Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 143

Recap:Natasha pushes down Sonakshi the steps and sona gets injured.She is rushed to the hospital.

In ambulance:
Sona is lying down bleeding from her head and wearing an oxygen mask.she is fighting for her life
Dev:*holding sona’s hand*dont worry Sona,were reaching the hospital soon.
Nikki:Ya bhabhi,we’ll reach soon,please have courage!
@kokilaben dhirubai hospital.
Dev:Don’t worry Sona,we are already here.

Sona is rushed into the OT.
After few hours…doctor comes out.
Doc:Sonakshi Dixit’s relatives?
Dev:Doctor..Doc..how is Sonakshi?*breathless*

Doc:Don’t worry mr dixit,She is fine.There has been only a minor injury.She can be shifted to the normal ward,but,but..she needs to be under watch for at least a time span of 72 hours,meaning 3 days.
Dev:ok..thank u doctor.Can I meet her?
Doc:Sure,but only one person.and also she is not concious.But we can only allow one person.once she wakes up,and moves to the normal ward,visiting hours will validate and family and friends can visit.
Dev:ok sure doctor.
Doc:Come mr dixit.

Dev goes inside the ICU.he sees Sona bandaged on the head and cast on the hand.
Dev sits on a chair and holds sona’S hand.
Dev:Dekhna Sona.Our family is so happy,and in one minute,that Natasha spoilt everything.But don’t worry ok*wipping his tears*natasha will regret.I will make her regret.Ok.you don’t worry.

Next morning.
Dev is sleeping on Sona’S lap.Sona gains consciousness and wakes up.
Dev:sona..you’re ok?is it paining?are u ok?
Sona:Ha..Dev..I’m fine..but Dev I need u to promise me something.
Dev:Come on..you know I can do anything for you..say..
Sona:Dev..pls don’t do anything to..nat..Natasha.pls.

Dev:But Sona..
Sona:*holds dev’s hands*pls Dev.just because she attacked me,Doesent mean we Attack her?remember,if someone does something wrong,we don’t do the same thing,because,it Doesent reflect their character,it reflects ours.Ours.Dev,we people are good.We must handle Natasha calmly.And how she wants to react to it,whether she wants to regret to it,it’s her choice.
Dev:Wow,my khargosh has become so smart.

Sona laughs.Dev laughs.Natasha is seeing their laughter from outside.
Natasha:*mimics sona*wow Sonakshi dixit.Wht brains.Whatever.8 years ago,when I wanted to marry Dev,oh sorry,when I was about to be engaged to Dev,Dev realised his love for you.you.You useless wr****.Gosh.I tried to file a case against Dev under papa’s name,but Dev decided to take no action.After You got married,I faked your miscarriage.The Doctor was my Friend.I tried to make your life as miserable as possible.But I couldn’t.Just couldn’t.*annoyed*

Nikki:(in her mind):Meaning..Natasha…OMG.i Need to tell bhaiya.

Precap:Sona comes back.Diya’s bullying problem’s culprit is found,Natasha causes more problem for Diya and jhanvi(she moves in)

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