Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 115


dev and sona reach the airport.they check in and board the flight.They reach Singapore after a 4 and half hour flight?.
@Changi airport(singapore’s airport)
sona:wow dev this airport is so pretty!!
dev:But not as much as you ms khargosh
Sona:Ok Mr flirt☃️.
Dev is all smiles:ok we need to go this address.(it’s called shangri-la hotel)
sona and dev get a cab and show the address.
they reach the hotel.
Sona:*puts her elbow on dev’s shoulder*this place is so preeeety☄️.
dev:I know I’m the best.
it’s 6.00 am in Singapore.its a friday.People are going to work and school.Dev and sona sleep for a while as they were very tired from the flight journey?.
Now it’s 10.00 am.
Sona wakes up to see sleepy dev.
She glares and smiles at him.she plays with his nose.
dev wakes up and smiles:ms khargosh,zarurat se zyaada pyaar allowed nehe hai..Its like butter..you’re a Nutritionist..you must keep track ms Bose..
sona:oho now it’s time for you to act smart huh?*lightly slaps him*
dev and sona have a Good laugh.
Dev:Ok so at 11,we need to catch the tourist bus and then we will go to the attract:
Sona:shhh..dev..we are here for our honeymoon..not doordarshan?.Hum wherever we go whatever we do is our wish..yeh bus wus nehe chaiye.
dev and sona get ready.(they are wearing their normal clothes like in the current serial but it’s just that sona is wearing salwaar kameez(like before marrige types?)
sona:you know I heard of this place called universal studious..it’s pretty popular..Elena went last time?.
Dev:ya I heard from tina..
Sona:*laugh*sab Tina se suna..

Dev:USS?(universal studious Singapore)

sona:oh ok chale..but kese?
Dev:on our way here I saw a “rent your car”shop..so we will rent a car and go,it’s easy
to find directions?.
Sona and dev leave and walk to the “rent the
car”shop.they see a lot of cars.they choose on open air car in light red❤️
They take GPS(google maps)and drive to USS.
While they are in the car,sona stands up and feels the air(TU mudjme?)
she holds dev’s hand while he smiles seeing at her.?.
sona:dev this is so beautiful?
dev is alll smiles?.
they reach USS.its really crowded(it’s always really very crowded).
Sona:oh god yaha kitni beed hai..chalo let’s buy tickets..
They get the tickets and enter.they take their map and see the places.
sona:dev let’s go to sci fi city first na..it looks so fun!!
Dev:you mean the transformers ride?
sona:transformers..you know in childhood me and dada and Elena used to be crazy about transformers.?.
dev:*cup her face*smile:chalo.
After waiting for one hour,they go for the ride.
Some side information about transformers(since many people are unaware about USS):Transformers is basically a Ride in water(you will be in a boat but you won’t get wet)where there will be a screen all over and you will be moving(ITS 3D.)so it’s reallly very fun.
Sona and dev get their 3D glasses and go for the ride.they scream like anything?when they fall of the building(actually it’s just a effect)sona holds onto dev.
Dev:arae sona kya hua?
Sona:I’m going to die..!!
Dev:HAHA sona Its just a ride you’re actually not falling off the building?
Sona and dev finish the ride and Come out.
sona:bohot fun tha yaar?!!
dev:Chalo let’s go for mummy ride(it’s under the category Egypt)
Side note about mummy ride:It’s basically a rollercoaster in a dark place where it’s like really very scary where you will get eaten up by a mummy like that(you won’t die don’t worry)it suddenly goes Low high backwards fast and ya ..
Sona and dev go and sit and the ride starts..
sona:Aaaaaaaah dev!!!!!!!!
sona and dev:AAAAAAAAAAHHH

precap:After finishing a great time in universal studios,dev and sona have a romantic dinner date and Marina Bay Sands.

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  1. Omg……nishi…..that was super amazing???????❤?????????❤???…….really loved it…….great effort dear…..the places, their visits……everything…..???❤???????

    1. Erica

      thank you so much??❤️?☄️???❤️?!!!thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  2. Rj12

    It was really amazing
    U won’t believe it but even I went to all these places when I was in Singapore with family

  3. Manya


  4. Awesome

  5. Niki645

    Wow!! They visited amazing places??
    USS is my FAVOURITE!!!!!!??

