Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 103

Scene 1:
Dev:sona!diya!jhanvi!we need to leave for the airport!!
Sona:ya coming dev.
(They are all moving to Bangkok for a New house)
Diya comes there:papa!!
Dev:*lifts her up and places her on his lap.*heyy my princess!!are you excited?
Diya:*baby fumbling of words*:more of the flight*rubbing her runny nose*
Dev:sss diya don’t rub your nose like that,please wipe it with a tissue.
Diya takes a tissue and wipes it.

Sona brings jhanavi to the hall in her arms.
They all wait for ishwari to remove nazar for their safe journey.
Ishwari takes off their ward and:humesha khush rehe.
Dev with Diya and jhanvi and sona leave for the airport.
at th airport.
Dev and sona have checked in and done immigration and have gone to search a place to eat.

Diya:papa papa papa there there I want this*pointing at papa pizzeria*(all my places are fictional)
Finally dev,sona,Diya,jhanvi eat and are waiting to board the flight.
Announcement:passes hers Travelling to bangkok through SQ 0001 please board the plane now.
Sona Diya dev and jhanavi board the plane.

*althought the flight routes are different I just make up my own to fit my storyline*

Scene 2:
Announcement:the flight will be stopping over at libya for 1 hour and then it will proceed to Bangkok.those who are Travelling to bangkok,we reccomend you to stay in the flight.
Jhanavi:mumma mumma,I want to go susu.(pee)
Sona:ok come let’s go.
Diya:mumma You relax ill take her.
Sona:ok…Diya u know the way?
Diya:yes mumma.
Diya holding jhanvi Waves bye bye to dev and sona cutely in the midst of other passengers.

Sona and dev cutely smile at them.
Dev:sona we finally have some alone moments together.you know I have been feeling that this will be the last time we are seeing eachother.
Sona:hawww you’re so negative…don’t sa;
*gunshot in the air*
Person(with a beard and Green eyes,caramel skinned):this is a hijack!!!everybody hands up!!

Everyone puts their hands up in fear..sona uses one hand to hold dev’s hand tightly.
Hijacker:you!!woman in the purple shirt and white scarf,stop holding his hand*reffering to sona*
Sona doesn’t realise is her because she closes her eyes in fear and is still holding on..

Hijacker pulls her:*in anger hits her against the wall hard and puts the gun across her neck*her head is bleeding by now.
Dev looks in shock standing and his hand forward:sona!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone looks shocked(all the passengers)
Diya and jhanavi are still not on the plane(because they got lost and are still finding the way to the toilet)
Sona falls in pain and becomes unconscious (her hand is blood stained because she held her head in pain).her outfit is also blood stained with blood streaks on dev’s face when sona got hit.

Dev pulls sona on the floor to his arms.
Dev:sona!!wake up!!open your eyes please!!sona!pls wake up!!
Sona:*mummers*d..dev..d..ev..go..I..know..i kno.w..I’m..dy..dy..dying..
Dev:no,.youre not,don’t say that Jaan….

Scene 3:(still in the plane….)
Hijacker comes out of the cockpit:where are the Pilots!!they are missing…
Sona hears that and remembers something.
Pilots are having coffee.
Sona comes in.
Pilots:ma’am you’re not allowed to come in please verify your queries with the air hostess.
Sona:please this is very important.if anything happens during the journey and our lives are in danger,please please escape the plane.the air hostess nisha will give you a signal.
Comes back to the present.
Sona gives a weak smile
3 hours later(since it was a night flight)the lights go off and the hijackers become aggressive and start shooting.
Sona helps people escape in pain thru the yellow slide thru the side of the flight.
While sona is trying to escape the hijacker shoots her and as dev was trying to save her,he also got shot.both of them Lie dead holding hands(to show their togetherness in heaven too).just then Diya and jhanvi come and see their parents lie down like that,and start crying.diya,taught by sona,tells the air hostess to book two tickets to India,bombay,

And the air hostesses does.in the flight Diya and jhanvi get child care in the flight.they reach Bombay to their aunt and Uncle(sumo’s parents nirmala and ramnath)

20 years later…
Diya is 24 years old and jhanvi is 21.
From the kitchen:jhanvi!!
Jhanvi’s leg is shown slipping herself in the shoe.she wipes her face with her towel.
Girl from the kitchen(wearing a simple pink kurti and white patiala just like how sona did.

