Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 5

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Episode 4

Scene 1; Sonakshi’s house
Sonakshi gets a call from the seven hills hospital and she is stunned to know that she has been fired she is in a very big shock just then her mom comes
Komal : sona beta kya hua tujhe tu itni hairaan pareshaan kyun ho? (Sona what happened dear u r looking so drained and worried? )

Sona : nahi kuch nahi maa bataiye ap ko kuch kaam tha?(nothing mom u say u need anything? )

Komal : haan beta woh actually tumhare dad ka is month ke ilaaj ka waqt hogaya hai? Tumhe jab time mile na mujhe batado thik he hum tab dad ke treatment ke liye jayengai aur beta tumhare paas paise toh hai na beta ya Phir km padaingay aisa kuch hai toh baat de(Yes dear actually it’s time for your dad’s treatment of this month when u get time say we will go for dad’s treatment and u have money na aur not if it’s something like ot say me )

(U all might be thinking which treatment don’t worry u will get to know and don’t get upset plz after knowing )

Sona : nahi maa ap every month aisa kyun puchte ho mujh par bhara nahi hai kya?
Komal : chal pagli chup kar tum dono betiyon par mien bharosa nahi karti hun balki tum dono hi mera bharosa ho aainda aisi baatein mat karna samjhi(shut up its not like that I don’t trust u my daughters but u r only my trust never say like that again )

Sona : thanks mom

Komal smiles and leaves
Sona’s pov;

God it’s time for dad’s cancer treatment what to do I’m fired for no reason and my this month’s income has been used what to do I have to do something and arrange money I even lied to mom that I have got money and sanchi also just joined she hardly went for a day god help me

Sona gets ready and goes to seven hills hospital and enquires about her job to Dr. Senha who is the biggest in the hospital and knows Sonakshi well
Sonakshi : Dr. Senha ap aisa kaisa kar sakte hai ap toh mujhe sabse successful Dr kehte thai na Phir aaj aisa kyun aisa kya hogaya sir ( Dr. Senha how could u do this to me u used to say me na that I’m the best now what happened )
Dr.senha : sry Sonakshi mien is mien kuch nahi kar sakta yeh board members ka decision tha aur haan mien pehle bhi kehta tha ki tum ek successful doctor ho aur aj bhi kehta hun lekin I’m sry I can’t do anything(sry Sonakshi I can’t d anything this is board members decision and I appreciated u before and I appreciate u even today but sry can’t help u)

Sonakshi leaves from there crying and upset

Sonakshi’s pov ;

I can’t give up so easily and there must be some reason behind me getting fired I know who is behind all this it’s Mr. Dikshit I didn’t agree to become his mom’s personal nutritionist so he fired me I hate u Mr. Dikshit it’s my choice what I want to do u can’t force me I will try in another hospital’s for job

Sonakshi tries in every hospital for job but everyone denies as dev warned them she comes to know from one of the hospital’s receptionist that Dev is behind all this

Sonakshi cries bitterly ????????????thinking about her job and her fathers treatment

After sometime Sonakshi calls dev’s office and says that she wants speak to dev

Sona : ap chahte kya hai haan kyun meri life mien interfere kar rahe ho ap? (What do u want y r u interfering in my life?)
Dev : what happened Dr. Sonakshi have u changed your decision? And haan let me tell that my decision is the same that u r going to be my mom’s nutritionist no matter what I can do anything for my family accept it Dr. Sonakshi or reject choice is yours

Sona : pehle ap mere saw al ka jaw ab di jiye ap samajhte kya hai apne apko haan ap kisi se uski job kaise cheen sakte hain ap hote kaun hai haan kis ne has diya apko (first u answer me Mr. Dikshit what do u think of yourself how can u take someone’s job who r u to do so who gave u the right?)

Dev : oh hold on Dr. Sonakshi firstly I’m Dev dikshit india’s leading business tycoon who can do any for his family and haan u r saying who gave me the rights to do this right but u r wrong miss Sonakshi I make others follow rights they r not meant for me b’coz I make them myself is that clear?

Sona : oh really u r such a self obsessed and egoistic guy I have ever seen ?

Dev : so coming to the point r u ready to become my mom’s nutritionist?

