Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 123

Elena gets married to suhan with fulfilling all her 7 vows.Her bidai takes place and everyone sends her off..
Next morning,after all the preparations the previous night,Sona wakes up at 9 tired.She Doesent see dev.
Sona:dev?drv?*streching her arms*
While she is calling out dev’s name she notices a thin gift wrapped in a teddy design.it was written in a post it in Hindi which said “your gift sonakshi beta,from..aun*cancel*maa.
Sonakshi gets overjoyed that ishwari gifted her something!!it was dev and sonakshi’s 3 rd marrige anniversary and obviously,dev hadn’t gone to office.
Sona rushes to open the gift when ishwari comes there and warns her not to open it till the evening party.sonakshi freshens up and she comes down to see the breakfast table set and the house clean!her usual routine was to wake up at 5,do pooja,clear nikki’s devices from the couch and put it in her room,shower Diya for school,feed jhanvi and change her diaper,cook breakfast,wake up dev and then only go for a shower.but,it was 9 and Diya had gone to school,jhanvi had changed her diaper and been fed,and everything was perfect.There came the dashing hero of the day in a handsome light blue shirt with black track pants.he cuddled Sona a good good morning and went on his knees.he opened a ring box to get out a chocolate.
Dev:happy anniversary Jaan.
Sona:happy anniversary dev.*all smiles*
Dev holds sona’s fingers romantically.

It’s the evening time and it’s time to party.the house is filled with balloons and there is a cake which says happy 3 rd wedding anniversary Dev and sona!They cut the cake and have some light moments.everyone is so happy!After the party,it’s gift opening time HAHhah!sona first opens ishwari’S gift.unwrap.
Sona couldn’t believe her eyes.tears started flowing from her eyes and she became unstable.she fell on dev’s shoulder.
He sees the gift too and is shocked.
Dev:Maa…*looks at her with disgust*maa..divorce papers?why Ma?
Ishwari:remember when sonakshi could not conceive and I went to the temple and You told me you will do whatever I want and u agreed?..yes..this is my condition..I want you to divorce this inauspicious thing for my family now..Divorce sonakshi Dev..Divorce her!
Sonakshi held dev’s hand stopping him from doing anything.ishwari held hi Son other hand to pull him forward to sign the papers..he slowly picked up the pen…and signed unstablly.sonakshi fell to the ground with fits.
Dev:Sonakshi!?youll be fine sonakshi..sona..*pats her on her cheek*
Ishwari:Dev Sonakshi ka anguta laga now!i can’t sacrifice your divorce for her illness..
Dev:maa*looks with disgust*
Dev rushes sonakshi to the hospital.after a while sonakshi is fine and calls for Dev.
Dev:Sonakshi you scared me Jaan..
Sona:I agree for the divorce*staring blankly at the floor*i agree for the divorce..where are the papers..
Dev is shocked..

Ishwari comes rushing in with the papers..
Sonakshi signs them.
Dev:sonakshi no..sona what?
Sona:if you can change your mind just because of your mum,I can change my mind independently Mr dixit.Now please will you call my parents.
Sona calls bijoy and Asha and explains the situation.Bijoy gets angry and shouts at Dev.They leave from the hospital.
Dev is heartbroken and is crying.ishwari is standing there egoistically.
Ishwari:I know what I did was wrong,but I did it for a right and bright future of yours Dev.
The next day @ 8.30 am.
Dev is having breakfast and imagines Sonakshi sitting there and eating with him.
Dev:I’m so Glad you didn’t leave me.
Sona:you do know you’re imagining right?
Dev:I wish I was not*cry*
The doorbell rings.
Dev opens the door to see its Sonakshi.she is back to her before marrige clothes and has rubbed off her sindhoor.
Dev:Sonakshi!i knew you would come back*hugs her*
Sona:*avoids the hug*im here to take and pack my stuff.
Dev:what?no Sonakshi please understand.
Sonakshi packs her stuff while dev tries to convince her.
Sonakshi leaves the house and dev cries.sonakshi also cries.

