Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 108

The episode starts with sona staring blankly.
Dev:I have got a post there…the professor loved my thesis on Vedic math,and he would like to offer me a place in Cambridge university.
Sona:dev,my gallery..my job..my house..jhanvi’s college…Sab…
Dev:I have thought..though not arranged..that you can open your gallery in Cambridge..there are Lot of chances there..jhanvi’s college can also be there..cambrigde’s best college..
Sona:dev it’s going to be very difficult to get a plot for my gallery because people don’t even know me and my artworks..dev I’m new to this remember…
Dev:look sona,Cambridge is my dream and I really want to fulfill it..pls…
Sona looks at dev reluctantly:ok..let’s move..
Dev:really??oh wow!!!Ok we are leaving tomorrow..
Dev and sona go to sleep.

The next morning a pillow is shown..someone is shouting dev..but it’s not so clear(the voice).
Dev finally wakes up after getting hit by a pillow.
Dev:sona,haven’t u become a bit fat baby?
*sona’s look-black cotton shirt with a caramel Colour Long coat with a infinity scarf over(maroon and dark green)she is wearing boots and her belly is big(she is pregnant btw).her hair is tied up into one ponytail..

Dev’s look:dev is wearing a loose cotton half sleeve shirt with pants..

Back to the story..
Dev:wait…sona..you’re pregnant??
Sona:no dev…*in pain*im having gas..oh sorry no..i have become fat!
Dev:no no sorry..
Dev:ok..ok..ok..*he wears his Long black jacket on*
Sona:*walking down the steps*:iss duniya mein..do tara ki log hotihai..ek drivers..dusre passengers..AUR TUM PASSENGER HO.
Dev:but why I know how to drive..
Sona:oh really??then take me to the hospital!
dev is driving..
Sona:you know the way to the hospital..
Dev takes a right..
Sona:hato.get out..
Dev:but iss halat mein kese chalaoge..
Sona starts driving.
Dev sees this bus which says ‘Cambridge fiesta 2018’
Dev:2 years?
Sona:do saal,iss bagwaas tandi jagah pe..
Dev:but kal hum delhi me thi..
Sona:dev..baby..I don’t know what you’re thinking but right now I need you baby!!pls!!abhi nehe..pls..

Sona gets admitted and she starts screaming..
Dev comes in..
Sona:nikal ja..nikal ja..*pain and screaming*
Dev:don’t worry..nikal jayega..
Sona:mein baby se nehe..TUMSE KEHEREHO..NIKAL JA..
Dev walks out..
Sona:UH..where are you going..
Nurse:it’s a boy!!
Everyone is happy..dev is shocked..
Dev walks in to the ward and sees sona holding the baby..

Later on..after seeing the baby for a while..
Dev:goodnight Arjun…he goes to sleep..

He hears dev again..same thing not so clear..)
He wakes up.
Sona:dev!!i have been trying to wake u up for the past 30 minutes!!our flight is in 2 hours duffer..
Dev:we are in Delhi?
Sona:aur kaha honge?
Dev:Arjun?did u feed Arjun..?where is he?
Sona:Arjun?kaun Arjun?
Dev:bacha..humara bacha..
Sona:humara bacha hai?
Dev:*thinking*lagta hai woh sapna tha..
Sona:ok woh chodo..get ready!!

Precap:sona and dev reach Cambridge.

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  1. Awesome episode dear

  2. Nice one. ??

  3. hilarious…….arjun???…….Awesome epi thi nishi….??????❤???????????

    1. Erica

      thank you so much?

  4. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but a bit confusing dear pl. clear the confusions and plz. reply my pm’s to u pl. dear

    1. Erica

      Erika firstly thank you for your awesome again!!basically dev was dreaming that it has been 2 years and now sona is preganant but he just was dreaming!Di,yes I know u pmed me( I saw thru email but I’m not able to locate the message section.can u pls guide me??thanks

      1. Hey Nishi!
        Seems like you need a bit of help out here…
        Well, to access the messages sent, you have to go to your profile and click the message tab. Over there, you’ll find the conversations and you can reply to the same.
        Or else, when you open the website, click on your notifications and you’ll be able to see the messages..
        Hope my advice helps you!

      2. Erika

        hey nishi AnShIta is absolutely correct dear u can go to your account there would be a bar of messages u have to just click on that and u would be able to see your messages..

  5. Hey Nishi!
    Loved the episode! It was soooooo damn cute!???
    Dev’s dream……awwwwwww!??
    And despite being pregnant (in Dev’s dream) Sona still didn’t lose her rowdy and bold side! And trust me, I loved that part!
    Loved it when Dev realised it was all just a dream! He had been so engrossed and lost in his dream, that he simply didn’t seem to be able to distinguish between his dream and reality!
    Cambridge, I see. Well, things might get better or worse for Dev and Sona, but I believe that they’ll be able to overcome all obstacles!
    Moreover, I really appreciate and admire you for the efforts you always put into this! You’re so young but you right so amazing! You’ve had the most number of episodes I assume, and that clearly signifies that yes, there are people who love your works indeed! I too, had been a silent reader earlier but had never skipped a single episode of yours!
    Keep up the good work and I wonder, or rather believe, that you’ll do even more great ahead in future!
    Post soon dear! I sooo badly want to know what happens in Dev and Sona’s new life!!!
    Love ya loads and loads and loads!????????

    1. Erica

      HAHAH THANKS!❤️I’m so happy u liked dev’/ dream,Thank u for reading and appreciating my ff from the start till now,and you’re my closest sister?(Oops hope nisha and naina don’t see this)?But ya thanks so much!!i will surely update soon and lots of love too?

      1. Awwwww….you too are my closest Sister! Although I have another Sister at home to handle!?????

  6. Manya

    Awesome nishi?
    And plzz stuggest Dev Dixit to go to psychiatrist bcoz he gets these dreams usually??
    Post soon?
    Love love?

  7. Hi! Nishi! Wow ya again a great epi.??✌????……………… Though, it was a dream Sona was always bold. I know that I didn’t know more about me, but, I’m regularly posting my comments.
    Not even missed a single ff of all DEVAKSHI
    I know that I u r a awmmmmmm writer.
    Plz continue this & post the nxt ff sooooooooooooon????……………
    Waiting badlllllllllllllllly.????????……
    Plz post sooooooooooooon???????
    With love??,

  8. Heyyy Erica nice ff luvd it???..Baar Baar dekho scenes on devakshi ?????

  9. Hello all i am new and i am big fan of krpkab and nishi i am readingyour ff from day 1 and they are awsome

  10. Awesome but ye sapna tha ?? omg ….masst tha lekin??

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