Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 140-Maha episode.

The dixit house is shown decorated with lights and flowers.
Sona:Ya dada there is no excuse u can’t come!its our Ria’s shaadi daada.
Dev:Bunty u must come yaara.
Ishwari:No bhaisab,don’t put the Marigold there.
Radha Rani:oh hello,what is this,where are the other gifts?

Ria room:
Nikki:Di,you’re looking like the best princess in the world!
Ria:Thank You Nikki!
Neha:Such mein Riya,god bless you.
Sona comes there:Did I destroy the sisterly moment.
NRN:bhabhi,ure also our Sister,it’s just that in law is added behind.
Sona and NRN hug:You’re looking very pretty Ria.
Ria:Thanks bhabhi.

Pandit ji:Ok,the groom’s side has arrived,proceed with the jaimala.
Arjun has to put with Riya first.
Dev and Vicky carry her up.
Arjun tries to jump but can’t.
Btw, Arjun: kunal jaisingh.
Everyone laughs.
Dev: chalo chalo jija ji,u have to at least reach this height.
Arjun:Yea bhai.
He finally Manages to reach and everyone laughs.
Riya easily fits the mala onto Arjun.
Pandit:Next is the nuptial rounds.
Arjun and Riya take 7 rounds.arjun ties the mangalsutra and sindoor.
The marrige is complete.

Bidai time.
Ishwari:Take care of yourself Beta.
Next comes Dev & Sona.
Dev:Any problem,just call your bhai ok?
Sona:I’m sure you’ll be very happy riya.
The bidai is over and ria goes off.

2 years later.
Jhanvi-8 years old
Diya-11 years old
Sona-32 years old
Dev-33 years old
Ishwari-71 years old
Radha-69 years old
Nikki-29 years old
Neha-31 years old
Ria-30 years old
Arjun-32 years old.

It’s starts with ria coming in with a belly bump.its a big mansion.its not the dixit villa.its their own house,Ria and Arjun’s house and also,the coming baby girl.

Ria and Arjun had been trying for a baby for a year now,Dev and sona were happy and Neha is having problems with her Husband,Neil whom she had been married to for 8 years just like Dev and sona.Elena and Suhan have 2 kids,Diya and Ayan,Nikki and Namik has one kid,Karthik.

Riya has difficulty walking and wants to go the washroom.Dev and all are visiting and so Sona helps her.
Sona:Ri,if u needed help u could have called me!
Ria:it’s ok bhabhi.I can manage.
Sona:Okay.u remember,when I was pregnant with Jhanvi,how u used to help me?
Ria:6 years bhabhi.
Sona:How time flies.
Ria:Bhabhi,its hurting a lot.Ow….
Ria runs into labour(9 th month)
Sona:Okay okay ria take a deep breath the ambulance is coming.
Dev:What happened Sona?
Arjun:Bhabhi..Oh God Riya..
They bring Riya to the hospital…
Nurse after 2 hours:Congrats!U have been blessed with a laxmi.
Everyone is over joyed.
Sona:Ok ok I will name her.
Nikki:No no..I will name her.
Ishwari:Arae arae,let who gave birth to this angel name her.
Sona:Right Maa…
Ria:She is really an angel.So her name will be pari.
Ishwari:Very sweet beta.
Everyone adore the baby.

2 days later,Riya is discharged.
Dev and sona’s room:
Sona is folding some sarees.
Dev:Senorita,ever since Riya has got married,we haven’t got romantic.
Sona:Keep dreaming Mr obodro.
Dev:Ya..ya…Meri saubh..Saubhavya…
Dev:Yea that word.
Dev:Tumi tumi mr obodro sunne keliye Taras reheho.so on that note.
Sona:Don’t even try your luck Dev.Koi aajeyaga.
Dev:Let someone be at home.
Dev:Neha is out shopping..nikki has gone to visit her in laws with Namik..Riya is at her house…Maa has gone to vasihnodevi…Jhanvi and Diya are sleeping(afternoon nap)
Sona:Dev..I needed to talk about neha and Neil.
Dev:hm…I know they are having complications…but every couple has complications…
Sona:Neha is asking for a divorce Dev…She told me…
Dev:what?why didn’t she tell me?
Sona:This is why she didn’t tell u…see..chchch..gussa dekho…
Dev:Come on Sona.she is my Sister,and if she Doesent tell me I’ll be angry at her.
Sona:Dev,neha isn’t a 11 year old kid anymore.She is 31.She is a mature adult and whatever decision she makes..she would have thought only…we need to give her some privacy.
Dev:I Guess you’re right.
Sona:I love you.
Dev:Love You too sweetheart.
They both hug..

Sona:He is in the toilet…ya Nikks?
Nikki:Nothing bhabhi.
Sona:Nikki u ok?
Nikki:Yea bhabhi..im just not feeling well,I came to ask for the thermometer.
Sona:Arae ki holo?Mata dikhao…
Nikki:Arae koi baath nehe hai bhabhi…
Sona:Dikhao to sahi.
Sona touches her forehead,she seems fine.
Sona:Arae tumari tezz bukaar hai.chalo chalo,come lets go to your room I’ll make kaada for u.
Nikki:Bhabhi,no kaada pls.
Sona:Nikki….meri baath suno ok?
Sona makes kaada for Nikki.While making,she cuts her finger.
Dev:Arae Sona..is it paining?chalo..tu bhi na…
Sona:Jab doctor itna hot Ho,dard hi nahi hota.
Dev:Kis doctor ki barame baath karreheho?
Sona:Ek hai..he loves me a lot..we have 2 kids..he is very rich..and Hot.
Dev:Acha is doctor ki naam kya hai?
Sona:Zev Akshit.
Dev:African hai?
Sona:*nods negatively cutely*
Dev: Toa?
Sona:Punjabi.He loves a Bengali girl.Me.i have been married to Him for 8 years..we have a big house in a small world.
Dev:I got it..
Sona:You’re so not romantic.
Dev:Ya that’s why I call DDLJ action.
Sona:HAHAH buddhu.

Diya has problems in school,Neha and Neil’s problem increase,and Dev and sona romance.

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