Her face is shown.its just like sona!!the same face,the same eyes nose mouth hair.its like sona born again.its Diya!!
Diya:jhanvi!!hurry up!!its time for college!!
Jhanvi:coming di!!
*jhanvi is krystle dzouza

Jhanvi walks down the steps in her orange shalwar kameez(the one sona wore in the pe when she had to convince dev to let Nikki go
for the night out)
Diya:jhanvi,I’m going to get some groceries,you go to college ok?
Jhanvi:ok di!!bye love you!

Diya:love you too!*under her breath*i need to buy groceries as soon as possible then I needto go to work*

Diya leaves with her car key.
She drives down to the grocery store and picks up the groceries and leaves.as she is walking
with the groceries blocking her face,the atta packet flies as she bumps into someone.
Guy:huh?*still blocked because of the atta
The atta is finally gone and his face is shown.
He looks exactly like dev..
Diya is shocked:*mummurs under her
breath*papa..*she remembers dev falling down next to sona in the hijack 20 years ago.
Guy:I’m so sorry..
Diya:it’s ok it’s ok..(still staring at him in awe)

Guy:by the way I’m dev.
Diya:huh?(even more shocked)
Dev:dev?my name is dev

Diya:oh ya right..uhuh..my name..my name is Diya..
Dev:are you ok?you seem very baffled..

Diya:no no…thanks..bye..
They walk opposite directions.

Dev turns and looks at her..her hair flipping left and right..
Dev is all smiles

Dev is at the dance studio to enroll his Sister deepika and sees sona in a salwar with a duppata diagonally tied across her body and a lose plait.she is in a rush and she is late to class.diya is a Dance teacher.she teaches kathak to small kids.dev is mezmeried in her beauty.
Receptionist:mr dixit!!mr dixit!!please can you pay up..
Dev leaves the money on the table and follows sona.he sees her teach and smiles standing at the door.during break time sona comes out to drink water and sees dev.
Diya:are you following me?

Dev:no no I came to register my Sister deepika in your dance class.
Diya:oh..ok..so tell me more about you..
Dev:I lost my mum when I was 7 in a car accident,and ever since then papa has raised me up from the poor and with effort,I established a company ishwari enterprises,which is TOP leading companies in Bombay now.i have 2 sisters,the older one,deepika who is 11,and the younger one geetanjali who is 6.i respect my papa a lot,because he has done a lot for me..why don’t you tell me about your family?

Diya:I lost my parents in a hijack attack 20 years ago.we were migrating to bangkok from Delhi and me and my Sister then 4 and 1 respectively,went to the washroom for 3 hours because we got lost.when we came back,we saw Mom and dad dead,on the ground..that moment can never be forgotten,and after that I went to live in my aunt and Uncle’s house but they also passed away in an accident..so I live with my grandparents..but they also passed away due to old age..so it’s just me and jhanvi..we got used to it..
Dev sympathises with Diya..
Dev:I want you to teach my sister dance privately..you can come on weekdays twice a week in the evening or even afte;

Diya:hold on dev,you want me to leave my dance school to teach your Sister,but my life is this,I earn thru this..it’s my life..
Dev:I will give you double salary..
Diya:dev it’s not about money,it’s about passion.
Dev:I’m letting you fulfil your passion still!!
Diya:letting me?im an independent girl and I don’t need anyone’s permission.so goodbye..
Diya leaves.

Precap:yeh kya taqdeer hai jo milara hai do ishq Karne wale insaan?kya Diya aur dev ek rishta jodkar dev aur sona ke jaise jee payenge?

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  1. Manya

    Woho Nishi u again killed Dev and sona?But still it’s okay bcoz there’s another love story and that too similar to DEVAKSHI
    Take care Nishi and how r u now??is ur hand better now???
    Love love❤️?

    1. Erica

      Thank you!my hand is recovering now although I still have difficulty typing.❤️

  2. hawwww……..???…….I was at the verge crying when dev sona died….I thought the story where but u started up a new…….a major twist with the leap of twenty years ??????????????……….episode was seriously awesome one……and how’s ur arm now?????? take care

    1. Erica

      Hawww I’m so sorry I made you cry..my arm is better I just can’t type tooo Much or write too much so school jaana bandh(didi’s instructions)because I can’t write(I fractured my left hand and I am a leftie

      1. no need to say sorry dear…..?? and enjoy these holidays NO SCHOOL ??…..May God grant u health?????

