Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 86


Suman wakes up from her sleep.
Sona:ok lets eat dinner.
Suman:where’s naina and Arjun?
Sona:they are playing in the playground with oscar.
Sona:dev’s puppy.

Arjun and naina are suman and shravan’s children.
Dev:Arjun!naina!its very late!!come in!!
Arjun:chaachu I want to play!!
Naina:me too!
Dev goes to them:*cups their chin*:awww..my chweethearts..play tmrw ok?
Naina:ok chachu..
Dev:awww my princess and prince..run fast!!chalo chalo!
Naina and Arjun run fast into the house.
Naina:sona chachi!!what happened to my huggy today?
Sona:awww princess!!sorry forgot!!

Sona and naina hug..
Arjun:and me??
Sona:champ,u need a hi five!!huggies are for girls right naina?
Naina:right*puts her thumb forward*
Sona:okok..lets eat dinner?
Naina:eww..karela with daal chaawal?chachi I don’t want to eat!
Sona:haww!!my princess eats everything because she is strong!!who is my strong girl!
Sona:naina!!u got it right!!ok so let’s add some chips!!and then after that I will let u have icecream ok???
Naina:ice *cleam**slurp*i love you chachi!!
Sona:I love you too naina and Arjun!acha have u seen diya anywhere?
(Diya is devaakshi ‘s adopted child)
Sona:Diya beta!!diya!!
Naina:chachi she was playing at the courtyard.
Sona:Diya..what was Diya doing in the courtyard??arjun!naina!im going out to search for Diya ok beta?if mumma comes tell her to eat properly.
Naina and Arjun:ok chachi!
Sona smiles and goes to look for Diya.
Someone stuffs sona’s breath with chlorofoam.
Sona becomes unconscious.

A baby voice is heard:mumma!!
Dev comes down and sees Arjun,Naina and suman eating..he dosent see Sona and
Dev:Arjun,naina,did u see Sona chachi?
Naina:she went to search for diya.
Dev:where did Diya go?
Arjun:she was playing at the courtyard..
Suman:jiju don’t worry..I’m sure Sona and Diya would have gone on a stroll..
Dev sits down to eat and it’s night time and suman falls asleep without putting the kids to bed.arjun and naina pull her comforter because they can’t sleep without her lullaby.
Dev:Arjun,naina,today chachu will put u to bed ok?
Arjun:ok chachu!
Naina:ok chachu!
Dev puts naina and Arjun to bed and relaises that Diya and Sona are not back home yet.
Dev gets out of the room and calls Sona.
Phone:the number you are trying to call is currently unavailable…..
Dev gets worried and tries to track Sona..
He takes Tina’s help by gg to office and tracking sona’s gps progress on his comp and sees that Sona is in a forest and not

Dev drives to the forest with the police where he sees a few people trying to drug Sona and Diya.the traffickers are arrested and dev goes to Sona and diya’s rescue.
Dev rushes them to the hospital where the both get admitted in to ICU and OT respectively Sona and Diya.
Dev calls suman and ishwari.

Precap:Diya is saved while Sona is fighting for her life..is Sona going to be the one who comes under the category of “loss of life?”is devaakshi “loss of love story”?

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  1. Manya

    Omg what a twist Nishi ??

    1. Erica


  2. Aaru

    It was a scary episode..meko tension ho rhi h..

    1. Erica

      Di lambi saans lo aur relax

      1. Aaru

        ?? Lolzzz

  3. wow ..amzng.
    hope evrytng goes well in nxt epi
    //post soon dear//

  4. Promo is scary eri dear do what ever but don’t do any thing with sona plzzz nd ya post soon my heart beat is beating really very fast ??

    1. Erica

      Di ek lambi saans lo aur relax,

  5. Is i missed something???? Plzzz clear why devakshi adopted daughter nd why. Sona can’t hve her own baby in ur ff is it so??????

    1. Erica

      No u didn’t miss anything unless u didn’t read the rest of the episodes Di,I was thinking because Sona had a miscarriage so she didn’t want to try for a baby,so she adopted a Daughter in my ff.

  6. Episode is superb Post next part soon I don’t want to imagine anything
    Plz post soon

  7. Omg what wil happen next..

  8. Erica it’s amazing. Seriously sona’s gonna die. And ya why they adopted diya

    1. Erica

      It’s Nishi.hah.seriously sona’s gonna die?HAH not gonna reveal anything!stay tuned!

    2. Erica

      And read erina’s second comment,I have replied why Diya is adopted..

      1. Ok thanks nishi

  9. Omg so scary…
    Post next epi asap

  10. Erika

    omg sooooooooooooo scary precap and pl. save sona pl. so much scared pl.update asap

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    ??? nishi what a twist

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