Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The colour of love Faded from My Life Chapter 7~Sona’s Griefstricken St

Sonakshi’s POV:
Thank god. Samaira is here. Samaira Sen is the top most woman entrepreneur in business world. I call her Sam. She is my best friend, the weird sis, cute companion. She was the one who held me when I broke down 3 years ago.
We left the office after their board meeting and we left for our home.
Only I knew how I held myself till reaching home. She knew once I entered my room and I got her shoulder as a suulpport I am just going to make my eyes red crying myself out. I really needed some one. I wanted it to be Dev. But it wasn’t so.

We reached home.
I went to my room followed by her. I locked myself into washroom.

“Sona….Sona…Ki korchi tu??… Darwaza khol!!! Mai hoo na” she said trying to console me.
I went to the basin and turned on the tap and took handful of water and splashed it on her face.

“Sona… Dekh mai hoon…Dada hain… Mashi maisho ka ashirvaad hai…Sab theek ho jayega”

But I didn’t pay heed to any of her talks. Just past was coming in front of me.

I stood below shower and turned it on. Water droplets striked my skin as needles. Water splashed on my skin making me chilled. I forgot to switch on the geyser. And it’s still Feburary month going on. I didn’t care. What just mattered to me was my grief.
I was bertrayed by him not by his questioning me but by him not supporting me.

“Bas sona…. dekh ab bhar aa ja…..isse pehle ki mai tujhpe gussa karoon.” But still I didn’t open it. Now my hands started to freeze. I wasn’t able to move. I wished I would die today….. I wish if I could just free myself from all this pain.
But I was wrong. I heard some clicking noise. I was sure Sammy was trying to unbolt it. Now my legs also started giving up.

Suddenly the door flung open. I didn’t move only gaze shifted.
“SONA!!!” Shouted Sammy seeing me in my most vulnerable state.
“Ye sab kya hai… Tu theek hai na..” she said with that motherly concern I had been craving for. She switched off the tap and took me. I was walking like a lifeless body. Her arms gripped me tightly from my shoulders. She made me sit on my bed. She brought a towel and wiped my hair. And tried to dry my clothes as I wasn’t in any condition to do it myself. Though my eyes were wide open, it seemed like I had long back gone to a deep sleep. A sleep from where nobody could revive me back. She held me and took me downstairs towards kitchen. She made me sit on dining table near kitchen and prepared coffee. I could sense aroma but it wasn’t sufficient to revive my enthusiasm back.

She brought coffee to me. And handed me over. I took it with utmost difficulty. But I took it. She came near me and took me in sisterly embrace.
I closed my eyes. After three years of struggle I was successful in managing an embrace from Sammy. I needed it. I needed rest now. Noways, I couldn’t get over it. I did not had energy to fight against him or my fate. That was the last thought I got into my brain as darkness overpowered my vision.
“Sona..Sona…” I could hear faintly as I found myself going far from all these worldly things. And only complete silence.

Sam’s POV:
I hugged her tightly because I knew what she was going through. She was all alone and I couldn’t leave her. If maashi maisho would have been there they must have done same.
As I was thinking this, I felt no movement from Sona. It was weird. Atleast till now she was kind of sobbing. But now not even that. Suddenly I heard the cup falling and smashing into pieces. I was startled and found Sona with her closed eyes. I saw her with her eyes closed and just leant her against chair. But as soon as I left her hand she hung like a lifeless body. As though she isn’t sleeping but unconscious. And then it struck me. I tried waking her up.
“Sona…Sona…Uth Sona…” I kept my cup of coffee aside. And I gave her support by keeping her arms on my shoulders. With utmost difficulty, I took her to the room. I made her lie on her queen sized bed. She was all pale and weak. I then realised that these 3 years of her  exposure with fate had made her dull and weak and fragile. Because this is not my Sona… My Sona…. Was so hearty…. No danger could ever touch her–why??? Because even death would fall for her smile, for her innocence, for her will power. But the body lying here was Sonakshi….. With no guts to bear anything….!!!
I covered her with her duvet and sat beside her caressing her hair.