  3. Hey Nishi!
    How’s your hand doing now? Hope it’s better..
    Coming to the story, it was great! But I definitely did not like it when Sonakshi and Dev dies?????????
    You could’ve done anything but not kill them 🙁
    However, when you introduced the new Dev, I was pleaded with the fact that neither is the ff gonna end nor is the story going to get dull.
    I don’t think anyone can compete against Dev and Sona. Yet, it’s best to give it a try?????
    Besides, what happened to Diya’s dyslexia??? When/How did she turn fine? Or have I missed out on something??
    Post soon!
    Love ya!?????

    1. Erica

      My hand is better!!i just need rest!!i needed to kill them to bring forward my story line!!diya fought her dyslexia over the years after dev and sona’s death and YoY haven’t missed anything!!!love you!!??

      1. Yes dear, you should definitely go ahead with your storyline!
        Get well really very soon!

  4. lots of love for this one…

  5. interesting

  6. Erica I have no words to express my feelings while reading this episode. Really , trust me I never got so emotional in any ff before . You r an amazing, outstanding writer . The way u wrote the precap is just Fantastic.
    Plz plz plz plz post the next episode asap!!!!!
    Truly lovely episode ??????

  7. Erina

    Hey nishi first a fall i’m happy to see u nd ur ff. So i think u r recovering good. So take care of urself swtheart nd coming to ur ff i’m not happy at all… Sorry to say dear but seriously i don’t want another love story at cost of lossing my devakshi. So sorry swtheart but what to do…
    I haven’t thought that u will kill my devakshi. Its only d thread which attracted me towards ur ff nd story line to but try to understand dear i can’t accept that they r dead. I was shocked when u killed them nd whatever happens but i can’t give this diya nd dev place of my devakshi. So sorry swtheart. Seriously i don’t want to leave ur ff but if devakshi is dead i’m not going to continue ahead nd even now also i’m hoping that u will bring my devakshi. Lets hope but anyways u r awesome writter so continue dear i’m not liking but their r many who r liking ur this track. Sorry if my words hurt u but this epi really hurt me..

    1. Agree with you Erina di ☺️
      M sorry to say Nishi, but no couple can take place Devakshi’s place for me☺️☺️☺️?????
      However, I’ll try to read all your further posts…
      The time before the gun shot was incredible but after that….
      Even tho Diya is their own daughter,I won’t be able to accept the fact that their story is over?????????
      Hope u understand dear….sorry if I’ve hurt you…

    2. Erica

      ok I’ll do one thing,I can’t really bring back devaakshi but I can recreate devaakshi in Diya and dev?like maybe Diya can become sona or whatever(change her name)..but I’ll do that slowly but I’ll keep the devaakshi light alive..what say?

  8. U killed sona dev.
    Nice episode

  9. ? OMG!omg! U again killed devakshi. ?????????.i just luv it. Sorry’ I’m very much excited. B’coz tmrw i m going to college. I’m very much excited

    1. Erica

      AAAHHAHA ok great nikki di all the best for you college!!

  10. Bhoomi

    Hawwww U killed Devakshi??……. So now new devakshi …. not bad ??

    1. Erica

      it’s not exactly New devaakshi it’s actually deviya,but if you see my comment above for erina and anshita,u would get How I’m changing them to devaakshi to deviya

  11. Esme

    Nishi …take proper test. Follow doctor’s advice. This is not a request..but an order bcoz we all love you. Get well soon…got it. Tumhe jaldi thik hona hai…apne liye nahi hamare liye..samjhi…just kidding. Yeah ur di Nisha is really very sweet n caring. So Nishi n Nisha…always be happy.
    Take care.
    Love to the NN.

    1. Erica

      thank you so muchhhhhh di!!yup ok great u were kidding but that’s what I have to do so yeh!!!love you?

  12. Ankitha

    Nice episode and how is ur hand Nishi ? I thought the story ended with the death of devakshi but a new storyline nice thought

  13. Erica

    Guys,thank you for all the love you have all given me esp since my hand broke.i don’t have a Mother but you all filled that space together.so thank you so much❤️

  14. Erika

    hey dear nishi why did u kill devakshi dear i was crying i din’t like that you could have done something else anyways the epi was nice and emotional and its ook chalo thank got there is again similar love story like devakshi but dear i have one confusion dear that new dev is also dixit and also diya is dixit so … confusing dear as devakshi were dixit so definately diya is dixit kindly update asap and clear the confutions soon as yaa 1 more thing i loved diya’s character just like sona beauty with brains.. a independent girl and i m very sorry if i have hurt u dear…

  15. Amazing episode
    ???????????? loved it waiting for next…

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