Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi and archi) Episode 4


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Episode 4

Scene 1;at dikshit and sons co
(Remember aryan and dev’s office is same just sections are different )

Our two handsome and charming prince are drinking coffee together in dev’s cabin while the staff is admiring the brother’s from outside just then Tina dev’s secretary comes

Tina : sir,the day before u asked me to appoint Mumbai s leading nutritionist for your mom but she is not agreeing sir I called her many times but her answer is the same

Dev : say her that I’ll give her how much money she wants
Tina : I said her sir but she is not agreeing
Dev : go to her hospital and talk to her today itself
Tina :k sir
Aryan : Bhai till date there was no girl who rejected your offer(he says sipping his black coffee)
Dev : she didn’t talk to me she spoke with tina
Aryan : hmm( Just then aryan gets a call from ds)
On phone
Nileema : aryan come fast with Dev to seven hills hospital (She says panicking )

Aryan : Bhai ds called she is saying to come to seven hills hospital with u immediately

Dev : is everything alright
Aryan: don’t know

The duo rushes to the hospital while in the office

Tanya : yaar yeh Dev sir or aryan sir itni jaldi mien kahan jaa rahe hain(guys where did this Aryan sir and Dev sir went in such a hurry?)
Tina : pata nahi(don’t know )
Giya : (taps the shoulder of a girl beside her )Neeru kahan k ho gayi hai ?(Neeru where are u lost?)
Neeru : soncho rahi thi ki kash in dono mien se koyi ek mujhe mil jata aryan sir ya Phir Dev sir(I was thinking gash I would have aryan sir as my boyfriend or Dev sir as my boyfriend )
Tanya : khayali pulao bana na ban kar apne ap ko kabhi mirror mien dekha hai “kidhar nizaam ali aur kidhar pyaaz ki dali”??????(have u ever seen yourself in the mirror it looks like as if you are East and sir is the west)??????

Tina :bas bhi karo tum log woh hamare boss hain samjhi Sab log apne kaam karo(stop it guys they are our boss go and work)

Scene; At the hospital

Aryan and Dev reach seven hills hospital and see dadi standing with a girl outside a hospital room

Dev : ds kya hua ?(what happened? )

Nileema : woh I had to admit sunayna in hospital she was unconscious
Dev and aryan : how?
Nileema : woh actually sunayana went for shopping and she said she will be back after sometime but she didn’t come so I thought to call her but before I called someone called me and said that sunayna is unconscious and that she is going to take her to the hospital and asked me to reach thier I was shocked then when I reached the hospital the doctor told me to admit her
Nileema narrated the whole story to the brother’s
Just then doctor comes out of the room

Dev : doctor how’s mom?
Doctor :Mr. Dikshit your mom is fine now but she is still unconscious coz we have given her sleeping pills so that she gets better soon

Dev : thank u so much doctor

Doctor : u shouldn’t thank me u should thank her she is the one who saved your mom (and points towards sona)
Dev and aryan : matlab (I didn’t he u )
Nileema : I said u no beta that a stranger called me and said about your mom and took her to the hospital she is the one who did so
Doctor : itna hi nahi agar woh unhe sahi samay par medication de kar yahan nahi pohunchati toh kuch bhi ho sakta tha (he points towards Sonakshi and says )yahi hain jinhone apki maa ko bachaya she is Dr. Sonakshi Mittal hamare hospital aur Mumbai ki leading nutritionist ( not only this if she would have not given your mom medicating and brought her to the hospital then anything could have happened she is the one who saved your mom she is Dr. Sonakshi Mittal Mumbai s leading nutritionist )

(Dev and sona remember thier incident when they first met Dev realizes Tina was saying about her only and both shakes hand)