Precap:will dev and sona ever re unite?ofc they will?!!but how?dramatic!!

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  1. Heshine

    Hey Nishi….!!hw r u…!??hope u r doing gud….!!!??yup…..the episode was amazingly awesome….!!!I was badly missing ur ff…!!!and it was finally on the track…!!oh so lovely….!!!but…….but…..but…..wats the biggest twist….in ur ff…!!!omg…..it was seriously unimaginable…..!!!even after 3yrs of their mrg…ishu wants them to divorce….how cruel ishwari is….;!??but the epi was amazing……I really loved the emotions b/w them…!!pls do unite devakshi soon dear…..!!!!
    And yeah I have posted an intro of my new ff…I want you in my life……AGAIN…pls do have a read if u have time….

    1. Erica

      hey heshine!
      I’m good!infact I’m very good.im so sorry I couldn’t upload because I was so busy with first day of school and all I didn’t have time!Yes,shows don’t work without twists but u know me right?i won’t separate devaakshi?not in the next episode,but definitely bring th back together eventually.there are so many ff’s that I can’t make out which is yours..pls send me the link!!love u❤️

  2. Hey Nishi!
    Long time no see, huh? I know, I know. I know you must be extremely mad at me for having been absent for what seemed like ages, but I too am mad at you; you didn’t try to contact me at all. But no problem, it’s absolutely alright.
    Anyways, I just read the previous episodes (the ones I’d missed) and they all were really nice, you know. Like, there are so many twists and turns in your story that I, as a reader and follower of this FF, can’t simply resist reading. For what your age is, 8 or 9, your writing skills are indeed very exceptional. Also, your imagination is something I really admire.
    So all in all, let me tell you that you are one great writer! Indeed you are.
    Also, I’ve posted the ninth chapter of my FF. Kindly have a look at it and do drop in your views. I’ll he waiting to view your comment, okay?
    Anyways, do post the next one soon.

    1. Erica

      Anshi di!!
      I’m so happy you’re back!as well as I’m so happy I’m back!!Sorry anshi di:(after coming back from India I didn’t have time because of school because school has just started and they also promoted me to standard 4 directly from standard 2 because I got 98% in my whole standard 2 cohot(lol I’m not trying to boast I’m just sharing:))so I was like really busy!!
      And I’m 8,turning 9 this july!hey sorry!there are so many ff’s it’s difficult to identify yours..can u send me the link di?love u!!

      1. Look at you, girl! Along with being such a wonderful writer, you’re one smarti-pant (that’s a term we guys use to call people who’re smart) too! 98% is such a commendable score, must tell you! And, I absolutely understand how tough if might’ve been with you since the last few days with so much of work; first day of school is always the same?
        Anyways, I see you’re birthday is in July, right? Well, that’s pretty soon! Do let me know the date so that I don’t miss wishing my little sister? Also, my birthday on the third of February, you know!
        By the way, here’s the link: http://www.tellyupdates.com/passion-chapter-9/ Hope you like it, and do drop in a comment!

  3. Priya12

    Di, I was crying badly while reading this epi…., my heart is paining dr…….I just wanna 2 kill ishwari…D devil…….awesomeeee epi dr…post it soon

  4. Manya

    Hey Nishi dear❤️U r back!!❣how r u???hope u r doing good??
    Awesomeeee episode as always❤️❤️❤️❤️
    And Haan Maine ek naya ff shuru kiya hai it is based on the story of SHARICA and DEVAKSHI!!!??
    Hope u will like it!!!??Di read and comment !!!!!?
    Waiting for the next episode?
    Love love?❤️❣??

  5. Awesome episode dear

  6. How.. Such a big twist in one episode.. I’m still in shock.. And please post soon.. And it was good..

  7. Niki645

    Amazing!!!! OMG!
    I never expected such a big twist!
    Post soon???

  8. Awesome but really shocking….. And of course u again brought amazing twist dear….. Loved the episode

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