Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The colour of love Faded from My Life Chapter 4~ It’s Dr Bose for you

Sonakshi’s POV:

I grinned at him widely. I knew he was going through what I had gone through 3 years before. And I wanted that.

After shaking hands, we sat for our meeting.
“So Mr Dixit, you wanted the plot near Trivanda Sphere for your upcoming project, as I learnt from my sources??” I asked.

“Yes, actually Sona….”,he started but as soon as he said sona, I signalled him to stop there itself and said,” I am sorry Mr Dixit. You are mistaken. I am no sona. I am Ms Sonakshi Bose.” I said emphasising word BOSE. Because I knew how hurt he would be and his ego be.
“And please take care of that. For you…(staring him sternly) and for all of world I am Dr Bose”

“Ye…Yess….(chokingly) yes ma’am. We will take care.”

“So coming back to point. You need the plot. Right?”

“Yes we do…But…”

“But unfortunately Bose group of industries has already booked it and you have been misguided.”

” But it’s very necessary for us.”

“For us too, Mr Dev Dixit. Yes I do have an idea. If you want we can share our land 50-50” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Hmm..That sounds good.” I know he just so excited but you wait and watch Mr Dev Dixit.
And we signed contract and I just looked at him evilly.
We shook our hands and I tightened my grip on his hand.

“I hope Mr…Actually I wish ….No I will make sure Mr Dixit that your everyday in this office gives you an amazing experience. An experience you never forget” I said with my one eyebrow up and smiled and then turned to other delegate and congratulate him.

” Now that we have resolved this issue you may leave.” I said sitting back on my chair and resuming with my laptop. Mr Adarsh moved out. But he still sat there. Still working , I asked him” Are you deaf by chance, Mr Dixit. Or am I talking to the walls. Please move out. I cannot work when I sense presence of strangers around me.”

“It’s Dr Bose for you.” I said with all confidence.
“Dr Bose….”
” I think Mr Dixit ki aapko koi baat ek Baar Mai samjh nahi aati. I said leave.”
“But Dr Bose….”

Just then swarna enters the room. “Ma’am the Saxena co-op Ltd has sent some delegates for meeting. May I usher them in???”

I looked upon him and instructed her to bring them with due respect.

” But Sonakshi, I am talking to you and…”, he shouted and banged his palm.

“Stop” I interrupted his actions. “Please remember two things as long as you are in my vicinity Mr Dixit. First that there is no Sonakshi whom I know. I only know Ms Sonakshi Bose. And another that you are standing in my office and I don’t appreciate any such nonsense. It would be better for you if you be in your limits” I said giving him a sharp glare.

Just then swarna enters with some people. I saw him and said,” Those who really want something , they can wait for it life long.” I signalled him to move out and he understood what I meant to say.
He left and my delegates came.
We had a smooth meeting and I could feel his eyes constantly seeing mine. But I did not respond to his gaze. And finally I drew my curtain. To give him that worse feeling of negligence.
It was a very tiring day. 4 meetings hooked up one after the other and even worse was his presence. Finally when I was free and was lying down with my head on my table. Somebody came. Without seeing I said”yes come in Swarna”
Footsteps could be heard. Two hands could be felt on my head massaging it.
“Thank you Swarna but I’m fine. You tell me..” I said holding the hands but found them too rough to be  woman’s. I jerked my head up to find his eyes gazing at me again. I stood up with a sudden shift.
“You..?? Can’t you understand a thing once? What’s your problem Mr Dixit”
Just then swarna enters and inform me that everybody has left and its time to leave. I saw him intently and asked her to leave. She complied and went.
“Its Dr Bose for you…” I said averting my gaze from him in an irritated manner.

“Dr Bose…is that ohk…..Dr Bose why are you doing like this. Aap jaanti hai ki…”

“Ki kya Mr Dixit??? Ki aapne mujhse doondha? Aapne meri fikr ki?? Aapko meri chinta Thi?? Nahi Mr Dixit nahi…..agar inme se kuch bhi hota na to aap Vo galti karte hi nahi…..jo aapne 3 saal pehle ki thi. ” I said look at him intently.

Not able to hear my accusations, he got enraged held my arms and pinned me to wall “Haan ho gayi galti. Toh uski saza dena chahti hai aap?? De chuki hain aap mujhse saza. Itne saal aapke bina raha…..Vo kam tha kya???”.

I interrupted and free myself from his group and go away from him–“Bahot  kam….jo aapne kiya uske saamne to kuch bhi nahi hai…..aur an to mere partner hai Mr Dixit. Business partner u know…… Aur ab aapke kehne se kuch nahi badlega. Ab mera aapse koi rishta nahi hai……aap jiye ya mare…”

” Aapko kuch farak nahi padta!!!” He tried to complete my sentence.