“Sona… Ye kya haalat Bana Li hai tune apni… Ye meri Sona nahi hai…Hey Durge maa… Meri Sona lauta do mujhe…” And tears found a way out from my eyes. Because laying like a corpse with life was my own sister. I called doctor but he was unavailable at that time. But he instructed me some ways to guess what actually happened to her. I then found out that besides suffering from high fever, she also had lose her hopes on living. She was waiting to die.

I brought cold water and treated a cloth with it and then placed it on her forehead to decrease her fever. After sometime, I took to couch and slept unknowingly.

I woke up next day. Remembering the past night’s incident, I went to check Sona. I touched her forehead bit to no avail. She was burning as such.
Doctor came within an hour. I stood quite tensed.

“Ms Sen. I think your sister has been stress since quite a long time. Isn’t it??”

“Well doctor, yes kind of.”

“She is not only burning for fever but also has left her hope to live. It seems the reason to live has died. ”
“Doctor but there would be a way out to it. I can’t see her like this.” I said helplessly.

“Well Ms Sen yes there is. Please call the person you feel your sister is most comfortable with. She is mumbling something like(bringing his ear near to her lips) Di..Dix..Dixit…!! Ya something like Dixit. You call whosoever…Is this Dixit.”

I gave him a fake smile”yes doctor”

“I have prescribed this course. Kindly take it and purchase medicines. Allow her to rest and take care.”

And I dropped dr outside and thanked him for coming.
“Dixit… Sona mujhe pata hai ki tu kuch bhi kahe kuch bhi bole….. Tu aaj bhi uss bandhan mai bandhi hai…Us rishte mai… shaadi ke bandhan mai. Tu Apne mr Dixit Ko ussi shidsat se apna pati manti hai jitna 3 saal pehle manti hai.”
I held her hand and kissed her.
“In 3 saalon ne tujhe apne aap se to door kar diya… Par Apne pati se Apne Dev se aur Apne pyaar se door ye 3 saal ka fasla nahi kar paya…..”
And then it struck to me to call Dev to revive Sona back. I was never against Dev or Sonakshi. It was just the situation that were at fault. But still being Sona’s sister, I was bit partial to her. I took Sona’s phone, smiled at it and called her Mr Dixit.

Dev’s POV:
It’s morning now. But I didn’t forget ms sen and ms Bose hugging each other. I was still confused that what relation they shared. I reached office. I don’t know why but I am feeling restless today. I wasn’t able to sleep yesterday night. Only thoughts of Sona were coming. I don’t know but why I feel if she is in some danger. However she has become such a tigeress that no danger.
Suddenly my phone Beeped. It’s from an unknown no. But the Truecaller app shows it to be from Samaira. I wondered which Samaira.
I recieved the call.

Sam: hello Dev???
Me: yes it’s me. May I know who is this???
Sam: I am Samaira. Samaira Sen.
Me: mam, yes… Actually ms Bose hasn’t….
Sam: I know she isn’t in office today.
Me: so??? Actually she told me to bring…..
Sam: will you stop acting Dev. I am Samaira. Sona’s cousin. She is suffering from high fever and she is not responding. She is as dead as corpse.

Me: What??? Sona…How…Kaisi hai vo..mai…aa Raha hoon..Kahan..Kab Kaise…Kabse…

Sam: wait Dev. Bose mansion, Sujata colony, opp Arya mandir, new Delhi.

Me: I’ll be there.

I disconnected the call and took my phone and keys and rushed out.
I reached Bose Mansion. I rung door bell continuously. Suddenly door opened. It’s Samaira.
“Dev jaldi chalo….. Sona….” As she was saying in her terrified accent. I rushed. She directed me… I went upstairs taking two at a same time to reach faster. I flung open the door. To find my Sona. Mrs Sonakshi Dixit lying there. Pale and weak. As dead as corpse. I was in utter shock.

“Sona…”I just whispered.
I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“Haa.. Dev tumhari Sona. Jaao. Usse tumhari zaroorat hai. Usse marne se bacha lo” it was Samaira.
I took baby steps.
I looked at Sam hesitantly. She understood my gesture.