  6. Heshine

    Wow….Nishi di. !!!???its amazing….!!!juz awesome…!! Even I went to UN versal Studios….it was really amazing… ????juz u made me think of it again…!! I think devakshi should walk longer. !!!!????cimung to ur ff….wow..!!! ????it juz..????????no words….mind blowing…!! But please post a longer frm next di …pls.!! U r really amazing.. ….???there are more qns in my mind…!!!.what would be ishwari’s POV..!!where will devakshi go next..?!what will diya and jhanvi do….?!oh…!! More qns….?hope will get the answers for all this in the upcoming epi……!! Pls post as soon as possible …!! Waiting fa ur….lovely update….!! And pls try post a longer one next time di.. Pls ….!! ????????
    Love Love…!!????

    1. Erica

      baaapre baap!!Itne saare comments ka reply nehe karsakthi?!!meri keyboard spoil hojayegi!!HAHA thank you for your overwhelming genuine support!!!heshine,niki645,princess,ayushi,and rj12 thank you!!

  7. Hey Nishi!
    Waaaaoooow! Loved this episode like hell!
    Please don’t mind but, this episode has been my favourite so far! SG and its awesomeness! I got to relive all those moments!
    USS is my favourite! I’d been there twice during my fictive years stay in SG and I’d made sure to not kiss a single ride! The transformers one is sooooooooo damn cool! And, the mummy ride one is my favourite along with Human and Cyclon! Man, I LOVE SG like hell! It’s my favourite country!
    Seeing the precap, ‘MBS! Yaaaaaayyyy!’ Was what I’d been screaming all loud to myself! Thankfully, nobody was around then!!!
    I really loved today’s episode!
    Post superrr duperrrr sooooon!
    Loads of hugs and kisses to my sweet Nishi!?????????????

    1. *miss a single ride!????

    2. Erica

      hey anshi di!!
      HAHAHHA I loved your first sentence.HAHA!!fictive years??I was wondering if that would be 15 years??You know I went with toasty(naina di)(we call her toasty(for a reallly very funny reason).to mummy ride and some more both of us vommited so badly HAHA!!since you requested MBS I put MBS haha?!!OOOOO I’m very very happy to know that you started screaming!!i just hope your voice didn’t break?(Bhagwaan na kare aise hojaye).i love you?

  8. Awesome epi swtheart ??????????????????????❤?????????????????????????
    What more to say really i don’t know… Ooohh one more thing which I wanna want to tell u is …
    ?? ? ??
    ? Love YOU?
    ?? ? ??
    With loads of love to my lil swtheart

    1. Erica

      I’m more than happy to know that you’re speechless and even I love you!!

  9. Ankitha

    Love u Nishi . You just brought back my memories in uss. Thank u sooooooooo much?????????????????????????????? and wonderful episode .

    1. Erica

      :)ankitha di,
      I am Glad to know that I have brought back your memories,as well as other’s memories:)thank you;))

  10. Awsmmmmm pre cap?????..

  11. Nishi! Nishi! I hv no words to describe, it was really fantastic???????…… I just luv it???…
    I too like “Transformer and rollercoaster ride” ?????….
    It seemed to be as if I m in that RIDE???….

    ✨✨✨✨✨LOVE YOU✨✨✨✨✨
    ????? SO??????

    PLZZZZZZZ POST SOOOOOOON??????????????………..

    1. Erica

      THANK YOU!!!?❤️????????❤️????

  12. Ria

    Hey Erica,
    Well, the episode was amazing. I loved it so much. By the way, I’ve been reading your fan fiction lately like, idk the episode no. But, I am new to this page for about a month may be.

    Also, I am writing a fan fiction called – Our Dark Past Love – You can try it out if you wish to.?

    Loads of love.❤

    1. Erica

      arae di!!I have beeen reading from episode 1 itself!!Its so goooood!!!OMG the way you keep the suspense..And their fights cute cute and romance(not yet but it’s so cute!!!!!i hope you never stop writing!!!

  13. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update asap dear amazing description of the places dear update asap…………….

  14. Amazing nishi..

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