Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 121


hey guys!im back!i had a great trip!
So here starts ep 121:
Recap(from ep 120)
Elena’s marrige is fixed with suhan.

Ep 121:
The episode starts with the cocktail party of Elena and suhan’s wedding.A hall in Moti bagh is booked.its beautifully lit with bright lights and a seperate disco light themed bar for the youngsters(after party)As dev,Vicky,neil(neha’s Husband) get into suits,Diya and jhanvi get into cute frocks and the bride,bridesmaid(sona) with NRN get ready in their gowns.

Sona’S attire-a dark blue sparkling sleeve gown with a slit in the middle.
Neha’s attire-a yellow off shoulder sleeveless gown with a slit at the back.
Nikki’S attire:a short white cute dress(the one she wore for that party,ep 22)
Riya’s attire-a red gown with full sleeves.
All of them look gorgeous and all the boys look handsome.as all of them walk towards their partners,they are all fascinated by their Wife’S beauty.
The emcee of the night introduces the bride and the groom on stage.
Elena’s outfit-a black shiny Long ghagra with a chunni draped from her shoulder to her arm.
Suhan’s outfit-a royal dhoti Kurta set.
After they exchange rings,the emcee announces that its romantic dance time.so everyone gets into a slow dance with their respective partners.
When sona comes to dev,dev stares at her.
Sona:why are your eyes so big?
Dev:only if u were not pretty..my eyes wouldn’t be so big..kya khaake peda kiya..you’re so gorgeous sonakshi..*carresses her hair*
Sona takes out her phone.
Sona:lo,call Ma and ask her what she ate when she was pregnant with me.will she remember all the way back to 1989?
Dev:HAHA very funny*sarcastically*
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays as they play with eachother.
The music stops eventually when the DJ announces its rock time when he starts playing London thumakatha from queen.

“Tu ganti big thi…..London thumakatha”
Everyone goes into rock mood and dances on the dance floor.some do bhangra,some do lavani,some do bengali dance and some do Rajasthani dance.
DJ:bring it on!!
He changes music.
Maine abhi abhi dekha hai from kal Ho na Ho

“Maine abhi abhi dekha hai..kaun hai wo anjaani..pretty woman..dekho dekho na..”

Everyone screams sharukhan’s name and dances like him.

More and more songs come along and they all dance and have fun.champagne,wine,and booze bottles are open.celebrations begins.after the party NRN,sona and Elena bring back their husbands,fiancé to bed because they are so drunk and they also go to sleep.before sleeping sona was going through the 7 day wedding plan.

Day 1:cocktail
Day 2:bhajans by both parents and grandparents.
Day 3:mehendi
Day 4:sangeet
Day 5:teenagers,adults and oldies go out for doordarshan.
Day 6:shopping!!
Day 7:shaadi
Well there was a Long way to go and it was only day 1.

Precap:day 2-3 plans

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