Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 81


The episode starts with devaakshi’s sangeet.
Nikki makes an announcement:so ladies and gentlemen,today,is dev dixit,meaning bhaiya’s mehendi with Doctor sonakshi Bose,my sweet would be Sister in law Nutritionist’s sangeet.and,dev bhaiya,it’s not gonna be easy for you..lot of dancing and singing..can u handle it..or will u sit on you laptop*giggles*
Dev:very funny nikki*pulls her ears*

Dev is shown,wearing a black shiny sherwani and white pants.
Sonakshi:what happened dev?isnt she telling the truth?*giggles*
Sonakshi is shown in her red waist cut blouse and white skirt with red floral designs on the bottom..her hair is braided and she is wearing a pink shade of lip stick with a silver dangling beautiful Earings.
Nikki:bhabhi,I mean my would be bhabhi,trust me,I think dev bhai will only listen to u!
Sona:*smiles*really dev?*smirks*
Neha:ok ok..enough of troubling bhai and let’s start with the sangeet..starting with the first dance item,Nikki,riya and neha to chittiyaan kalaiyaan.
NRN:bhai,you have given us all the love possible ever since we were born,so this is dedicated to you and bhabhi,for being our second parents.
Dev starts tearing and Sona puts her arm in dev’s arms.(u know the criss cross types)
They 3 start dancing and they copy the dance steps like in the original dance.

NRN:thank you everyone!!now presenting to you Elena malhotra with khush malhotra(they are married rmb??)
Sona:what???elena is dancing !!!*giggles*
Elena and khush:so,this dance is especially dedicated for Sona and dev jiju!!for their happy married life!!
Elena and khush dance to dilliwaali Girlfriend.
Everyone claps and Sona hugs Elena.
Elena:ok,so I’m not supposed to be the emcee for tnight,but I’m just so excited for the lovey dovey couple that I want to announce the next dance!!so,this dance is specially practice for 1 month by dev’s nieces,that means shravan’s children,so presenting to you ayushi and saachi to kaala chashma.
They dance and everybody claps!!
Dev hugs ayushi and saachi(they are 6 and 8 respectively)and kisses them:very good guys!!you guys were so good!!give me a 5!!
Saachi and ayushi give them a 5 and run off to Sona.sona hugs them and cups their faces.
Sona:so cute my sweet babies..I’m so proud of u.
Ayushi and saachi:so the next performance is people of the day,dev maama and Sona maami.
Sona and dev dance to Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi.

Sona:so this is the day dev.
Dev:I didn’t expect this day at all Jaan..after what Maa felt..
Dev turns Sona and they hug.and the dance ends.
Ishwari:ok ok..now we had all the fun now we are going to sing some traditional songs..
They sing some traditional songs and the sangeet ends..
Sona changes to her normal clothes and is going home when dev pulls her by the side of the door.
Dev:shh.*puts his finger on her mouth*
Sona smiles..
Dev:I’ll drop u..
Sona:ok (smiles)……

Precap:devna’s mehendi..maami and adi meet up to break shraman and Devna.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey nishi u r too good loved it ??? and Mami and Adi r stupid people walao weh ??

  2. Nice
    Waiting for next ??

  3. Manya

    Awesomeee Nishi ???and my name ?

    1. Erica

      Thank you so much joyee Di,dev’s fan,and ayushi Di!!ayushi Di Maine Jaan bujkar aap ka naam daala?Joyee di HAHA yes I know adi and maami is “walao eh”but kya KARE drama aur evil hone chaiye na??anyways I’ll make everything fine in the next few episodes so don’t worry mere saiba?

  4. was awwsssmm dear !!

  5. Aaru

    Awesome one..Nishi??

  6. Erica

    Guys the next episode has been published!and..it’s a real big shock..HAVE FUN READING IT??

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