Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 85

Sona is sitting and reading a book in her hamock and gets a call from suman.
Sona:hi sumo!!
Sona:suman you’re ok right?
Sona:shravan?ya what happened?is shravan ok?
Suman:shravan found out about my p..pa..st..
Sona:ki??u mean with hrithik??
Suman:ya..ya..*wipes away tears*sona!!shravan is breaking things!!he is really angry!!!!!sona!!!!!!!!!!!please help *crying*
{background noise:breaking of things*}

Sona:sumo listen,how did shravan find out and where r u??
Suman:kamini chachi told him..
Sona:how does chachi know?
Sona:ok ok calm down and calm to dev jiju’ house ok?
Dev comes from the back…and hugs Sona..

Sona:dev suman is coming..
Dev:really?i mean we just got married!!couldnt she come later shona?
Sona:shravan is breaking things..suman is coming here because shravan can harm her!!
Dev:wait let me calm shravan!
Sona:*holds dev’s hand*no dev!no..
Dev:everything will be ok..alright*cups her face*
Suman:sona Di!!sona!!di!!

Ishwari:beta!!what happened beta??
Suman:masa!!masa please help me!!shravan is going mad there!!he is so angry..maasa please help!*crying*
Sona and suman hug..
Sona:I’m here for you,Nikki,riya,maasa,dev jiju and shrav;hmm..we are all there for you!
Suman:h..huh..I don’t know what happened!!*stammering and crying*
Sona:shhh…calm down..calm first..*holds suman’s cold hands*sumo!!u have fever!!
Suman:kichu na Sona!!
Sona:go rest!!now!!!go rest now!!
Suman goes up to rest.

Precap:loss of love story..loss of lives..


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..