Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 124

Bose house:
Sona is sitting there at the couch staring at the coffee table with a notebook and pen in her hands.Tears are flowing from her eyes.it had been Two days ever since her divorce,and it wasn’t easy for her for she had loved dev immensely.
Elena and suhan come to visit.sona opens the door as the doorbell rings.
Sona: hi Elena*sad*
Elena:Sona?what are u doing here?visiting?for how long?
Elena:ki?ki holo Sona?tumi teek aache?(are u ok)
Sona:I Guess from mrs Dixit I became Ms Bose again.*interlacing her fingers and crying*
Elena:what?what are you saying Sona?You became Ms Bose..What?
Sona passes the divorce papers to Elena.
Elena reads them and gets shocked:you mean Dev jiju…Jiju..
Sona:don’t call him Jiju ok?he is not your Brother in law..he is some stranger..who betrayed me on the request of his Mother..
Elena:Dev divorced you because ishwari Aunty wanted you to?
Sona sadly nods yes.

Elena drags sona and drives her to the dixit villa.she was fuming in anger and didn’t listen to a word,sona muttered.
Elena held sona by hand and pushed her inside the dixit villa,and standing outside she says:this is your home,this is your identity,this is y;
Sona:have you ever thought what I want..dev betray me not you..his Mother hated me not you;
Elena:can you shut up sona?i know you love dev and miss him.
Saying this it grabbed the attention of ishwari,GKB and NRN.
GKB:oi bengalans,stop making such a nuisance here!and the security didn’t stop you?
Elena:I’m sorry,I have to correct you Aunty.Sona is the deserving Daughter in law of this house.she cannot been thrown out like this.
Ishwari:sona signed the divorce papers on her own choice.
Sona looks at ishwari sadly..:actually Maa,I didn’t..
Ishwari looks shocked..:who compelled you to divorce my dev?
Sona:Radha maami..
Ishwari looks at Radha in disgust:bhabhi aap..
GKB:jiji she is lying..why would I do that to dev?
Elena:oh really Aunty..
GKB:chup Kar bengalan..
Elena:no let me speak..you compelled Sona to divorce dev under the threathen that you would spoil her parent’s name in the society and you also asked her for ransom.
Nikki:how much did she ask for?
Ishwari:rupees only right?

Nikki texts dev of the situation at home.he rushes home and sees sona there.He hugs her tight.sona can’t resist and hugs him tight.GKB is ousted for spoiling dev’s life.
Dev:sona let’s get a resigstrar marrige done
Dev:because we divorced?
Sona and dev get a regsitrar wedding done.
Dev asks yes as he holds her tight at her shoulder.
Sona:best 29 th birthday gift.
Dev:omg I forgot happy birthday Jaan!

Sona gets a new job and her boss turns out to be….

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