Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 144

The episode starts with Sona being discharged.
Sona:Dev,Natasha is at home?
Dev:Don’t worry,she won’t trouble you okay?Im there na?

@dixit villa.
Natasha:Look honey bunny,I have a Daughter now too.
Nikki:What?Youre married?
Natasha:Nikki,you know why I have to do this.*removes her fig*
Her hair now falls into a Long cut with curls.she removes her rings and replaces them with one sweet diamond ring.She removes her Blue Long dress and wears a white blouse and floral skirt(knee length).She removes her heavy necklace and wears a small necklace with a ‘N’pendant.She removes her high heels.

Riya:Natasha,Why did u all do this?
Nat:Riya,I had to do this because papa has been planning to take revenge for 8 years.
I have been stopping him.Thank god I could stop it.Nikki and Neha, I was married immediately after my marrige was broken with Dev.I was married to Jatin Roy,who turned out to be sona’s childhood Friend.

Radha Rani:Nat beta…You don’t have to sacrifice so much for the bengalan.They na..they are very cunning,they they;
Nat:Maami enough!Sona has been married to Dev for 8 years maami.And also,My Husband is also Bengali.You can’t insult them like this!
Radha Rani:Teke beta..I was just;
Nat ignores her:Neha,I can give tuition to Siya(Neha’s kid) or even Naina(Nikki’s kid).But just give me a house and a job.
Neha:But Nat,u have Mr gujral..and your Husband…
Nat:Papa passed away a week ago.He had a cardiac arrest.My Daughter,Pia is very young and I don’t want her to be on roads.
Nikki:But Nat,I’m so sorry about Gujral Uncle but won’t the property all go to you after the demise?
Nat:It went to Nandini.My older Sister.Her dirty politics made her win the custody.I didn’t even get a bit of the share.Please guys.
NRN:okay,let Dev bhaiya and Sona bhabhi come home first.Until then stay with us.
Nat:Thanks guys..

Sona and dev come.
Dev:You*angry at Natasha*
Nikki:bhaiya stop STOP.
Nikki narrates the whole story.
Dev and sona get sympathetic.
Sona:Where is Pia?
Natasha:At Nandini’s house.ill bring her with the luggage ok?
After Nat goes…
Dev:Guys I don’t think it’s a good idea.Im sure Natasha is;
Dev:Hi my little princess*high fives here and carries her*
As Diya hugs him,Nat looks from upstairs
Natasha:Itll be fun now.

Precap: The Natasha Chronicle

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  1. This is ultimate bullshit.
    I can’t believe this fan fiction has gone to 146 episode.At first it was nice,but until episode 20 like that.Then you were just so boring.Nishi,Just stop writing Kay?let the others who have it in them to write.Gosh.Idiotic FF.Get lost.

    1. Erica

      At first I thought it would be useless replying to you but it’s basic courtesy to reply to rude comments also.
      Excuse me Ms dee or mr dee,firstly,thanks for calling my ff “bullshit”?.Whether I want to write or not,my choice.and talking about “having it in them”.Hello?do u have it in you?I don’t think so.Learn how to appreciate and stop complaining okay?
      LOL.i don’t understand one thing.if You find it an idiotic FF,why do u even read up till ep 146 mr/ms “watch until ep 20?”

      Look,don’t waste your time commenting her if all you have is rude comments.So please,no one is forcing you to comment and rather than saying get lost,I would say to you “please just stop commenting and don’t read my ffs because there are other people who like my ff” dee.Thanks for your “remarks”but no thanks.Goodbye

      1. Nice reply erica !
        she deserves such an reply from you !
        you’re super star so don’t worry for this silly comments !

  2. Niki645

    Awsm epi Nishi! Natasha???I hate her!
    Let’s see what she’s gonna do!
    Post asap dear

    1. Erica

      Thanks Nikki!!
      Yes Indeed.Guarantee!itll be really fun!

  3. Sethidisha002

    Osam and i think natasha is upto something

    1. Erica

      Thank you!yes!nat is up to something.Radha Rani the second I tell you!

  4. Niceee plsss post soon

    1. Erica

      Thank you:)


    Awesome epi
    Sry for late comment
    Just send that Natasha to hell
    Post soon

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