Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 82


Devaakshi mehendi.

The house is nicely decorated while guests flow in.sona is getting mehendi and applied while Nikki talks to her.
Nikki:sona Di..
Nikki:u know I read somewhere if the mehendi Colour is dark after washing then the Daughter in law would bring in Lot sweetness into the house and the boy’s house?
Sona:Nikki,zarurat ze zyaada jaan betreheho(you know more that u need to know)
Nikki:so Sona Di,are u going to write dev bhaiya’s name In your design..
Sona thinks about and gives a blunt smile while music plays.
She tells the artist to write “khargosh dixit”.

Nikki:khargosh dixit..??
Sona:it’s a Long story Nikki..u will not understand..
Radha:Nikki..aaja..u also need to get mehendi done.dont give this bengalan so much attention.she will die of it.she hasn’t experienced it so much na..Hu..*angry*
Ishwari:bhaabhi..u can’t be so rude to Sonakshi..she is the would be Daughter in law of this house..
Radha:Jiji I was just..leave it..who listens to this GKB?
Walks off…
Sona’s attire:a pink half cut blouse with golden swirls on the TOP and bottom of the blouse.her skirt is Long and light green(netted)she is wearing a pink feather earring and her fair is left open.
Dev’s attire:a white sherwani with a red cloth(folded in a traingular shape in his shirt pocket)with white pants..
Dev:sonakshi..ur looking pretty today.
Sonakshi:why I don’t look pretty Everyday?
Sonakshi:dev you’re so nice..*sarcastically*
Dev:just joking..you’re the prettiest person in my life Everyday..
Sona:don’t Apply extra butter!

Dev:ha bhai..I’m marrying a Nutritionist..I can’t apply extra butter!
Sona and dev giggle.
Sona:ok find your name.
Dev tries to find it and finds khargosh dixit.
Dev:I found khargosh dixit.but,if supposed to write your would be Husband’s name,not your name..
Sona:your name is khargosh dixit..
Dev:to me,you’re my khargosh.im not your khargosh.
Ishwari:what’s happening with khargosh khargosh?come on we need to start with rasme(traditions)
The next day.
Devaakshi’s haldi.

Sona’s attire:yellow blouse with pink flowers and green leaves along with a Long netted yellow skirt..her hair is left in a loose ponytail and she has gold jimiki(it’s a type of gold small umbrella shaped Earings).
Dev’s attire:yellow sherwani with a white cloth folded along with white pants.
The haldi starts.
Everyone puts haldi for Sona….
The moment dev puts haldi for Sona..and his hand touches her face..everything blanks out..and,a swirl is shown..

Dev wakes up with a headache..he is in office clothes..and is in a big empty lecture theatre..he gets up holding his head..one guy flashes the date on the screen..

25 TH NOVEMBER 2052.
Dev:what??im 47?where is Sona?i was getting married to her..our haldi..our marrige..Maa??where am I?
He comes out to find himself in 2052 Mumbai.cars are flying on the sky and there are no bulidings but houses shaped in shells.
Everything was so technolike..
He Walks without any clue..to find one big mansion,written ishwari nivaas..he went inside,to see robots being programmed..
A person walks to dev..sir how can I help you.
Dev:this was my house…
Person:sir,this house was sold about 20 years ago from ishwari dixit and Sonakshi Bose..
Dev:sonakshi Bose?that means we didn’t marry?unm..can I contact them in anway?
Person:yes sir,use the zefasoam..
Dev:zefa what?

Person:zefasoam sir..its down the road,borivaali st.
Dev smiles and walks there.
He sees a mega blue magical form moving in circles and he presses on them.a page comes up.would you like to call.dev presses yes.dial in the number.dev dials sona’s number.
The tefasoam:hi this is Sonakshi Bose!im
currently not available,most likely in a meeting,please call me back later!or come to my office at juhu street!rajnigar hospital.

Dev rushes there.
Dev sees the building’s shape in a shape of a grey leaf with windows.he rushes in.

Dev searches for the reception area but there dosent seem to have any?he goes to a

Dev says Sonakshi Bose..dr Sonakshi Bose..
Dev walks in slowly,and,sees cabin 21a.
Dev:sona.im coming..
He opens the doors of the cabin and there
is Sonakshi with short straight hair.(above the shoulders cut)she is wearing a black shirt with a white pencil skirt..her white coat is over her
rolling chair..

Dev:oh thank god you remember me..
Sona:thank god i remember you?i can’t believe
what you did on our mehendi day..you were..
Dev:sona I swear I don’t know anything..what happened?i woke up to find myself in this new

Sona:dev?you really don’t remember?
Sona:let it be…I’m married..ritwik Sen..*shows a ring*
Dev:what you’re married?
Dev walks off sadly and is at the door when he realises that if she was married..she would have changed her name to Sen,but she is still his Bose tumi tumi..
Dev:lie..you would have been Sen if I had married ritvik..
Sona:…..dev I missed you..I don’t know where you were..I was heartbroken..
Sona and dev hug..

Precap:kya yeh haseen sa kaahani ek sapna tha?kya dev Iss sab ko imagine karrahatha?jaanekeliye padhte rehiye Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)

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  1. o m g …..it was suppperb …amazing ../
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    it was amazing ..plz pst nxt ASAP …
    want to know wat it is !!!!!

  2. Erica

    My pleasure and I will post as soon as I can!!

  3. Wow what an amazing imagination superb
    Dying for next part

  4. Aaru

    Superb.. awesome..

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  6. Awsome genius i’m big fan of krpkab i like reading ff , news and promos of krpkab . I read almost all ff of krpkab and this was my favorite and jaane anjaane me you guyz help me to learn hindi i appriciate for dat

  7. Manya

    Superb twist Nishi u took a story like baar baar Dekho ??

    1. Erica

      What’s baar baar dekho?

      1. Manya

        Hey it’s a movie yaar it also has a similar storyline ?

    2. Erica

      Oh really HAHA sorry ayushi Di I didn’t hear of it before HAHA sorry ok ok lol?

  8. Omg what happened I’m very curious. Haldi say yeh kahan poohanch Gaya hai Dev ?

    1. Erica

      Don’t worry Di,”sabar kaa pal meetha hota hai”be patient!!!i will make everything ok!!

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