Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 89


The episode starts with suman talking to rajveer sitting on the couch in their pyjamas holding a cup of coffee.sona comes down rushing down Arjun and naina and Diya to school.
Sona:sumo!!please get Naina ready she is not even willing!!
Sumo:Naina baby!!come to mumma!!
Suman makes Naina sit on her lap.
Sumo:awww my princess..if you go dirty dirty to school like this,your friends won’t like it right?so like a good bacha,let’s quickly go take a shower and get ready!!ok?
Naina:ok mumma!!
Suman:my chweetu*kiss*
Rajveer:u love your kids a lot right?
Suman:rajveer,u don’t love your kids?

Rajveer:I love them more than the moon.
Suman:same.acha rajveer,tell me more about your past.her name was Diya right?

26 th SEPTEMBER 1986.
A boy and girl are born at the same time,and they are raised up.the boy,rajveer and the girl Diya,meet on the first day of school,and they graduate after 12 th,and they become best friends.diya takes art while rajveer takes commerce.diya and rajveer are really close friends now and they are about to get married.it is their sangeet day and Diya is going to get some flowers across the road from the house.a car hits her and she dies in a fatal accident.
Suman pats rajveer’s shoulder for sympathy.
Sona:Arjun,Naina Diya!hurry up guys the bus is here!!!
Arjun,Naina and Diya say goodbye.
Sona:suman,your sangeet and mehendi is today?remember?
Suman:how can I forget?

It’s the evening and its rajman’s mehendi.nikki forces suman to apply the hidden name(you know that writing your fiancè’s name)
Mehendi artist:what name shak I write?
KRPKAB plays(sad)
Suman:I mean rajveer…
Mehendi artist draws rajveer while suman remembers how shravan found his name during the mehendi of their wedding

It’s Shraman’s mehendi and suman is hiding shravan’s name.
Shravan:so Ms Suman would be malhotra,how can I find my name.
Shravan finds the name and they both hug.
Flashback ends.
Suman smiles and tears flow.
Sona:no tears from your eyes..*wipes away those tears*
It’s sangeet and everyone is dancing.

It’s dev and sona’s dance first.they dance to Kho Gaye hum kahaan (from baar baar dekho)and suman and rajveer dance to ae dil
mushkil.suman and rajveer are dancing and suman sees shravan dancing with her.
She relaises she is imagining and that’s rajveer.

APOLOGY NOTE??:I sincerely apologise to any damage caused to your entertainment level by reading this fan fiction.as my exam preps are gg on,I’m unable to find much time to write and submit articles.please forgive for any incovinienece caused!and sorry for the less devaakshi romance!

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  1. It’s OK. Awesome ff

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    Awesome one dear..

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    It’s okay Nishi i too have exams ?
    All the best for ur exams?but I want 100 to be a super duper hit episode and lots of DEVAKSHI scenes and romance ?okk???

    1. Erica

      Thank you princess,aaru and ayushi Di!ok I promise ayushi Di

  4. Amazing one waiting for next part
    All the best for your exams u will do great in them

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    its ok dear nishi best of luck for your exams and we all want a maha epi which would be full of devakshi scenes and very big on 100 th and comming back to the ff it was very nice

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