Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The colour of love Faded from My Life Chapter 5~WELCOME BACK MRS DIXIT

Sonakshi’s POV:
I reached home. I was a lifeless body. I felt so so weak. Why did he return? It was all so simple without him. I had just got over my heart and now I felt again my heart empowering my mind. I opened my door. I felt as though I have been walking for ages and now came to a halt. I wished I wasn’t strong. I wish I was weak. And I wish and wish and wish…..

I went to my room. I don’t know why but I felt the awkward peace at my heart which I wanted since last three years.

I kept my belongings in the table and switched off my phone. I went out my bed and leant my head against the bed post and closed my eyes. Soon I reached back to lane of memories. I knew the truth that u couldn’t erase these memories. But I could avoid them.
A huge building is shown. Beautifully decorated stating: Vivaah Open Garden Party Plt and Banquet Hall. A heart shaped poster hanging with words:
Sonakshi weds Devrath

The sacred traditional marriage hymns (Mantra) can be heard. The pavilion is fully decorated in open air . The prieat is setting things for yagya and two seats are kept: preferably for groom and bride. All guests have arrived. And slowly some girls bring the bride. The bride is shown in bright red lehenga , an off white blouse and a netted chunri and a seperate cloth over her head. She is shown coming. Her eyes are deep brownish black in colour– captivating each gaze. Her hands on her lehenga so as to balance it while walking. Her eyes with deep mascara and a beautiful stroke of eyeliner. The kajal made her more beautiful than ever. She wore the traditional heavy jewellery and maangtika with a very big nath.

On the other side, the groom is also shown. He is in his off white and red shervani and an elegant turban. Entering like a prince on his horse. He nears pavilion. He approaches bride. She shows and turns as red as the cherry. He takes her in his arms in front of everyone and ushers her to pavilion, as it is one of the rituals. Then after some rituals,  an aged man comes takes hand of bride and keep it on groom’s hand. Thus signifying that from now on bride is responsibility of the groom. The faces are not yet revealed. The bride smiles showing her white teeth while groom smiles. He keeps his hand on hers and…. And suddenly everything goes blurred.
I wake up with a sudden jerk. With unknown tears in my eyes. I have sweat beads on my forehead. My eyes swollen as if I would have cried since a long time. My head was paining deeply. I couldn’t move. I took my duvet and sunk under it feeling it’s warmth and coziness. I wasn’t sleepy at all. I felt as if my head would bursts into pieces..!!!! I just turned here and there. My head was so heavy and unfortunately there was no tablet for headache at my home. . So I just took out balm and applied it.

Dev’s POV:
There is nobody at home. I was alone. After 3 years, I feel to eat, sleep enjoy my life. Her presence– the very thought of presence make me lively. But I know she hates from core of her heart and she should but all I can have now is hope. Hope for the best..!!

And I know that now that she has become the real Sonakshi Bose she is the real tigress. Either she will win or others.
Just then I heard door bell ringing. I approached  the door and opened it. I was so shocked to see the visitor. It was sona. My sona. My life.

“Sona… ummm….I mean….Dr Sonakshi Bose..aap yahan??”
“Sonakshi Bose???” She said utterly confused perplexing me more. ” Dev!!!!” The name prompted in my ears. I savoured the feeling of being addressed as Dev. Not Mr Dixit. ” Aap Mera Naam bhool gaye hain kya???? Baar baar Dr Sonakshi Bose kyo bol rahe hain???” She said giving a little smile.

She just looked so beautiful. In her yellow saree with a black embroidery. She wore a couple of bracelets and two elegant earrings. And I was hell shocked when I realized that she had applied vermilion in her hairline. I was so happy but shocked at this change.

” Sonakshi..…par aap to office mai….Dr Sonakshi Bose…..aur yahan par….”

” Acha aap Apni office wali Sonakshi samajh rahe hain mujhe. Arre nahi dev. Vo to Sonakshi Bose hai par mai to Sons Dev Dixit Hoon. Vo ek boss hai par mai ek patni.”

“Haan par Vo aur aap to ek hi hai na to….”
” Nahi Dev.……afsos ki baat hai dev ki kabhi sona aur Sonakshi ek the. Balki 3 saal pehle tak Sonakshi to Kisi ne dekhi hi nahi. Sabne to sirf sona dekhi. Kyon ki usse kabhi Sonakshi banna hi nahi pada. Hasti khelti sona. Jo sab par vishwaas kiya Karti thi. Par aapki uss galti ne mujhe aur Sonakshi ko door kar diya. Ab Vo sirf zinda laash hai kyunki uski aatma yaani mai to uske paas  hun hi nahi!!! Aapko us Sonakshi ke andar ek Sona vapas lani hai. Aapko apkin Sona Ko jagana hai.

Aapko jagaana hi padega.” A tear dropped from her eye. ” Varna mai aapke paas for kabhi bhi AA paungi”.I just took step forward to touch it and closed my eyes and wiped her tears and opened my eyes to find no-one there…. But she was just there……in yellow robe. Where did she go?? And why????The colour that suited her best!!!
And I gaped here and there but no-one was there. My heart pained so much.

Sonakshi’s POV:
My head was churning like a wheel. And I was so unable to sleep. I was not able  to even rest. I took off blanket over me. And I went bear window. Suddenly breeze started blowing. Directly hitting my face and I closed my eyes. And I opened it to cherish the feeling. A small curve appeared on my lips and I shifted the gaze to the round white figure. The moon. The calm and cozy. I closed my eyes.