“Nahi padta….” He turned me towards himself ” To aapko koi farak nahi padta ki mai aapke pass Hoon ya nahi….hai na??” He said coming near me coyly. He took step towards me and I slowly backed out and he neared me when finally I felt something hard–wall!!!

Dev’s POV:
I took steps towards her and could see the expression of nervousness on her face.
“So I don’t matter to you Ms Bose…”

“It….i…it..its Dr Bose for you…” She said averting her gaze here and there.

I came close to her and slightly rolled my fingers on her face and she closed her eyes. Her pounded so loudly that even I could hear it. She started breathing heavily and her limbs shivered. I gave a faint smile sensing all this. And as she sensed I was going to touch her hands she pushed me. And I smiled.

“Arre kya hua ms…. Sorry Dr Bose. Aapko to mere hone se ya na hone se koi farak nahi padta. Aapko iss baaat se bhi dark nahi padna chahiye ki mai aapko choo ya nahi….”

“Ooh please Mr Dixit… Apna ye chota aa dimaag sjisme surf bhoosa bhara hai….please use mat kijiye…!!!”

“Acha to fir Ms Sonakshi Bose bataiye aapne mujhe  kyu dhakka diya…aapki dhadkanein itni tez kyun ho gayi….sans lens mai aapko itni mushkil kyu? Kahi aap…”

“Excuse me Mr. Isse pehle aap apna faltu ka logic lagaye mai aapko bats soon ki abhi Mera jo response tha Vo pura mere body ka biological effect tha!!!!” She said smirking at me.

“Biological Effect???”

“Jii haan Mr dixit!! Tumi kichu bujhi nahi!!(sighs)! Har insaan ki Apni khud ki ek working space hoti hai aur agar koi bhi iss space aane ki koshish karta hai na to Kaise side effects hote gain. Jaise ki ummm….heart tezi se beat karte hai….haath pair kaapte hai….paseena aane lagta hai…and etc etc”
“So Mr Dixit aapko padta Chal hi gaya hoga ki aapke hone ya na hone se mujhse to koi dark nahi padta…” Shesaid giving him a sharp frown. I gave her a confused look.

“It would be better if you stay away from me because your sona is long back dead. Now its only the Sonakshi Bose. You killed her. Your betrayal slew her.” She said with all the pain.


“Sorry Mr Dixit…. Bahot late ho gaya hai. An yaha rukne ka koi fayda nahi. Zindagi aise mod pe le aayi hai mujhe jahan se piche jaana mai chaahti nahi aur aage badna mere liye mumkin nahi.” She turns and starts walking when she turns “Aapke liye behtar yahi hoga ki aap bhi apne ghar jaye….kyonki aapko sons Milne se rahi!! Good bye Mr Dixit”
She was leaving. Kismat ke ye khel plays . I sat there dumbstruck. While Sonakshi turns back and sees me, I look at her with all pain but she turns her face and moves out.

Kismat khele khel kisne dekhe
(Music plays)
Kaun jaane zindagi mai kya ho(male)
Kaun jaane zindagi mai kya ho(female)
Saath chalte chalte rahe juda ho(female)
Apni ke aage aksar ishq kurbaan ho(male)
Haq jaan pai ho jiska uske bina jaan ho(male)
Jeena na bhaye fir bhi Vo jeena zarooori kaise bhi (male)
Kuch Rang pyaar ke aiseee bhi(female)
Kuch rang pyaar keeee aiseee bhi(female)
{Dialogues between devakshi}

Tujhko jo paun to usko Kaise  khud se juda karoon.(male)
Haq zyada hai uska mai tujhse Kaise wafa karoon(male)
Jo Yaar tha Khushi us hi ne dard bhar diya(male)
Jo rang tha suhaana us hi ne berang kar diya(male)
Jeena na bhaye…….jeena na bhaye fir bhi Vo jeena zaroori kaiseeeee…..bhi(male) 

Kuch rang pyaar ke wise bhi….(male)
Kuch rang pyaar keeeeeee aiseeeeeeeee bhi..….(male)

Precap: Ms. Khargosh in full tashan and Mr obodhro starts his new mission.???

Hello friends!!!! It is my next chapter. I am so happy seeing such a response. Thank you dear readers. Dear silent readers, tysm for reading my ff. Hope you like it. Kindly vote and comment if you like this episode. All the  suggestions are warmly welcomed. Hope I will bring something new again. I will be disclosing the past soon I suppose if readers will give positive response!!!??  so please don’t die in suspense???!!

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