Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 7


Hello guys I’m very much contented with all of your response thank you so much for loving my ff and the wall post which I posted yesterday some them read maybe and some didn’t I was thinking to end my ff as I think I don’t get too many comments compared to others but some of u niki , maleeha and heshine they cheered me up that I must not stop and the rest of them they left to on me that it’s upto me I should continue or not so I’m asking all of u guys Wether u like my ff and I should really continue or not Plz comment about I’ll try improving my way of writing and ill write till 10 episodes if I get more number of comments then I’ll continue anyway I have wasted so much time ill go on with the episode

Episode 7

Scene : at sona ’ s house

Sona is back from her job and is entering her house through the door and looks up only to find her parents looking at her expressing anger dissapoitment and care for their lovable daughter ,sona wasn’t able to understand the situation in front of her eyes she tries to enter the house with the curiosity to know about the situation but she is stopped with the question she never wanted to answer but she had to let’s see what the situation is

Komal & Abhinav : tune job kyun chodi ?(y did u leave your job ?)

Sona : let me come inside first I have just come from my job

Abhinav and komal : we don’t want any excuses sona what’s going on ?

Sona : firstly how do you know?

Komal : we r your parents sona actually today we went to seven hills hospital to see u as we needed to talk to u but the receptionist said that you have resigned two days back

Sona : ya I left my job or rather I can say I was forced too (She say with tears in her eyes trying to control it)

Abhinav : what do you mean by u were forced to ?

Sona narrates the whole incident which took place two days back
Abhinav and komal were taken aback listening to the whole thinking about thier daughter whom they felt proud to have

Abhinav : how dare he i can’t tolerate this I will go and talk to him right now
Sona : no need papa I’m happy how I am but it’s just that I couldn’t live upto my dream but no worries we should try different things in life so that we become a better person u only say that na papa

Abhinav : yes dear but
Sona : I’m fine papa u don’t need to worry
Sanchi : his mother is lucky that she got such a good nutritionist
Everyone smile ???

It’s a good morning for everyone but a surprise morning for dikshit family

Scene; At dikshit mansion
Driver comes out of a cab and keeps luggage one by one everyone at dikshit mansion are confused

Sunayna :who are you and whose bags are these?

Everyone’s eyes get fixed and smile appears on thier faces seeing a figure familiar to them stylish , gorgeous fashionista ria dikshit the youngest child of raj and sunayna ( check my wall for pics)

Riya : didn’t I surprised u all

She comes lovingly towards her family she meets all the family members and they all get into a big family hug

Riya : just dad is missing she says sadly

Dikshit family is sharing a quality time which is noticed by a beautiful pair of eyes were admiring the family and a smile papered on that face (who’s it? Let’see)those beautiful pair of eyes followed by a gorgeous smile grabbed the attention of Riya to which she posed a question to her family who were busy enjoying the moment

Ria: who’s this?

Sona is surprised too

Dev : this is Dr. Sonakshi mom’s nutritionist
Ria :wow she is so adorable I have never seen such a beautiful smile

Dev smiles at this ? but he doesn’t know for what he smiled

Sona : thanks

Nileema : Sonakshi come have a seat
Nileema introduces ria to Sonakshi after which all family members get busy in their work as well as sona got busy in her job but our Dev’s thoughts are still wandering around sona who is looking gorgeous (check my wall for pic) but to his hard luck Dev couldn’t even think about sona dadi, aryan and ria notice the smile which was plastered on his face all this while
Ria : what r u thinking bhai that too smiling so sweetly
Nileema : oh puch mat ria jab se tere bhai ko Sonakshi mili hai unke toh bas (from the time your bhai has met Sonakshi he is toh just) she starts singing song (badle se din hai
Meri badli si ratien
Kayi dino se meri mehki hai saansien )
Dev : ds!!!!! It’s nothing like that woh toh bas mien
Aryan : woh to bas kya?? (What is it?)
Dev : aryan chup kar (aryan stop it )
Nileema : ab hum toh chup nahi baithaingay bhai ab toh samjhi tumhari pol khul gayi hum jaan chuke hain ki jo ladki hotel mien tumhe mili thi woh toh Sonakshi hai(now toh we won’t stop now we will reveal your secret coz we know that the girl whom u met at the hotel was Sonakshi )
Dev : ds!!!!!!????

Riya : yahan kya ho raha hai koyi mujhe bataye ga bhi(will anyone say me what is happening here )

Nileema and aryan narrate her the whole scenario
Riya :bhai kya apko bhi kuch kuch hota hai? Jaise Rahul ko an jaldi ko dekh kar hua tha(bhai something happens to u by seeing sona di like Rahul felt seeing anjali)

Dev : Riya

Dev starts chasing Riya when sona comes with a beetroot juice in her hand

Ria : bhai aagayi apki sapnon ki rani ab kyun mere piche tym waste kar rahain hai(bhai your dream girl has come then also you’re wasting your time chasing me)

Sona : what?

