Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 79


Dev:sona!!!remember where I kept my file with mr gunjal’s partnership I don’t know where I kept it!!
Sona is sitting on the bed..staring blankly Wideopen eyes at the marrige photo of dev and Sona.
Dev:sona?are you ok?
Sona:Āpanāra māẏēra ki āmādēra samparka niẏē khuśi chila dev?
Sona:I asked apanara mayera ki amadera samparka niye khusi chilla.
Dev:what are you talking in Bengali Shona?
Sona:oh ya..u don’t even understand Bengali.that shows we are not compatible.
Dev sits on the bed and Sona gets up.
Sona:let me repeat myself.what I just said ..it means is your Mom happy with our marrige..our relationship..our love story?i don’t think so.
Dev:(stands up and turns sonakshi)*holds her by the shoulders*maa wouldn’t let me marry you,be close to you and she wouldn’t teach you how to make food if;
Sona:she was reluctant dev!i could see that in her eyes.i think we should just ..I think we should just..
Dev:sonakshi don’t you dare say that.
Sona:*fully teared eyed*dev,I should have just married ritvik.he was perfect for me.thanks to you.i lost him.thanks for making me lose him dev.
Dev:sona I didn’t do anything to ritvik!
Sona:it was your car who hit him dev.your car(pointing at dev teary eyed)I forgave you..but still..between your Mom and you..no 2 nd girl can come..
Dev:enough Sona..don’t critize Ma..she is God to me..
Sona:and what am I to you?a half glass of water?*crying*or flipping noodles?or a river full of excitement but no depth..immature?what am I to you huh dev?have you ever thought about that?
Dev:sona you’re my life!!*putting his hands on her shoulders.
sona:*removes the hands*i don’t think so dev!i think I should leave.she packs her stuff and is at the door.
Dev:you don’t have the right to decide ‘hum’sona.even I love you.
Sona:mr dev dixit.*tear voiced*,from now on,I’m an independent successful Nutritionist who is single just like before.we are strangers.and strangers don’t talk to strangers.you know how daada says.not everyone has a story.this is the end of our story…Our devaakshi love story..
Dev is heartbroken and Sona walks off..KRPKAB plays..
Sona is walking home..
Ishwari:sona beta!!are you going home??but u just came for work beta?
Ishwari walks towards her wiping the oil off through her Saari pallu.ishwari comes close to her and sees her eyes red.
Ishwari:sona beta!what happened?why are you crying?did dev say anything?wait I will scold him..where;
Sona:no use aunty ji..
Ishwari:how many times have I said,call me Maa!!youre dev’s fiancè now sona!
Sona:no more.*shows the bear hands without the ring and the ring in her palm*
Ishwari:u broke the relationship!?!u broke my son’s heart.??
Sona:more of u broke my heart..and your sons heart..goodbye aunty ji..
Ishwari:sonakshi..I was never happy with you..dev is still small..he has responsibilities and he cannot take up one more..and we will find a better girl..
Sona:you can’t find a better girl than me..and you wouldn’t want to..however old dev may grow..he will stay your kid..and he will never have the additional responsibility of taking care of his Wife..because he will never have one..*sonakshi walks off*
Dev comes rushing..:Maa!!stop sonakshi!!stop so;*he slips on the steps*
Sona turns back and sees dev unconscious..:dev!!!!
Ishwari and Sona run to dev and hold his hand on TOP of eachother.they look at eachother.
Ishwari:you’re no one to us now.
Sona wears back the ring:I’m would be Mrs sonakshi dev dixit.
Ishwari:relationships are based on acceptance,not ring putting.
Sona:I’m legally engaged to dev.if I remove the ring or not dosent make a difference.i have dev’s love.if u show me love I’ll be grateful..if you don’t I’m ok..
Sona:*puts her palm behind his head*ya..*teary eyed*
Ishwari is shocked about dev calling Sona and steps back slowly..
Sona:I’ll call the ambulance..
Dev:*tries to hold sona’s hand*no..I need you..
Sona:don’t be silly dev..you need medical help!
Dev:don’t leave..
Sona:I’m not leaving you..forever..*shows the ring*
Dev gives a blunt smile and the ambulance comes.
Dev is rushed to the hospital where he is saved(you know it?).
NRN:bhaabhi!!how is bhaiya!!
Ishwari:Nikki,riya.neha,,she is not your bhabhi anymore.
Sona:hahah Ma..u joke so much..come on guys give me a hug..
NRN hug Sona and ishwari gives the hatred look to sona and Sona looks back sternly..ishwari feels threatened..

Precap:dev recovers..dev and sona’s mehendi..sangeet..cocktail..shaadi…nikki’s secret..suman and shravan’s bonding..aditya to come back..aditya and maami to join hands to ‘band baaja’dev,Sona,suman,shravan.

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  1. Nice

  2. Manya

    Hehe good one ?❣❣Ishwari ke saath Aisa hi Hona chahiye ???

    1. Erica

      Hahahha ikr???thanksss!!??

  3. Aaru

    Superb episode, Nishi!!??

  4. short but sweet dear ..its ok .but post nxt 1longer .

  5. nice and last sona stern look and ishwari threatened is so good and expecting more like that..and …aditya and mami…so interesting is awaiting….then….

    1. Erica

      Thank u aaru,krish and ibtesam.ibtesam my exams preps are going on,so I find it very difficult to write Long episodes,but yes,I did promise a Maha episode 100 after my exams.krish,I’m Glad you liked my plot!!and thanks everyone!!not leaving ayushi di and princess di

  6. Awesome episode!!!!!

  7. Manya

    My dictionary has no words ???????❤️??❣????❣??❤️❤️❤️???????post soon plzzz ?

    1. Erica

      Thank you so much ayushi Di!!!i will try my best to post as soon as possible!!

  8. hey nishi dear the epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as always and i m reallly very sorry for not commenting on the previous ones as i was at mumbai for a conference so sorry again but i promice that now onwards i would b commenting regularly. and update asap

    1. Erica

      Hi erika Di!!thank u so much for the so many e’s yikes!love you?Don’t worry don’t worry,I hope u did well for your conference!!i will try my best to update asap?Another 17 more episodes left to the Maha epi!!!?Ep 100!keep reading and thanks so much for commenting

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