“Mr Dixit, I am going to office. So now it’s your responsibility to take care of your wife.” She said stressing on word WIFE. I complied with a nod agreeing and she left. And now we were there alone.

I approached her. Slowly. My heart  skipped a beat. Since I met her I never noticed that she had become so weak in in these three years. She was showing herself strong. But I couldn’t see the battle she had been fighting since the moment we separated. I saw that she has become a rude boss. But I didn’t see that she is still polite Sona. I saw that she stood on her own to dominate business world. But I didn’t see that she had broken down in her married world. Her life was not a heaven but a woeful hell.

I came near her sat beside her and took her hand.
“To Ms Sonakshi Bose” I gulped and my throat became dry. “Aap hai the Ms Bose. Aap me bahot dave kiye the. Aap strong hai, strong will power waali hain, aapko iss duniya ki koi bhi taqat hara nahi sakti. To aaj kya hua??? Aaj aapko sirf apke halaat ne hara diya hai. Kyon Sonakshi. Mai jaanta hoon ki aap toot chuki hai. Maine bhi Apne aap ko bahot mushkilon se bandhe rakha hai.
Yaad hai jab aap mujhse pehli baar mili thi. Aapne kaha tha.

Kamzor vo hota hai jo ye Maan leta hai. Jisne kabhi haar hi nahi maani vo bhala kaise kamzor ho sakta hai. Sonakshi Bose ne na to kismat se harna sikha hai aur na halaton se.

Kyon yaad hai na ms Bose??? Aap ne kaha tha. Mere hone ya na hone se agar aapko koi farak hi nahi padta. To iss rishte ke hone se kyon??? Bhool jaiye mujhe hamesha ke liye.
Vapas aana to aapko padega. Mere liye nahi. Humare liye bhi nahi. Apne maa baba ke liye aana padega aapko. Unke sapne ke liye. Aapne mukaam ke liye. Merse badla Lene ke liye aana padega.” I just blurted all out. Now I wasn’t able to hold myself… Tears found a way out seeing her condition.
She did not responded. I left her hand and placed wet cloth on her forehead. But still she did not wake up.

Sonakshi’s POV:
I did not know what was happening. I opened up my eyes very slowly. I was feeling heavy. I woke up to find myself in darkness. I couldn’t see a thing. I just experienced darkness. I was trying to move without disbalancing. Suddenly an ample amount of light came. I saw the direction and found a door there. I started walking in the direction. There was wind blowing which hit my face. I moved slowly towards the door. As I reached the last step, I saw a mesmerizing view across that view. It was a heavenly garden. And too my utter shock I found my mom and dad there. They came near me. I was in tears.

I was about to cross the doorstep to hug them. But someone held my hand.
I tried to move without looking back but some force was stoping me. I turned . There was somebody standing in darkness. But was not visible. Maybe due to exposure darkness at once. The person slowly came forward.

“Kafanon mai to sirf laash Hoti hai
Rooh to Dil mai basti hai
Mai un Dilon ki dhadkan hoon jo dhadak nahi jee rahein hai
Halaton me hamesha hi mujhe jeena sikhaya hai
Marna to mere khoon mai hai hi nahi
Safar pe jo saath chalkar Hume ek nayi Manzil dikhaaye……
Aisa hote hai Humsafar…..
Aur ek aise Humsafar ka intezaar kar rahi hoon main…..”

I heard these lines. These are my lines. I remember saying them to …..Them to… Dev!!! So it’s…..

“To app uss humsafar Ko bina liye hi chale jaayengi” the person comes into light. His face is revealed. He is Dev.

“Sonakshi…. Aap kahan jaa rahi hain…”
She turns to see her parents going.
” Dev chodiye mujhe… Mujhe Jaana hoga…Maa…Baba…. Dev leave me.”
Dev leaves her. She sees her parents stop and turn.” Sona….Abhi nahi… Abhi to tujhe humare sapne pure karne hai….Jaa Sona…”says her parents.

“Par maa…Baba…” She says but they vanish….

