Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi devakshi os: wedding bells

The sunrays entered the room. White curtains lots of decorations and here she is lying on the bed.the door just opened. A huge man the arrogant figure is seen smiling at petite body smiling in her sleep. He just comes nearer saying The strict doctor the punctual nutritionist miss Bose no it ain’t miss Bose now I think i have to correct myself MRs.SONAKSHI DIKSHIT is still laying on bed. Woww he smiled just moving his hands on her face caring her. His hands moving the strands of hair on her face. She opened her eyes. but ur Mr.obodro forever she said smilingly. Badle Se din heh mere badli si raatein donon Se dil meh mere mehki heh saansein,m ehki si saansein pehli dafa heh ki mujhme tuh jalka heh pehli dafa heh ki mujhme tuh chalka heh mere rangon meh kuch Dhang heh tere jaise bhi kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi….. kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi they had an eye lock staring each other. He just gave her a forehead kiss keeping coffee mug on the table. She smiled giving him a hug. He smiled miss sonakshi why u always want a hug from me. She says Mr.obodro I didn’t said such. Yes u did the day I proposed u. She remembers flash back playing the way she says Mr.dikshit can u give me a hug. She smiles remembering it and that day the day I asked will u marry me. U hugged me again. I can’t understand ladies but yaa can understand u whatever happens I think this hug will change everything.yes she says I feel protective and whatever bad happens yaa gud I feel like hugging u. He can just see tears in her eyes.

Wiping up them he adds thank God u didn’t hug mom when she says she is ready to accept ur alliance with me. She laughs hearing it. U seriously know when to make me smile. Iam glad ur mine Mr.obodro u remember how rude u used to be. He smiles saying yes but I guess u changed everything. They smile. Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… she says omg u brought a coffee cup for me? Woww I never knew u will be such romantic husband accha he says??? Just remember our last night she blushes slightly punching him. He says I love this blushing but I loved it most when u entered our marriage Hall I was awestruck flashback dev in his awesomely studded orange sherwani and is finely disturbed by his sisters. Bandit just asked them to bring vadhu. Their she was stepping in her orange dazzled lehenga a pallu on her head stepping down the stairs all gazing at herm the first who was seeing was him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Elena quoted jiju is clean bowled. And here they r the sisters trio saying bhabhi omgg I think dev Bhai shud be taken to hospital see it seems as if he will faint. Saurav says no no doctor is here he is safe. She starts blushing. Unchueh theh sapne mere tuneh chuliya… his eyes met hers chupke chupke dil me aaye do jaan do liye she steps ishwari catching her arrey how much will u tease her. She is in her senses back again. She takes her blessings. Dev smiles seeing them together. She applies a kaajal dot back in ear saying kisiki nazar naa lage ab toh nutrition nahi sona ? meri doctor thi beti bangayi she smiles all laugh she enters the mandap. She sits beside him. He smiles. They have an eye lock. Yeh lamhein hazaar si hothi heh rang pyaar ke kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… the mantras start. He catches her hand. He applies sindoor Teri hogayi huh tujhko patha bhi toh mere pyaar meh Teri razaa bhi toh hoh he gets the mangalsutra pehli dafa heh ki mujhme tuh jhalka heh pehli dafa heh ki mujhe tuh jhalka heh mere rangon meh kuch dhangheh tere jaise bhi..the pheras start.

All clap they move .. pehli dafa heh ki mujhme tuh jhalka heh. They move.. ur married . All clap. She just have tears in her eyes. Unchueh theh sapne mere tuneh chuliyeh.. he just worries she smiles. He says ur pretty miss.bose. Naa Mrs.dikshit. She smiles. They take the blessings. They have an eye lock. Present.. what a pretty day. The bestest in my life. In our life he corrects. They smile. The rituals everything was a blessing. It is. The way they got permission from families mainly his mom . It looked as of ages. They r here together in his room. No their room. She smiles never ever I thought ki I would b here with u auntyji I mean mummy ji she smiles correcting herself. Hum aisehi hamesha rahenge he kisses her forehead again. Yesterday everything was great I enjoyed night he smirks she beats him. He says u shud not be the jungli billi again. Mr.dikshit me jungli?? Yes Mrs dixit he quotes but.. before she could say he slams his lips on hers. She is in shock.he says Mrs. DIKSHIT I think I am going to win like this.he laughs she blushes. He was about to kiss then.. bhabhi.. r u there? We r waiting sound comes from the door of their room. She pushes him back. Yeah Riya neha iam coming. He says I think i shud get these all married so that they can be away from us. She gives him a slap. I was joking I love my sister’s u know just saying they’re disturbing us ohh is it yaa yesterday flash back she remembers how they teased him and her all the way even after wedding. She had a shiver running through the spine when they teased on dev. She blushed. I think ki nutritionist have turned Everything ulta. She is not on job giving my food came a voice from outside omg.. I forgot about it. It’s because of u. She pushes him he says coffee. She says baad meh let me dress .

