Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The colour of love Faded from My Life Chapter 6~The Weird Entry

Sonakshi’s POV:
Thus, taking the determined decision, I turned to give a smile to my ma baba only to find them gone. My expression changed to one of worry. It was then I realised I had seen just one of the dream where my parents encouraged me. My parents -my ma baba had long left me because of him. They could console me but not hug me. They could give me the feeling of their presence but could not come. This gives me the best reason to revenge him. I hate him to infinity. For sure. From my core.
Thinking so I laid my head leaning against bedpost. My gaze stuck on wall clock which showed 4:30 am and still no hint of sleep ever hit me. My eyes were wide open seeing my own condition. I was really a living corpse. What had I done so as to suffer so much. I gradually closed my eyes and I never knew how finally sleep overtook these thoughts.

Dev’s POV:
As I was thinking about my mission, my phone started beeping. Across the screen flashed the name NEHA. I picked it up.

Neha: Hello bhai???
Me: Haan bol Neha.
Neha: Bhai mai, maa, Riya aur Nikki yahan Khanna uncle ki beti ki shaadi mai aaye hain. Aaj yahin rukenge.
Me: Accha thik hai.
Neha : Acha bhai, Mami Vicky aur mamaji bhi bahar Gaye hain. To maa keh rahi thi khaana time pe khaa lena ….Samjhe bhai??
Me: Haan meri maa…Khaloonga. (smiles) Ab phn rakh aur enjoy kar byee.
Neha: OHk bhai. Byee!!!
I disconnected the call. I took to my bed and slept. Afterall from tomorrow I was on a great mission. It was not going to be easy to bring out Mrs Dixit from Ms. Sonakshi Bejoy Bose.

Sonakshi’s POV:
Next day my eyes opened and as I lifted up myself, I felt a sudden pain in my neck. I realised that I had slept in an upright position and now I wasn’t able to move myself a bit. Anyhow I raised myself upto my bedside drawer and took a balm out. I tried to apply it but wasn’t able to. Suddenly I got a memory afresh.
All the preparations are going in Dixit Mansion. A lady in her mid 40’s come and calls out everyone. Her face is revealed. She is Ishwari Dixit.

“Nikki, Riya, Neha, Dev, Sonakshi…kahan gaye sab???”

” Haaye jiji. Kya hua… Ab itna chilla kyu rahi hain aap??” Comes Radharani– our villanous Mamiji.

“Maa, kya hua??”
“Haan maa…Sab theek to hai??”
“Maa chilla kyon rahe ho??” Asked all the three sisters headed by Nikki, Neha and Riya.

” Arre ghar mai Pooja hai aur tum sab ….. kya kar rahe ho??”

“Maa par..” As Neha is about to say something. She is cut off by other two voices.
” Maa, sab ho gaya hai. Tu tension kyu le rahi hai??”, It’s Dev.

” Ji Maa, sab ho gaya hai…aur…”
Sonakshi is saying when Radharani pokes her nose.

” Aae bengalan!! Tujhse kisi ne kuch pucha hai kya. Bolti Rehti hai… bak bak…”

“Mamiji, Ms Bose kuch kehna rahi hai. Uski baat sunniye. Kaatiye mat”, Dev warns her.
” Haan bhabhi sunniye na.” Requests Ishwari.

“Maa to mithai waale aa gayein hain. Mithai mai mitha aur banane ka tareeka maine unhe bata diya hai…… Pandit ji bas 15 minute mai pahunch rahe hai. Aur Pooja samagri mai khareed kar le aayi hoon (signalling a person) bhaiya yahan rakhiye.. Haan bas. Aur maa bhog ka Prasad aadhe ghante mai taiyaar ho jayega. Poojariyo ke daan ki saari taiyariyan Neha aur Riya dekh rhe hain aur Nikki sab ko taiyyar karegi. Dev decorations dekh rahe hain….” All gape at Sonakshi as she says all this in one go and manages everything.

” Sonakshi tumne to sab sambhaliya to ab mai aur bhabhi kya karein.??”

“Maa, Mamiji aap araam kariye”. She smiles to both of them. They comply and everybody gets busy with the work.

Meanwhile extra carpets needed for occassion are brought. Seeing no-one around, Sona gets to take them in. She is bringing them in. They are quite heavy. She wearing having many things in her hand and gets disbalances. Meanwhile Dev comes and sees this. He is shocked. Sonakshi falls and all carpets are on her. The heavy carpets fall on her back thus forcing her to squeak”Ouch!!”

