Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 100 (MAHA EPISODE)

Scene 1:
It’s early morning.sona is sleeping and dev just wakes up then.dev sees sona and smiles.he caresses her hair.sona wakes up and smiles.
Sona:good morning mr obodro.*stretches*
Dev:hmm..you’re beautiful in the morning also.
Sona:what do u mean also?
Dev:I mean also?
Sona:like I’m not pretty the other times.
Dev:yeh ki na typical ladki waalo baath.
Sona:Dev I swear I’m gg to kill you.
Dev:okok kill kill.
Sona and dev run around the bedroom.
Dev falls on the bed and sona falls next to him.tu mujdhme plays…
Sona:ok chalo chalo we need to get ready Diya ready for school.
Dev:before you became Diya’ mum,u were my Wife,so I have the rights on you.
Sona:dev,u know in the ring finding ceremony in the milk I won…so yah…
Both of them laugh and kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi plays.

Scene 2:
Dadi bua tells ishwari about the rituals of the new born baby(jhanavi).
Daadibua:ishwari bahuriya’s lalli ka rasam karna hai.
Ishwari:oh yes daadi bua.sona!
Sona:yes Ma!!*carrying jhanavi in her hands*
Ishwari:give jhanavi one ritual is there for her.
Sona:oh ok.*passes jhanavi*
The ritual starts.
Nikki,riya,neha,ranveer,dev,ishwari and daadi bua with some guests start the ritual.
On sona’s lap,jhanavi is sitting wearing a choti ghagra.(simple pink with green embroidery).
Ishwari:let’s start.
Music plays(lalalalala)
Ishwari feeds jhanavi with barfi and milk.
Next dadi bua feeds biscuit and haldi milk
Next sona feeds apples and water.
Nikki,Riya and neha feed banana and milk.
The ceremony is over
Ishwari:jhanavi must be really tired…put her to sleep..

Scene 3:
Sona and ishwari are sitting on the couch.ishwari is knitting some clothes for jhanavi while dev from the garden signals sona to go up.(tu mujdme tujhse?)
Sona:*raises her eyebrows*
Dev:*signals with his hand*to go up.
Sona:*opens her eyes Wide*and nods negatively.
Ishwari sees sona open her eyes wide:sona beta..are u ok??are your eyes painful.
Sona:no Ma..I’m ok..
Dev tries to stop laughing(funny face)?
Sona:Ma I will come right now.
Dev goes up too..
When sona reaches the room the lights are off(it’s night time so it’s really dark)
Sona ons the light and sees roses on the floor in a heartshape.
Sona smiles:(krpkab?)
Dev comes and stands within the heart with a teddy(the teddy has a “I love you”)
Dev:shhhh…don’t say anything.
Dev and sona have a dance?

Scene 4:
Sona is singing a lullaby to jhanavi to make her sleep.
Sona:shh..*points at jhanavi*
Dev smiles.he comes near to sona and whispers:you’re the best Mother
Dev:you’re the best Father too.
Both smile and laugh.
Sona and dev:shhh..Nikki…
Riya:sorry bhabhi..we disturbed you…
Sona:Kya Hua?
Neha:bhabhi,we wanted to give a gift to jhanavi.we needed to know her size for a dress.
Sona:ok tmrw morning we will go to shop.
NRN:ok bhabhi
Diya comes there rubbing her eyes.
Diya:mumma,I’m having night mare.
Sona:hawww my baby come to mumma.?
Diya sleeps in the middle of dev and sona.

Scene 5:
Nikki:bhabhi lets go!!
Sona:yup coming!!!lets go..
Dev,Nikki,Riya,neha and sona go to the shopping mall❤️.
They reach and see dresses for jhanavi.
Dress shower:mem sab what size do you want.
Sona:dev she is not so big
Dev:but she is so fat
Sona:don’t u dare call ur Daughter fat.she is chubby only.
Dev:hawww keep quiet.
Nikki,riya:Ab bas bhi karo nok jhok.
Sona and dev blush and laugh.
Finally they go for a beautiful sky blue frock.
They reach home.
Ishwari:kya li jhanavi keliye?
Sona shows the dress.
Ishwari:orange shirt?but u told me that u bought a blue dress?
Sona:ya Ma..I think we accidentally swapped the bags.look the address is written here for the person who needs this.i will just go give this.yaha hi hai.
Sona leaves to the given address.

Scene 6:
Sona reaches the address and rings the door bell.the person who opens the door is blurred out.sona is shocked seeing him.
Guy:sonakshi Bose?
Sona:oh my god aryan it’s so good to
See you!!
Aryan:same!!come in!!
Sona:after college we haven’t even talked.
Sona:who is mishka?
Aryan:my wife?
Sona:saale,u said in college u hate girls and now you’re married?
Aryan:haha I was so immature.
Sona:ya right.
Aryan:aryan in ek rishta sajeedari ka
Mishka:divyaanka tripathi
Sona:Aryan I’m so sorry about the confusion the dress…I came to return your orange shirt.
Aryan:oh thanks!!my Son was cribbing about the blue dress.
Sona:*laugh*?can I have my blue dress?
Aryan:and this blue dress won’t be yours?
Sona:it’s actually my daughter’s.
Aryan:so small.
Sona:Aryan she is a New born.
Aryan:oh so sweet.
Sona:I have to go now…I’ll exchange numbers with you and catch up with you later..and by the way..u called me sonakshi Bose just now???
Sona:it’s sonakshi dixit.
Aryan:oh…ok..bye sonakshi!!dixit?

Scene 7:
Sona comes home after getting the blue dress.
Dev:sona how did the guy react.
Sona:dev rmb the guy from college aryan mehta?
Sona:yea!!its his son’s..he has a really beautiful wife?.
Dev:not more than mine.
Sona:mr flirt,not now.i need to feed jhanvi.
Dev:ever since u became a mom,ur become cuter ms bose.
Sona:it’s been 2 years since our marriage and you’re still calling me ms bose?I’m mrs dixit.mrs sonakshi dev dixit.
Dev:oh right.
Daadibua comes there
Daadibua:bahuriya tara laali ke liye so frock liya?
Sona:yes daadibua.
Daadibua:humari waqt pe bacho ka pehela kapade ek ghagra hota hai.?
Sona gets upset and dev sees that.
Dev:daadi bua it doesn’t matter what is given,it matters who gives it and with so much love.
Sona,who is walking up the stairs,hears this and smiles(tu mudjme plays?)

Scene 8:
Early in the morning?
Sona:dev,im going to work,u get diya ready for school and give one round of diaper change and milk to jhanvi.
Dev:is today Mother Holliday for you?
Sona:dev I took break for 2 weeks ok?now it’s your turn.
Dev:ok ok.
Sona:ok I’m going bye!!
Dev:are u forgetting something??
Sona:bye dev!!*pecks a kiss on his cheek*
Sona:bye dev??

-end of episode-

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