She stands up he kisses her on the forehead saying don’t forget the sindoor after dressing remember ur Mrs.dixit now??? she smiles… he leaves outside. Badli si din heh mere badli si raatein kahi donon Se dil meh mere mehki si saansein pehli dafa heh ki mujhme tuh jhalka heh mere rangon meh kuch rang tere jaise bhi. Yaa I won’t forget she smiles looking in the mirror catching the sindoor Teri hogayi huh tujhko patha bhi toh ho kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi.. she remembers the movements her entry in this house the way everything bonded his proposal the wat he wooed her parents the way she got accepted by aunty ji no sasu mom she smiles… her wedding vows and pheras… kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… I got everyone everything.. the way he loved his mom. Now his mom also accepted.. everything is hers now. The love the affection everything. Sab milgaye siwaye mere khaana a sound came from behind there she was ishwari maa I am also hungry see doctor ko shaayad dusra lagana padega naa auntyji I mean mummy ji meh karungi of course ab yeh job PERMANENT hogaya heh???? haha all smile… kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi.. kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi???? here it is my Os. Heh guys here iam tomboy registered member I never watched yaa deeply connected to this serial but yaa it was my bestie who is addicted to it so I get updates from her and this one is dedicated to her. Dibya…??? hamara pyaar bhi aisehi heh kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi!! Haha I don’t have idea so I wrote whatever came in mind. Hope u liked it. Do comment. And dibya hope u liked surprise????

Credit to: Tomboy (sindhu)

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  1. Superb.. awesome..amazing.. fantastic..splendid..aur bhi koi word yaad aye to wo bhi..wow, first os on Devakshi..

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks aarti dr. If u want me to write again then I would lolzz now I am watching krpkab

      1. Ofcourse i want u 2 write again..

  2. Tomboy

    Hope u liked it. ????

    1. Dibya

      I love it in my core of heart Dr…….

      1. Tomboy

        ?????? thanks dr

  3. It was really very nice sindhu but I Guess you had one error there..DIKSHIT?im sorry if I’m being rude but dikshit sounds like dik+shit…and you know what I’m trying to say..I’m sorry if I hurt you❤️I love your writing!

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh yaa dr I had surname error ?? uff sorry for it. No offense dr ???, thanks for commenting

  4. Dibya

    Awwwww dr now I’m flying in sky , ese surprise Mai expect bhi nahi Ki thi .
    Love ❤ u a lot Dr n story amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing….. it’s my best day of this yr Dr ummmhaaaa I have no words to thanks u Dr ??????????????????? hamari pyar bhi ese hia Dr like kuch rang pyar ke ese bhi ………

    1. Tomboy

      ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. This os was for u dr I don’t have any idea on it but I wrote. Love u dr???????

  5. Bhoomi

    Such a lovelly os…. I fell in love with this… its very romantic,cute, lovelly …. ????????????….. Supeerrrrrrrrrb ……

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh thanku sooooooo much dr. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Asmita...

    Superb…….amazing…….mind blowing…….fantastic……. fabulous…..too good…….. 🙂

    1. Tomboy

      Thank u so much asmitha ??? do suggest me some topic if u want to read on them .


    1. Tomboy

      Thank you so much dr ayushi ??

  8. silent reader

    its vry nice superably adorable

    1. Tomboy

      Thank you dr #silent reader thank you for commenting

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    loved ur one shot dear u r too good u just nailed it

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks dr fatarajo ?

  10. Shalini Naicker

    It was awesome. Keep writing.

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks shalini.thanks for commenting

  11. Smileflakes

    Super episode

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks dr smileflakes ???? awesome dp. Thanks for commenting

  12. Shatakshi

    Hey tomboy
    The os was too good
    U know I m new on krpkab page…I tried reading many ffs but they have reached many episodes ahead so its difficult to understand…
    Thank u so much to write an os…
    Really loved it to the core????

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh dr iam new infact this is my first is ??? thanks for commenting means a lot.

  13. Madhuri

    So nice. I liked ur writing skills. ???

    1. Tomboy

      Thank u so much dr???

  14. Pragna

    its superb…. awesome…..amazing….. dr….no words to say…its lovely ??????

    1. Tomboy

      Pragna thanks dr for commenting??????????????? it means a lotttt

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