“Ms Bose” calls Dev thus drawing everybody’s attention. He with help of workers remove the carpets and makes her stand. Her back is aching and she isn’t able to move.

“Dev sorry. Mai nahi chal Paa rhi”
“Ms Bose ek Baar try to kariye.”
She gets up and tries to walk but due to pressure of carpets, she isn’t able to. And just falls down when dev holds her palms.
He carries her in his arms and she encircles her hand around his neck.

” Dev tu lejaa isse. Yahan par hum Sambhal lenge”
Ishwari assures him.

He keeps her on bed. He goes to get water. While Sonakshi with difficulty takes an ointment from nearby drawer. She tries to apply it but is not able to. Dev turns and sees it. He rushes.
“Laaiye Ms Bose, mai laga details hoon.”says Dev forwarding his hand.

“Rehne dijiye, Dev. Mai laga loongi”

” Ms Bose, Zid mat kariye laaiye.”
“Mr Dixit…”
“Ms Bose….Dijiye” he says warningly.
And she gives the ointment. He indicates her to tilt. She does so. Now sonakshi’s back is facing Dev. Dev hesitantly shifts her hair on one side. She has worn blouse with a zip. He unzips the blouse little, takes ointment and starts applying on her neck. As soon as his fingers touches her back, she closed her eyes. She doesn’t want to but is able to feel. His touch has made her restless. She clutches her dress. (Unchue sapne mere plays)

Unchue the sapne mere
Tune chu liye
Chupke chupke Dil mai aaya
Tu jaadu liye
Teri ho gayi
Tujhko pata bhi to ho
Mere pyaar mai
Teri Raza bhi to ho
(Sonakshi’s gaze averts to Dev’s. He applies ointment while she sees him with all love. A tear rolls down while Dev is applying ointment. Wind blows and his hair flow and she smiles)
Pehli Dafa hai ki tu
Mujhme jhalka hai
Pehli dafa hai ki tu
Mujhme chalka hai
Mere rangon mai kuch
Rang hai mere jaise bhi
( Now, Dev also sees Sonakshi while applying ointment. Both share an eyelock. Both are lost)
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi!!
( Both break their eyelock. Dev zips her blouse back and makes her lay on bed over pillow. While she averts her gaze and is feeling embarassed. They both feel awkward and again their eyes meet. And they smile)
Flashback Ends
I comes back to reality with sweat beads on my forehead. I find that my back pain has reduced and I dropped the idea of applying ointment. It was then I realised that I’m already late. It’s 9:30. I freshen up and leaves for office.

Dev’s POV:
I reached office but found her cabin empty. I was determined in taking her with me. But I knew whether she was Mrs Dixit or Ms Bose, she was really stubborn Sona. So it was a tough thing. I entered the board room. And found all seats occupied except two– one kept to next of Ms Bose’s. I wondered. Why two???? I occupied the next seat to that of Sonakshi.

Just then she entered and we stood on her arrival and said good morning. She is the head of board meeting.

” Hello board members. A very good morning. Before starting to days meeting I would like to introduce you to a new member and co-chair person of this board council. So welcome Ms. Samaira Sen the new co-head of this board.” She smiled and shifted her gaze towards door. Somebody opened the door. A young lady almost of Ms Bose’s age. She looked at her. And Ms Bose blinked indicating her to enter. She entered. With slow and calm steps. The tapping of heels could be heard. We kindly shifted our gaze.
“So meet my new partner– Ms Samaira Sen”. We all clapped for her. Her nervousness suddenly vanished. She came near us. She saw all of us. But as soon as she saw me, her expression changed. She gulped her throat and saw back at Ms Bose. She smiled and when she realised what Ms Sen actually wanted to say, she just diverted the topic– “So from today, infact now all the meetings will be held by Samaira. Is that fine Ms Sen??”
She nodded. And Ms Bose exited. We had a smooth meeting with Ms Sen. And we moved out.

She left and I also came out. She headed towards Ms Bose’s room. I just followed her secretly. I don’t know why. And then what I saw just left me amazed.
She hugged her tightly and they both smiled
Precap:- Samaira….. Who is she?? The revelation of relation of Sona with Samaira
Sorry readers!!! I know all of you are ready with your weapons to kill me. But guys I have preboard and I am little packed with it. Anyways I am also writing another book. Tere Mere Rishte is a book based on love after arranged marriage. So do view it friends. I hope you all like it.
The next update would be sooner. So keep reading and keep smiling. Do vote and comment!!!❣❣❣????

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