!i thought of Nikita or better shananya!!
Sona:haww so cute!!how many months?
Sona:that means you have 2 months before delivery?
Sona:hahahah OMG so cute!!congrats ellu!!
Everyone congratulates Elena and vicky comes there.
Vicky:hi Elena!
Elena rolls eyes.
Sona:don’t worry Elena,he is married
Elena: what?to whom?
Sona:her name is saachi!!she’s really pretty
(saachi:rachna parulkar from Maharana pratap)
Elena is laughing away and everyone laughs.

Precap:ishwari gets some papers done for suman and rajveer.someone meets with an accident and…….something major happens

Countdown to Maha episode:5 epi


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