Riya : ????apne kuch suna toh nahi?(did you hear anything? )
Sona : nahi suna isiliye toh puchrahi hun woh tum ne mera naam liya tha na that is y(no I didn’t that is y I’m asking actually u took my name na)
Ria :nothing, btw yeh juice kiske liye hai?( btw who is this juice for)

Sona : Mr. Dikshit ke liye(for Mr. Dikshit )
Ria : oh hhh
Sona : woh actually dadi ne kaha ki puri family ka khane pine ka dhyan mujhe rakna hoga isliye layi thi(actually dadi said me that I should take care of the whole family’s diet)
Ria : ab layi hai toh pila bhi di jiye na(if u brought it then feed him also)

Dev elbows ria and glares her

Sona : kya ?(what? )

Ria : mera matlab hai ki layi hai toh bhai ko de di jiye(I mean if you brought then give him)
Sona gives glass to Dev to which Dev gives what the hell wala look

Sona : aise kyun dekh rahe hain jaise Zahar ho(y r u seeing like this like it’s poison )
Dev : mien beetroot juice nahi pee ta( I don’t drink beetroot juice)
Sona : chup chap pi lijiye she says in a dominating (drink quietly )

Sona : mera matlab ki yeh apki sehat ke liye Acha hai ( I mean this is good for your health )

Dev : mien ne kaha na mien nahi piyunga toh nahi (I said na I won’t drink means I won’t )

Sona : your wish

Sona leaves

Ria : full on tashan haan

Everyone laughs????????

The screen freezes on thier happy faces

Precap : a tour discussion in dikshit and sons co ,ria and Sonakshi get close as friends

Aur janne ke liye padhte rahiye kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ( devakshi and archi ) ff
(To know more read kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ( devakshi and archi ) ff)
Hello guys how was the episode I tried to improve my way of expressing and writing i have put a lot of efforts today in this epi hope u like it plzzzzz read comment and check my wall for episode pics)love u all?????????

Thank you


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  1. Rithu2089

    amazing dear it was superb 🙂

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thank u so much dear???????do u think I improved

      1. Rithu2089

        very much dear I don’t comment at times c I’m busy with work but don’t keep hopes down

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  2. Awesome episode dear. And plz don’t be upset ur are writing superb and plz try to post episode Daily..

  3. Loved it ☝️️?, please don’t feel discouraged, you are really good and I am loving it ❤️ I promise you that I will comment on every episode of this and yeah no archi scenes today? Please include more archi stuff because I am in love with kinshivya ❤️️❤️️….. post the next one soon
    Love you

    1. Pinkyangel

      U know I think I’m a more bigger fan of them then u coz I every time just surf about them everyday if I keep archi Scenes then it will be normal na

      1. Vishakha

        same here ?? even I do that everyday ?? and your stories are just awesome dear..keep writing ??eagerly waiting for the next one.. ?

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  4. It was amazing dear……????

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  5. Nyc one lovely ???

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      Thank u so much plz read the previous episodes too

  6. Good story and good language. I hate cheesy lines and even cheesier romance. Yours is looking good. I am a sucker for good language and grammar. So keep it up and can be improved (no such thing as perfect). Also longer episode would give you more freedom creatively (of course time permitting for you).

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thanks dear ???

  7. Alka

    It was a chooooo cute episode …. Devakshi ????????? …. I wish agar sona Dev ka aapne haatho se pilaa deti ? toh maaza aaatta …heeheheheh

    1. Pinkyangel

      Thanks and woh bhi hoga soon

  8. Manya

    Plzz do continue dear and the episode was awesomeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Thank u manya

  9. You are writing very well dear..don’t get disappointed. We all are happy to read your ff. Please post next episode soon.

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      Thank u so so so so much ill post next episode soon check out the previous episodes u will love them

  10. Brilliant!! Keep the great job up, dude!

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    Hey Nimra..the episode was juz awesome…!!and hilarious too….??i really loved the scene in devakshi’s house.. ???haha…!!!and yeah pls update asap .. …… ….!!!!hope dev will soon realise and confess his love to sona…..??and yeah…!!!sona’s parents were quite interesting.. .!!!ds was cool again…and Ria’s entry…!!!and yeah I have also checked the pica …it was wonderful…!!???update as soon as possible dear..!

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      Thank you so so so so much ??????

    2. Pinkyangel

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  15. Anjali333

    So sorry……i know i’m very late???
    But i was busy somewhere..so could not read ur ff
    And please don’t get disappointed
    U r doing a gr8 job???
    Episode was amazing and th surprise was v nice
    Ds,aryan & riya.. .these trio are awesome
    Loved it soooooo much
    Again sorry???

  16. Anjali333

    So sorry….i know i’m veryyyyy late???
    But i was busy somewhere… so do not get tym…
    But now i am back
    Episode was mind blowing
    Surpise was also amazing
    And please don’t get disappointed
    U r doing a gr8 job
    Plsss update soon

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      Its k i understand and Thank you so much love u dear ? ? ? ? ? very much happy???by your response do check my wall for episode pics and like them

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