Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 91

The episode starts with Sona and suman packing for the picnic.ishwari comes.
Ishwari:what are my Two princesses doing?
Sona and suman:Maa,we are packing for the picnic!!
Ishwari:go call your pati dev’s!!
Sona goes up into dev’s and sona’s room where she sees dev topless.
Sona:*turns*oh my god dev!
Dev:sona can you help me choose my shirt I really am confused.
Sona:dev you’re topless.
Dev:so??can u come faster na Maa will be waiting.
Sona reluctantly walks in and dev closes the door and locks her against the door.
Sona:dev…tumi..ki korcho…(what’s wrong with u)
Dev:nothing..actually got a TOP!!*shows a blue office TOP.
Sona:you will get slapped by my shoe if u wear that dev.
Sona takes out a dark blue tight half sleeve shirt,and black pants.sona is wearing the orange salavaar(rmb when she came to scold dev when dev talked to her new boss..ya that salwar)
Suman and rajveer’s room.
Rajveer:who is the handsome boy?who ?who?*does some karate stunts*
Rajveer:hey sumo!
They both hug.
Suman:Ma is waiting for us you’re ready?
Rajveer:yes!btw,you’re looking gorgeous today!
Suman blushes:let’s go.

The picnic spot.
Diya and Arjun and naina are playing catching while ishwari suman and Sona are helping out with setting the plates.just then Diya rolls down and Sona shouts.
Sona:Diya!!*runs to diya*
Diya rolled down a hill and rajveer catches her and brings her up.he passes her to Sona and Sona thanks and shakes hands with rajveer.
As the close up of rajveer and sona’s hand is shown,dev’s jealousy in his eyes are shown looking at the hands.
Dev:sona!!come here na!!
Sona comes there and dev holds her
Sona:dev the kids are here and Maa is also here.
Dev:you’re my Wife,I can do whatever I wish.*smile*
Sona:ok..don’t apply to much butter
Dev:yep that’s why I married a Nutritionist!
Dev and Sona smudge their noses together(nosy-nosy)*
*nosy-nosy is a term when one person’s nose is in contact with the second party’s nose.
Sona is sitting in the lounge with a cup of coffee when rajveer comes and sits there.
Sona:thanks for saving me but I don’t want to talk to you because u ruined my life rajveer.
Rajveer:yes I did I want to remind you how I hurt you.*hurts and twists her hand*
Dev sees this thru a door GAP and gets very angry.

Precap:is this New past relationship of rajveer and Sona affecting devaakshi’s life and rajman’s life?stay tuned to Kuch rang pyaar ke aisebhi(ek aur rang)

Countdown to Maha epi:9 episodes

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  1. Awesome one erica but dear again ur promo is scary but its my thinking ki “vo rishta hi kya jisme vishvaas na ho” agar rishte m pyaar ho to vishvaas v hona chahiye aur agar vishvaas nhi to kch v nhi. Hope ki dev ko in sab se pharak nhi parega infact iski vajah se hm kch aur devakshi scenes dekhe. Its my thinking, lets see what u hve stored in ur ff for us nd yaa post soon exiciteddddddddd nd Egarlyyy waitingggg

    1. Erica

      Thank you erina Di for commenting!iny name is actually Nishi but during registration they only accepted erica.can you please type out your comment in English because my Hindi isn’t that good?And I would like to cherish that comment!!sorry for the trouble

  2. amazing dear nishi !!! waitng for nxt !

  3. Nice

  4. Aaru

    Superb episode.. waiting for your century..

  5. Jealous dev???……..hath pakrne pay itna bara muh…?……amazing episode??????☺️??. Superb new twist and scary precap ??

  6. Manya

    Superbbb Nishi ❤️Dev jealous ?

  7. No trouble nishi its ok after all in frndshp there is no space for sorry nd i only want to say that – “if their is no believe then no use of relation at all” if their is love in relation then believe is equally needed nd if u can’t trust ur partner then no use of relation in my eyes. I’m hoping dev should trust sona nd their will b no problem infact through this i hope we get some lovely moments of devakshi. Hope now u got my point. Is it?????

  8. Amazing episode Nishi
    Day by day u r making me mad with scary precap ??
    Any how waiting for episode no 101 ???
    Lots of love

  9. Erica

    Thank you everyone with your beautiful comments!i have never got such valuable comments before!?A big hug to all of you!

  10. Erika

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee episode sorry in advance cos I won’t b able to comment for a week as I have to go out of station so sorry again dear

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