“Sonakshi…. Chalo vapas…”
“Dev nahi…Mai nahi chal sakti. Mai bahot door as chuki hoon.”

“Aur mai aapko le Jane aaya hoon.”
“Dev please.”
“Sonakshi….Aap to kehti thi ki halaat aapko haraa nahi sakte…. To aaj kyon haar gayi aap. Aap mujhe sahi Sabir kar rahi hai!!”

“Dev….Mai haari nahi….Thak gayi hoon.” I now started sobbing. “Aap Ko kya pata Dev. Kaisa hota hai jeena apnon ke Bina. Mere jaane ke baad aap ke paas maa thi ,Riya , Niki, Neha di thi, Vicky bhaiya the, mama ji….. Sab the. Par mere paas Kaun tha…. Sirf mere maa baba….. Unhe bhi Bhagwan be mujhse door kar diya. Mai bilkul Akeli hoon Mr Dev Dixit. Kiske liye jiyoon….??? Pal pal Marti hoon…..Isse acha ki mai ek Baar mai hi….” As I was saying this I felt a hand on my mouth.

“Aisa kabhi mat kahiyega, Sonakshi. Mai aapki nafrat seh sakta hoon. Aapki naraazgi bhi seh sakta hoon. Par aapko kuch ho gaya na to mai nahi seh paaunga” he said with tears brimming in his eyes.

A tear dropped. I knew that he had done so wrong to me. But still my heart was under his control. I never loved him. But also I wasn’t able to hate him. But I have to. I turned back.

“Mr Dixit… Aap jaiye….”

“Ms Bose… Mai nahi jaaunga. Aapko apke maa baba ki Kasam…. Apko chalna padega.”
He said with smirk.

“Ma baba ki Kasam…..” I said disbelievingly.

But he dramatically started” Par koi baat nahi agar aapko nahi aana chahti to…”

“Mai aa rahi hoon” I agreed to go. Once more I had to face life. Again I came back. He took me in his arms. And started walking. I don’t know but slowly I drifted to sleep. And I don’t know what happened.

Dev’s POV:
I was waiting for her to wake up.
Disappointed, I stood to leave but I realised a force stopping me. It was sonakshi’s hand. She was still unconscious but I could feel her mouth mumbling.

“Paaa…. Paani….Paani…” She said in a whisper.

I quickly took a glass of water. I made her sit a little with support of pillows.
Supporting her one of shoulders with hand, I made her drink water. Soon she satisfies her thirst and again slid down.

I stood up and took my phone out to call Samaira and I turned to go.

Sonakshi called out. First time after our meeting, she called me by the name. I closed my eyes savouring the moment. I turned back.

“Sona…Aap ne mujhe…..”
“Dev” she tried to get up but disbalancing herself.
“Sona…!!!” I shreiked in fear and held her.”dhyaan se… Lag jaati to??”
“Dev lag chuki hai….Bahot pehle… Aur vo ghav na kisiko dikh sakta hai na bhar sakta hai” I said intently staring in his deep black eyes.

(Unchue sapne mere plays)
Unchue the sapne mere
Tune chu liye
Chupke chupke dil mai aaya
Tu jadoo liye

Teri ho gayi hoon
Tujhko pata bhi to ho
Mere pyaar mai
teri razaa bhi to ho

Pehli dafa hai
Ki mujhme tu chalka hai
Pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu chalka hai
Mere rangon mai kuch Rang hain tere jaise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

(Both share an eyelock. Both trying to move deep inside one other through their eyes)

Precap: Lots of Devakshi moments. Dev taking care of Sona.
Confrontation of Samaira with Dev!!! Think what will happen. What is Sam planning for Devakshi!!? Why is Sona… Not in rude Ms Bose Avatar… What has happened to her???

Hello readers. This is the next episode. I know you were all waiting for this episode. Thank you for such a great response to my story. I wanted to ask you one thing. I am planning to reveal Devakshi past in coming episodes. There will be almost 15-20 episodes on their past. So should I continue like that or you want something else. Please comment and suggest if you have any ideas. I would be grateful if u do so. If you want something else I would introduce that accordingly.
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