Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 126

7 years leap.

Bijoy and Asha are in the kitchen in a sweet medium sized house in Kolkata.
A sweet voice comes from behind:dadu!!dida!!
Asha:Hi my darling Soha*kisses and carries her*my laado
Bijoy:Ms Bose,aap isse Asha que bulaarehehai?
Soha:ohho daadu!!at least I’m calling you daadu..acha..this is a very important matter.
Bijoy and Asha bend:kya Hua agent bose*secretive types*
Soha:mumma is going to delhi!!!!AAAAAH*screams*

A smart lady with black specs and her hair until her shoulder with a black TOP and a floral Long skirt comes in.
Girl:Soha?Why are u screaming baby?
The lady is none other than Sonakshi.
Sonakshi hugs her and brings her up and holds her by the shoulder.
Bijoy:Shona Beti don’t go to delhi please.
Sonakshi:baba…phir Wahi baath…

Asha:ek baar kahe ya saw baar kare,tum nehe samjhogi.
Sonakshi:baba I’m just going to Delhi to solve the problem there in my business.
Soha:mumma,pls don’t go no..I’ll tell jhanvi didi otherwise.
Sonakshi:ok.ok..go tell Diya didi;she stops and realises she said the name of a girl,who cut relationship with her 7 years ago.
Soha:mumma,who is diya didi??
Bijoy:that betrayer’s Daughter.
Sonakshi:baba*holds soha’S shoulder*7 saal pehele diya was going to be her Sister.but then all of that happened…
Soha:Kya Hua mumma saath saal pehele.

Sonakshi goes to a flashback.

7 years ago.
Sonakshi comes home from work to tell dev some good news.She was finally pregnant with a baby girl(after even knowing she couldn’t conceive)other that their adopted children jhanvi and Diya,They were going to get their own kid,and sona was very happy to know that.

But just as she entered,she found out that ishwari had passed away,due to lack of water and food for 4 days.Ishwari had been under depression,that nothing is going right.(dev and Sonakshi had been having fights and Elena was fighting problems with her body while being pregnant.)dev blankly blamed Sonakshi for ishwari’S demise,as she was the one responsible for taking care of ishwari being the eldest Daughter.Dev insulted her too much that she left the house and 2 months later,there were divorce papers at sonakshi’s doorstep.

She moved to Kolkata with her parents where she gave birth to her angel Soha,after bringing jhanvi with her and leaving Diya with Dev.Jhanvi was only 4,and now she was 11.

Bijoy:shona what was the need to tell Soh;
Sona:baba she is my Daughter,*cupping her face*she has every right to know why her papa is not with her.
Soha:but mumma,why didn’t papa come to see us?
Sonakshi:papa Doesent know where we are,what are we doing and so much more.Baby,he Doesent even know you exist.
Just then jhanvi comes out of her room.
Jhanvi:Mom!!how do you solve this equation?x+1-2y+100.
Sonakshi:jhanvi it’s easy.and what why are you studying on a Sunday morning?relax start at 12.
Jhanvi:maa,you’re saying don’t study,but you’re working.
Sonakshi:jhanvi,don’t argue with me..work is work I can’t ignore it.
Jhanvi:ok Mom..

Soha:di!you didn’t say good morning to me!
Jhanvi:sorry Ms junior Bose(Soha),me,ms middle junior Bose(jhanvi)didn’t see your tiny miny figure.
Soha:I eat Badams Everyday so don’t call me tiny!!
Sona:ok stop fighting junior boses now let’s eat breakfast??
While making breakfast with the whole family,Sonakshi vows never to think about dev again.

Precap:Dev’s introduction after 7 years.

AND I CANT WAIT TO WATCH TODAY’s EPI(it’s so sad the 7 years leap epi)they are only showing today at 10.30???

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  1. Awesome episode dear

  2. Hasfan

    awesome episode its really nice waiting for Dev’s intro please post next one soon……

    1. Erica


  3. Priya12

    Superbb epi dr…post soon dr

  4. Finally after long you have finally posed

  5. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi dear loved it to the core……………………………………… but i felt the story similar to yesterday’s epi and eagerly waiting for the next one update asap…………………………………………….

    1. Erica

      Hi Erika di!!thank you!!
      Yes I know you may all think it’s quite similar to the current track,but I’m bringing my own twists and turns using that base:)Thank You!

      1. Erika

        its ok dear but i just thought to ask u and clear my confusion i m sorry if i have hurt you

  6. Yaar bohat confuse krti ho tm…..kbhi diya sona ki beti kbhi adopted…..ek hi story rakho plxx

    1. Erica

      hi ziyarah!
      I’m so sorry for confusing you.its actually that,previously,Diya was sona’s official legal Daughter but if when sona was giving birth to her third child,Soha,there wouldn’t be any excitement neither in the mum or dad.So I’m so sorry for confusing her,but maybe think that Diya and JHANVI are both sonakshi’s adopted children and Soha is a real child

  7. ???????????????? amazing…. It’s awesome

    1. Erica

      thank you so maleeha didi?
      Love u❤️??

  8. Niki645

    Awesome episode Nishi!!!!

  9. Episode is nice and there looks also but something went wrong in d old episodes realities not come DAT who is responsible for d separation …..mami and nishi…and stories goes on…herbar galat chizo ko badhava milta h is serial me or sahi bate samne lane k bajaye story age badhti rehti h

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