Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 9


Hello guys , so finally it’s the day of drama to unfold r u excited? Anyway let’s begin

Episode 9

Scene; At Sonakshi’s house

Sona and sanchi both are exhausted after shopping their legs are paining like he’ll as they went with the great shopaholics, Komal notices this and gets a hot water tub followed by oil she orders one of them to sit on bed and the other on a stool both are having different hot water tubs
Now the scenario is like komal is messaging sona’s head and sona is relaxing her legs in the hot water tub at the same time she is messaging sanchi’s head and sanchi is too relaxing her legs in hot water tub

Sanchi : maa u r a genius love u ??

Sona : really maa I’m feeling very much relaxed

Sanchi : but maa ek baat samajh nahi aayi apko kaise pata chala ki humare payr dukh rahe hain humme se kisi ne bhi apko nahi bataye Phir kaise (but 1 thing I didn’t understood how did u know that our legs are paining nobody said u then how come)

Komal : isI ko to maa kehta hai jo ap ke dil ka haal bina bole hi samajh jaa ti hai (this is only called mother who can understand you without anyone saying them)

Sanchi : u r the best maa

Sona and komal smiles ☺☺☺

After messaging komal leaves and both the sisters are talking about their trip

Sona : when r u going to leave from here for airport?

Sanchi : in the morning first ill go to office I have to collect some important stuff then ill be leaving from their

Sona : u also went for shopping

Sanchi : what do u mean by u also means u too went for shopping which mall btw?

Sona : in orbit
Sanchi : me too same mall I went with my boss secretary coz my boss wanted me to change my closest for this trip but y did u go

Sanchi : actually I told u about Mr. Dikshits sister na she was forcing me to go for shopping so I had to go with her coz Mr. Dikshits family is going to London to surprise his younger brother aryan so my patient is going so Mr. Dikshit said that I should accompany her as I’m her nutritionist
(Both of them don’t realise that they r going to the same plz e london? let’s see what happens )
Sanchi : oh I see btw ap kya layi ho(what did u shop?)

Sona : aur tum(& u?)

The duo shows eo what the shopped and at the last sona shows her gown which was her favourite and was gifted by ria

Sanchi : wow!!!!!??????it’s stunning

Sona : ria gifted me this dress I denied but she forced me u know emotional blackmail so I had to and moreover it’s so beautiful

Sanchi : btw when r u going ?

Sona : tomorrow evening

Sanchi : k now let’s sleep I have a long day ahead of me so I’ll have to rest

Sona : k dear

It’s a beautiful morning and a surprising one too as it’s going to bring a lot of twists and turns in the life of the 2 handsome bros which they didn’t even thought of

Scene : at dikshit mansion

Aryan is ready looking hot as usual (check my wall for pic)he heads towards his audi bidding bye to everyone in the family putting on his sunglasses which is adding an extra crisp to his already hot personality aryan leaves

Ria : ds bhai doesn’t have any idea what is ahead of him

Nileema : u r right dear

Both give a high figh to eo

Scene : at dikshit and sons co

Sanchi is ready with her stuff at the office but their is no sign of aryan just then Tanya comes and tells sanchi that aryan is directly going to the airport and she took the important file that aryan asked for they all leave for airport in office cab sanchi gets a call from her house

She pics up th call and Abhinav is on the line

Abhinav : dear did u leave for airport it’s already time for yourflight plz take care of yourself

Sanchi : dad don’t worry I’m fine

Abhinav : actually u r going away from us for the first time na dear so we r worried plz update us when u reach the airport

Sanchi : k papa plz don’t worry I’ll be fine
Abhinav : with whom r u going to airport?

Sanchi : with aryan sir’s secretary tanya and manager Giya

Abhinav : k bye dear tc

Sanchi : bye

They reach the airport sanchi sees aryan and is coming towards her aryan too sees sanchi and is stunned too see her first look from her newly changed closet when suddenly sanchi while going towards aryan crashes with a man who is taking a flower bouquet in his hand sanchi looses balance and is about to fall but her always comes on the right time aryan holds her and rose petals start falling on them to se of the stranger which fell due to their crashing aryan is lost in sanchi again discovering her from tom to bottom with his deep brown eyes rose petals fall on sanchi’s eyelids aryan gently removes it but their beautiful moment is destroyed by the stranger

Stranger : yeh kya kiya apne yeh mera wife ke liye tha jo pehli baar airport aye thai sara kuch kharab kardiya ab mien kahan se layega aur ek bouquet (what did u do this was for my wife u spoilt now what will I do?)(he is unable to speak properly in hindi and is pronouncing so funny)

Sanchi laughs silently at him

Sanchi : I’m sorry my fault

Starnger: sry bole se mera bouquet wapas aayega kya ? (If u say sry will my boqouet come back?)

Sanchi : ?

Aryan : now worries ill buy u another one

Stranger : thank u ji tum ko god sada kush rakhengai tum angel hai kya mera itna help karte tum insan nahi ho ji tum farishta ho farishta (thank u so much may God always keep u happy u r u an angel u helped me so much u r not a human being u r an angel only)?????????

Sanchi : ??????

Aryan and that stranger give sanchi death glares????

Sanchi : ?

The whole romantic situation is watched by our gossip birdies Giya and Tanya they are burning with anger after seeing them in eo arms????

Giya : what does she thinks of herself haan ill kill her huh behanngi

Tanya : seriously she is sticking so much to aryan sir we have to do something before something happens between them
Giya : ya????

They all go for boarding then after doing all the procedures they enter their flight(check my wall for pics ) they go from different gate as they all are in business class 4 seats are booked 2 at the front and 2 at the back sanchi and aryans seat side by side according to the boarding pass and Giya and Tanya side by side Tanya is fuming with anger seeing both of them together
But ti their hard kuch they didn’t even get to sit back of them

Air hostess : sry mam for the inconvenience but can u plz sit in the next cabin coz (she points towards an old couple) they have asthama and the next cabin is a bit suffocating for them can u plz take their place now Tanya and Giya are asthma my foot got damn but they had no choice they left and the couple sat at thier place

The screen freezes on the plane taking off after some safety instructions

Precap : flight lands in london ,sona and Dev tashan

Hello guys how was the episode hope u like it plz read and comment and also check my wall for episode pics u might be thing was this the drama I was talking about then u r wrong half is over and half is left

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost jaane ke liye padhte rahiye kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ( devakshi and archi ) ff comment karna na bhoolein



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