Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 92

Suman:rajveer i swear to god u have to just get rid of dev!!not hurt yourself*placing an icepack*
Rajveer:I love Sona…
Suman:I know..
Rajveer:then why did u marry me?
Suman:ullu ka pathe,if I didn’t marry you,u wouldn’t have get closer to dev
Rajveer:why are u doing this to your Sister?
Suman:if Di hadn’t almost killed me on my birthday,I wouldn’t be doing this.
Rajveer:almost killed you?

Suman:don’t get to the past..
Rajveer:no tell me..I’m your Friend..
Suman narrates to the date 18 TH SEPTEMBER 1991 when suman was 5 and Sona was 7.suman just turned 5 since it was her birthday.its early morning and suman and Sona are playing in the garden.

Woman:Shona!sumo!come guys!!the lantern throw ceremony!!its time sumo!come Sona!
Sona and sumo:coming maashi!!
(Maashi-aishwarya raiπŸ˜‚)
The lattern throwing ceremony(adapted from my actual life):every year,on suman and sona’s birthday,18 th September and 12 th February respectively,lanterns are let into the sky up into the clouds to mark the new age.

While suman was getting ready to let go of her lattern on the terrace with the railing at feet level,Sona accidentally was pushed by sourav(motaπŸ˜‚)and Sona almost pushed down suman but Elena saved her because Elena was trying to take her worksheet which was flying out of the window then.
Rajveer:suman..it’s not sona’s fault..Sourav tripped over her…
Suman:ya so?
Rajveer:so she didn’t do it on purpose!
Suman:…that means all these years..I have been angry at her for no reason.??

Precap:will rajveer bring happiness into Sona,Suman and dev’s happy life and family or will there be bloodshed in dev’s life because of rajveer’s love for Sona?

Countdown for Maha epi:8 episodes
Date of publishment of epi 94-21 st September.


  1. Dhira


    |Registered Member

    As usual episode was amazing and scary precap 😨😨
    8 more posts 😍😍😍😍
    Waiting for next part

  2. |Registered Member

    Episode is amazing😍😘😊………but one confusion, aren’t the names mixed….like is rajveer talking to Sona or suman? Bcoz in previous episode rajveer and Sona were talking

  3. Erina

    Nice but little confusion nishi bcse in previous epi sona nd rajveer were talking nd dev was watching this from some distance na????? Is’nt it. Plzzz clear it dear

  4. Erica



    you are one person, who has never failed to encourage me in writing. youre really very inspirational di! if you hadn’t encouraged me for episode 57,(my so called last epi)I don’t think I would be experiencing the joy of almost completing a century in my ff. I always wish to entertain and receive the love from all you guys! Thank you so much!!lots love!!

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