Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 80

The episode starts with NRN hugging Sona.
Nikki:bhabhi..I was really scared..why did no one wake me up?
Ishwari:*cups one side of her face*will u wake up a angel who is sleeping Nikki?
Riya:but still Maa..this isn’t fair I can’t believe ranveer jiju got the news first..he is not even our fa;
Sad tune plays.(how they play for Sona in episode 30 when Radha Rani comments on sona’s unsuccessful hunt for marrige by her parents)
Sona:riya u say anything u like …ranveer please don’t feel bad..you are our family and u have every right to know..
Ranveer gives a blunt smile.
Doctor:excuse me,a person can meet dev now..only 1..
NRN fight over who is going in.
Ishwari and Sona:Nikki,riya,neha,don’t fight.im going inside.
Ishwari and Sona glare at eachother angrily.ishwari and sona’s legs are shown and how they take the same steps at the same pace.they are at the door.
Nurse:only one person can go to meet the patient.please step back ma’am(pushing back ishwari)
Ishwari is shocked and Sona goes inside.
Dev:s..o..Sona…I’m ok…
Sona:apanara maata khaarab che?
Dev:what??sonakshi..even I’m sick..I still can’t understand Bengali..
Sona:I said is your head wrong*angrily*
Dev:sona..*holds her hand*im OK..because of you..I slipped..
Sona:ya..u can blame me however much you want to…but we are going to get married soon..so get ready fast..

The next day(devAakshi’s cocktail)
it’s a disco parttty!!!!!
Sona is wearing a beautiful black dress(flowing one)and dev is suited in black and white(hamsum)πŸ˜‚
Shravan and suman even come.
The venue is disco lighted.
All dance.
And dev and Sona have a romantic dance item.
Everyone clap.

Precap:sona vomits..(why?😏)…aditya and maami..the rest of the functions..Khushi Khushi..


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