Sona : fine mien apki mom ki personal nutritionist banne ke liye tayaar hun (I’m ready to become your mom’s personal nutritionist

Dev : very well then come to my house ill give u the address u should be there sharp at 12:00 pm

Sona : k

Dev : good day Dr. Sonakshi

Sonakshi cuts the call disgusted

Scene; At Sonakshi’s house

Sonakshi gets ready wearing a beautiful dress ( check my wall for pics plz u will enjoy reading episode )

At dikshit mansion

Sona reaches dikshit mansion she is standing on the entrance mesmerised by the sight in front of her it is dikshit mansion(check my wall for pics) just then Dev comes down stairs seeing sona

Sonakshi : ( mutters ) Mr. Rude kahin ka

Dev : well right on time miss Sonakshi

Sona : firstly Dr. Sonakshi for u secondly I’m an organised person who knows her work very well not like u who interfers in others life

Just then everyone comes in hall seeing them

Nileema : Dev what is she doing here?
(everyone is listening to Dev carefully as if he is giving some important lecture )
Dev : ds this is Dr. Sonakshi Mittal mom’s personal nutritionist
Nileema : I also know that she is Sonakshi ne now she will be sunayna’s nutritionist then what about your job ?

Dev tries to say something but sona cuts him ans starts speaking
Sona : actually woh baat yeh hai hai aunty ki Mr. Dikshit ne mujhe apni job se fire kardiya just coz I didn’t agree to become his mom’s nutritionist
Itna hi nahi har hospital mien inho ne mujhe as a nutritionist appoint karne ke liye mana kiya hai so mere paas koyi option nahi tha air mujhe inki baat mani padhi (actually the matter is that Mr. Dikshit fired me from my job only coz I didn’t agree to become his mom’s nutritionist not only this hi even warned in each and every hospital of Mumbai that I must not be appointed )

Nileema : Dev yeh tumne bohut galat kiya how could u do this haan where have your manners been haan u shouldn’t have done this u shouldn’t have(Dev u did wrong u shouldn’t have done like that whete are your manners haan how could you do this to her )

Sunayana : maa ne sahi kaha Dev tumhe aisa nahi karna chahiye tha lekin haan tumne bohot badi galti ki hai aur iski keemat bhi chuka ni hogi tumhe( mom is right dev u should not have done so and haan u did a very big mistake so u must pay for it)
Dev : I can do anything for my family and Dr. Sonakshi is the best nutritionist in mumbai and I want everything best but how should I pay her back

Aryan : that toh Dr. Sonakshi will decide how u have to pay her back ?

Sonakshi : well then I want 1 lakh for my dad’s cancer treatment it is this week and I don’t have money coz of u coz u fired me from my job every month I used to get increement of this much amount and now as I don’t have job coz u must give me

Dev : well Dr. Sonakshi before leaving ill hand u the money

Everyone is happy that sona is sunayna’s nutritionist and they thanks sona for that day for saving sunayna

After a long day sona comes back home and goes to her and drops on her bed and is very upset with today’s incident she is sobbing thinking about and sanchi sees her and comes to her

Sanchi : di kya hua ap to kyun rahe ho ap ko hua kya hai Sab theek toh hai na subah maa keh rahi thi ki ap bohot upset thi and apne kuch khaya bhi nahi hai it seems(di y r u crying? What happened ?is everything k?mom said that u were upset and didn’t had food since morning)

Sona couldn’t control her tears that wanted share thier pain so they came down running and sona hugged sanchi tightly and cried her heart out without even uttering a word

Sanchi : di what happened? y r u crying? I can’t see u like this please say something?

Sona narrates the whole incident to sanchi
Sona : u know na from childhood my dream was to become a nutritionist I worked so hard and got a degree to become someone’s personal nutritionist my dream was fulfilled I’m the leading nutritionist of Mumbai but I never thought that I will have to face this I wanted to live my dream but that Mr. Rude beast broke my dream I hate him I hate him sona says weeping

Sanchi consoles her and calms her down and she feeds her with her hands to her dearest sister both smile and hug each other

Sona : thank u Sanchi
Sanchi : haww apne mera dil tod diya mujhe thank you keh kar “ek hi pal mien parayaa kar diya” nahi…. she says dramatically

Sona laughs?????

Sanchi : di hum dono ek doosre ke sahare ke liye hi toh hain love u di????
Sanchi pulls Sonakshi into tight hug and they sleep after sharing this sissy time?????

Episode ends

Precap : Sonakshi in dev’s arms ,sanchi is showing aryan some of her designs while aryan is admiring her (check my wall for pics )

Hey guys how was the episode plz read and comment and plz ignore mistakes love u guys keep loving mee????????????

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