Doctor : miss Sonakshi yeh top leading business man Mr. Raj dikshit ke bete Dev dikshit ( and points towards aryan)aur yeh aryan dikshit unke chote bhai(Sonakshi this Mr. Raj dikshit son Dev and aryan Dikshit )
SONAKSHI ‘s pov: yeh “the Dev dikshit” hain matlab us din mien Mr. Dev dikshit se mili thi(he is “the Dev dikshit” whom I met the other day god I didn’t knew)
Sonakshi : ( smiles) nice to meet u
Dev : thank you so much Dr. Sonakshi pata nahi ap nahi hoti toh kya hota ?(I don’t know what would have happened if u were not thete)
Sonakshi : thanks mat kahi ye yeh toh mera farz hai I’m a doctor after all(this my duty I’m a doctor after all )
Dev : still thank u so much
After all the convos Doctor calls Dev aside
Doctor : Mr. Dikshit apki maa bohot weak hain unhe total attention or medication ki zaroorat hain unko care karne ke liye apko ek nutritionist ko appoint karna chahiye I recommend warna apki mom ki jaan ko khatra ho sakta b’coz she already has diebities warna baad mien kuch nahi ho sakta aagae apki marzi(Mr. Dikshit your mom is very week she needs rest and medication I recommend u to appoint a nutritionist for her or it will a risk for her life )

Dev gets tensed and shares this whole incident with his ds while our aryan takes sunayna home
Dev is still in hospital others leave, Dev goes to Sonakshi’s cabin where Sonakshi is attending a patient nurse comes and says that Dev has come to meet her she attends the patient and calls Dev in her cabin

Sonakshi : come in Mr. Dikshit

Dev : I wanted to ask u something
Sona : plz say
Dev : can u be my mom’s nutritionist until she gets well my secretary had talked with u earlier many times in this case but u denied
Sona : I’m sry Mr. Dikshit but mien apki maa ke liye kaam nahi kar sakti haan ap unko mere paas daily check up ke liye la sakte hain(I’m sry but I can’t work for your motherbut I can do her treatment here if u bring her weekly)

Dev : try to understand miss Sonakshi my mother needs your attention and medication plz
Sonakshi : I’m sry Mr. Dikshit u also try to understand
Dev : fine I’ll give you double the salary u get from here

Sonakshi : it’s not about money

Dev : then ill give u thrice
Sonakshi : what do u think of yourself Mr. Dikshit mien bikao nahi hun jo ap meri ki mat laga rahe hain paisa har cheez nahi hoti paise se Sab kuch nahi kari da ja sakta hai( what do u think of yourself haan I’m not a thing that u will sell me in some prize money can’t buy everything )

Dev : money can buy anything and everything
Sonakshi : no 1 day u will see Mr. Dikshit where money can’t but you which u adore the most

Dev : anything I keep hand on becomes mine
Sona : plz mera tym waste mat ki jiye mere patients wait kar rahe hain u may leave (don’t waist my time my patients are waitingfor me u nmay leave )

Dev leaves angry and disappointed

Scene : at office

Aryan reaches office after dropping his mom home and making her rest while our sanchi is in her cabin

Aryan calls Tanya and says her to send sanchi to his cabin sanchi comes to aryan’s cabin
Sanchi comes wearing a beautiful dress (check my wall for pics )Aryan is just looking at her sanchi feels shy her cheeks go crimson red then to break the awkward silence she asks

Sanchi : may I come in sir?

Aryan : ya actually I wanted to inform you that we have to launch a new fashion label and I want u to ready the designs u have 1 week in 1 week I need all your designs completed and checked is that clear miss sanchi
Sanchi : yes sir I’ll start the work today itself
Aryan : yes if u want any help as you are new u can take help of Tina she will guide u

Sanchi : thank u sir

Sanchi leaves

Tanya and others see this and are gossiping
Tanya : god sir ko dekha tum Sab ne sanchi ko kaise dekh rahe thai
Neeru : sir angry thai hongay na
Tanya : aisa kuch bhi nahi hai mien me dekha sir us newbie ko is tarah dekh rahe thai jaise woh dono lovers hain

Giya : woh newbie ko hum aryan sir se door rakhengai
Tanya : sahi kaha
Scene :at dikshit mansion

Dev’s pov;
How dare she insulted me who is she to even talk toe now wait and watch Dr. Sonakshi what money can do

Dev calls the board head member of seven hills and says them to give sonakshi resignation they say him that she is a leading nutritionist how can we do so Dev says them that if they don’t do so they will also get resignation .He also calls other hospitals and says them not to appoint Sonakshi

The episode ends on Dev smirking

Precap : Sonakshi agrees to work for dev’s mom. Aryan loves sanchi’s designs sketch

Hi guys how was the episode? I wrote a long one so that u guys enjoy plz read and comment and keep supporting me

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