Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 6

Hello guys thank u so so much for your compliments I just felt out of the world after reading your comments I never felt so special I can see through my eyes my dream fullfilling thank u so much erika, alka, rockzz, Anshita,Bala mirraw, arti, rithu, princess, niki, maleeha, Rj, heshine, manya love u guys plz keep loving, reading and commenting on my ff and also check my wall for episode pics and like them k now here I go

Episode 4

Scene; At dikshit and sons co

( our sanchi is going towards aryan’s cabin to show some of her completed designs looking beautiful as always while Tanya and others are gossiping about her) (guys plz check my wall for the pic u will enjoy reading then)

Tanya : lo aagayi office mien ayi bhi nahi ki aryan sir ke cabin ki taraf ja rahi hai ( huh she has come just now and is going towards aryan sir cabin)

Jiya : chakkar kya hai bhai jab se ayi hai office ka ma holiday badal diya hai isne pehle toh sir ke cabin mien aane ke liye Tanya se baat kar ni padhti thi Phir jab sir permission dete tabhi koyi ja sakta tha lekin yeh madam toh har waqt muh uthaye chali aata hai(what’s the matter from the day this girl joined the office the whole office has changed before nobody had the permission to enter aryan sir cabin without taking Tanya permission and conforming from sir but this girl huh)

Tanya : lekin yeh ab sir ke cabin mien kyun jaa rahi hai?(but y is she going to sirs cabin?)

Neeru : lagta hai sir ko coffee dene gayi hai aj shayad spot boy(servant) nahi aaya hoga (maybe she went for giving coffee to sir today the spot boy didn’t come I guess?)

Tanya : shut up Neeru kuch bhi bolti ho woh sir ko coffee kyun degi oh god ab yaad aya aisa kuch nahi sir ne use new label ke launch ke liye designs tayaar karne ko kaha tha zaroor usi designs ka confirmation le ne jaa rahi hai mujhe bhi new label launch ka bohut kaam hai mien jaa rahi hun (shut up Neeru what rubbish y will she serve coffee to sir it’s nothing like that but now I remember that sir has said her to prepare designs for new label maybe she went in that case anyway I also have a lot of work )

Tanya and Jiya leave

Neeru : are ruko yeh log hamesha mujhe chod kar chale jaate hain koyi baat nahi mien jaa kar check karti hun spot boy aaya ki nahi (hey stop these girls always leave me alone but no problem I’ll go and search for the spot boy if he is there r not?)

In aryan’s cabin
Sanchi : sir I wanted take confirmation for the new labels design Wether the when I made is perfect for the new label r not?

Aryan checks the design

Aryan : very well miss sanchi this look is perfect for our new label I like it u may proceed with your work u just have 5 more days left
Sanchi : ye sir

Sanchi is explaining aryan about her designs she will be making while our aryan is again trapped by sanchi’s cute looks (check my wall for pic )

Muskuraane ki wajah tum ho
Gungunane ki wajah tum ho
Plays in background

Scene ; at dikshit mansion

Our gorgeous Sonakshi sitting on the couch is making diet chart for her patient while Neelima comes

Nileema : what r u doing ?

Sonakshi gets up quickly

Sona : I was preparing diet chart for sunayna aunty

Nileema : oh btw don’t be scared of me sit feel free
Sona : thanks
Nileema : Sonakshi I want u to take care of my whole family’s health from tomorrow
Sonakshi : k aunty
Nileema : what aunty ? Call me dadi alright aunty is looking so weird
Sonakshi : k aunty oops! !dadi
Nileema : u r such a sweet girl and beautiful girl

Sonakshi is leaving after the long day when our aryan and Dev comes home like always our Dev is busy on phone talking to his manager and our Sonakshi is talking to her mother assuring her that she will reach home asap both are walking simultaneously from opposite sides and crash!!!!and Sonakshi looses her balance and is about to fall but Dev hold her and our Dev once again in that mode of kuch kuch hota hai
(badle se din hai
meri badli si ratien
kayi dino se meri mehki hai saansien plays in background)while here romantic scene is going on our dadi comes and her mouth drops open seeing Dev and sona like this

Aryan : ds bhai ko maine aj tak kabhi aisa kisi ladki ke saath nahi dekha(ds I have never seen bhai with any girl)
Nileema : woh toh maine bhi nahi dekha (neither did i)
Aryan : hum dono ne kya ds kisi ne nahi dekha(none has seen him like this)
Nileema : sahi keh raha hai tu(u r right )
Aryan : waisay ds apko pata hai yeh wahi ladki hai jo bhai ko us din hotel mien mili thi aur jis ke baran mien bhai apse apni feelings share kar rahe thai yeh wahi hai (btw u know what ds this only that girl who met bhai that day in the hotel and for which bhai was showing affection)

Nileema : arey wah toh yeh dono akhir mil hi gaye phor mien ne kaha tha na lekin sona toh na frat karti hai Dev se(see like I said they will meet again see now she met him as a nutritionist but sona hates dev)
Aryan : tabhi toh woh mom ki nutritionist bani hai mom ki nutritionist banney ke chakkar mien hi to woh unse nafrat karne lagi hai right ( that is y she hate bhai coz in making Dr. Sonakshi mom’s nutritionist bhai has built hatred in Sonakshi’s heart for himself)
Nileema (in loud voice );uhh u uhhu

Dev and sona realise about thier position and correct themselves and feels embarrassed seeing nileema and aryan to manage the situation our Dev speaks

Dev : apko dekh kar chalna chahiye miss Sonakshi (u should see and walk miss Sonakshi )

Sona : oh hello ap ko bhi toh dekhna chahiye tha( u could have also seen but no u were busy in your phone)

They go into an argument and nileema stops them

Nileema : galti tum dono ki nahi hai galti yeh phones ki hai tum dono kaise galti ho sakte ho(no no its not u two’s fault it’s phones fault right how can u too be wrong) ????? (She says laughing )

Dev and sona leave from their smiling while our dadi and aryan give a high figh to eo and laugh??????

Precap : komal and Abhinav gets to know about sona working at dev’s home who didn’t knew about the incident that happened with sona ,new characters introduction (suspense)

How was the episode guys plz keep reading my ff and keep commenting and also check my wall for episode pics and like them and plz ignore mistakes love u all ????????

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      Thank u so so so so so much dear love u u made my day I was feeling low due to less comments u r such a sweetie keep loving my ff and keep commenting and checking my wall love you to the moon ?????????????????

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