Dev’s POV:
I felt so restless sensing her absence. Just then I heard the wheezing sound of breeze. I went near the window. I looked up to find that round moon staring back at me. It had been my companion in these years. Her best friend. So cool and calm. Just then I could see a flashback in front of me. I closed my eyes.
A large lawn is shown with sofa set. A couple is sitting. The man in his black shirt and trousers. And the lady in plain orange kurti and pyjyama. The faces are revealed to be that of Dev and Sonakshi.

Dev is working on laptop while Sonakshi brings coffee for him.
” Dev aapki coffee.” And she hands it over to him.
“Thank you Ms Bose”
She sits there and looks into the sky deeply. A cool breeze started blowing.
Dev who is working on laptop sips coffee and cherish it’s authentic taste.
” Vaise Ms Bose, aapke Jaisi coffee koi aur nahi bana sakta. Bahot tasty hai”
Dev turns his gaze on to her finding her staring upto the sky.

“Ye aap kya dekh rahi hai???”
“Mai chand Ko dekh rhi hoon”
“Ms Bose common. Isme dekhne jaisa kya hai. Chand hi to hai ”
” Aap rehne dijiye Dev. Aap nahi samjhenge. Chand to itna Sheetal hota hai ji duster ke mann Ko thanda kar de. Saare zakhmon ka ilaaj hai chaand.”
“Acha…” He says sarcastically.
” Acha aapko pata hai Chand sirf ek hi kyoun hai is dharti par?? And please koi scientific reason -rotation ya revolution- nahi!!!”

“Nahi Sonakshi for to nahi pata.”
“Ye chaand ek isliye hai taki agar do pyaar karnewalon mai  dooriyan ho to vo ek ki feelings dusre tak pahucha sake. Taki vo dono Ko ek doosre ke kaarib hone ka ehsaas dila sake.” She smiles and he makes faces. But both are happy from within. Both see each other and then share an eyelock. Breeze blows thus blowing her duppata and hair. ( KRPKAB Title song plays in background)

Ohhhh ohho ohhhoooo
Paglein se din hai
Meri Badli si raatein
Kahi Dino se meri
Behki hai saansein

Pehli dafa hai mujhme tu jhalka hai.
Pehhhhli dafa hai mujhme tu chalka hai.
Kuch rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi!!

Meri duniya mai that mai Apne hi dhyaan mai.
Meri duniya mai that mai Apne hi dhyaan mai.
Kuch to badal gaya hai mere aasman mai
Aise kyu kaise kyu kya ho gaya
Kuch khoobsurat sa dil ko ho gaya

Pehli dafa hai mujhme tu jhalka hai.
Pehhhhli dafa hai mujhme tu chalka hai.
Kuch rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi!!
Flashback Ends!
Sonakshi’s POV:
I opened my eyes. I saw that flash back. Just as if I was cherishing the moment. All these fbs. I wish I could just Undo all the things and lead my life as Dr Sonakshi Bose. I wish. I had tears in my eyes. I wish I could kill the Sona in me. I wish if I could be as ruthless as I can be but I don’t know I can’t. I can’t be that obhodro that he was 3 years before. I sidelined all my thoughts and turned to get the biggest shock of my life.

Ma Baba were standing there. But how could they?? They can’t be here. Because….Because…They expired in an accident 2 years before.
Now I couldn’t control the tears .
“M-ma….B-ba-baba” I spiller out.
” Sona beta.”
I had craved to listen this word beta from them. I just ran and hugged them tightly as I could. They hugged me back. Soon, they tried to break hug. But I stuck to them so tightly. ” Acha Sona listen to me.” Said baba.
“No baba I will not let you go anywhere. Why did you leave me. I need your support.”
“We are always with you. In your heart and your thoughts.” They did finally breaking hug.
“Beta go and sleep. From tomorrow you have to fight a long battle– battle of heart against your mind. The battle of emotions. The battle of your outer frame against your inner self. The battle of your love against your revenge!!!”
I turned my face against them.

” Ma baba Jung to shuru ho chuki hai. Shuruat Mr Dev Dixit khatam Sonakshi Bose karegi!” She folds her hand around her chest.

Dev’s POV:
I was standing near window and feeling breeze. Still shocked where did Sona go. But now I had a new mission in my priority list.
Mission Welcome Back Mrs Dixit
I had a huge grin on my lips and my heart just skipped a beat. From tomorrow a new chapter was going to start. She has bore a lot because of me. Now it’s my turn. Now I will see Ms Bose. Which force in this world stops you from becoming Mrs Dixit!! Just wait and watch. He slips his palms into his pockets of his trousers.The screen splits showing determined faces of Deva nad Sonakshi. Waqt ne Kiya kya Haseen Sitam recreated plays in BG.

Precap:- Sonakshi’s Mission? Infinity ❣❣❣ Or ?Dev’s Mission Mrs Dixit???

What do you think will follow this?? Stay tuned???
Hello friends.!! I am so sorry for such a late update. As my prelims are going on, I won’t be able to update regularly. Hope you understand. Friends, one of my very good friend Marzia has started a Devakshi ff. It’s awesome and fantabulous. Please give it a try.
Over a Cup of coffee by Marzia @ TheContagiousLove.
And please vote and comment.???

Be happy….
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Keep smiling!!!

Love u loads

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