Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 8


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Episode 8

Scene; At dikshit and sons co

Meeting is going on in the office

Aryan : as u all know that we are going to launch a new fashion label ,’the vintage fashion ‘ we will be launching it in london so me and our important staff tanya,Jiya (manager)and sanchi we will leave tomorrow for London and the rest of the team can come according to their own convinience so here are our designs (he signals Tanya )

Tanya shows some slides of designs through the projector on screen

Aryan : these are the new fashion labels designs designed by the very talented miss sanchi Mittal

Everyone claps???

Aryan : so the staff should be ready sharp at 8:00 in the office and u must get all your stuff their which i r going to carry for your journey as we will be leaving from tha office ot self after taking some important files alright now u all may leave except Tanya and sanchi

Aryan : sanchi I want u to change your closet for our trip as u have to look perfect during the launch so I want u to go with Tanya today as we have a flight tomorrow morning is that clear

Sanchi : yes sir

Sanchi at Tanya leave from their itself to the mall for shopping

Scene; At dikshit mansion

Dev tells the whole family about aryan’s new label launch and gives theme an idea of going to London to surprise him

Sunayana : wow that’s a great idea

Dev : but mom u r not going

Sunayna : but y ?

Dev : who will take care of your health if u r away from Dr. Sonakshi

Ria : what’s the big deal we will take sona di with us

Sona : I can’t come how can I come with u all?

Dev : y not u r mom’s nutritionist it’s your duty to take care of your patient

Nileema : yes Sonakshi u must come dear

Sona : ill ask mom dad but for how many days?

Dev : just for a week or 2

Sona : k

Ria : then let’s go for shopping what we’ll wear in london if we don’t buy new ones sona di u also need a change of closet for our trip

Sona : no way I’m fine

Ria : how come u r fine u should come with me

Dev : ya I think u should go miss Sonakshi as u can’t wear thsee stuff their

Nileema : ya dear u must

Ria : ya sona di plzz

Sona : k let’s go

The duo leaves for shopping

At the mall

Sanchi and Tanya are shopping while Sona and ria are wandering around shops when sona sees a beautiful gown(check my wall for dress pic) and directly goes in the shop where the dress is shown on the statue bit she come back dissapoited ria notice this and take s sona to that shop and buys the dressing for her

Ria : di this is a gift from me for u plz accept it no ifs and buts plz if u think I’m your friend and moreover it’s my bros first label launch so u should look perfect

Sona : I can’t afford this

Ria : sona di I wouldn’t have given u this but I feel like a sisterly bond with u I don’t have a sister but afters meeting u I felt that I got plz take it

Sona : k dear

Thye all leave for their homes after shopping

Precap : sona and sanchi spend some time with eo and big drama to unfold

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