Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The color of love faded from my life Chapter 3~ The Reluctant Encounte

Sonakshi’s POV:
I am leaving for Delhi today. Nervous not I am. But just pity is what I have on myself. So much helpless I am that I have to go to Delhi. It’s the need of the hour. I hate the place. The place once I was in madly love with. Everything was so beautiful here but because of him willingly also I cannot accept it as a blissful place. Coming to Delhi was a curse for me. All was so beautiful. His one step changed everything. His one carelessness cost us everything.  Suddenly my strance was broken by a sweet voice. It was the air hostess giving instructions on board.

I just had a look over my neighbouring passengers. Suddenly my gaze stuck on them. A couple. Arms coiled in one others. Fingers crossed with one another’s. They smiled each other lovingly. He kissed her forehead. And she kept her shoulder on his.
I smiled but suddenly froze when I saw myself and Dev there. What the hell. I rubbed my eyes but I still saw me and him. I wasn’t taking it. I just got up when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Swarna. She gasped at me with  what happened look. I turned to point at the couple only to find the couple –orignal couple . I realised it was my dream and nodded that everything is fine. She nodded and I sat down. Why was I even thinking what couldn’t be possible.

Sona it was you who left him. Why are you thinking about him now then???
I saw my conscience in all white robes.

Common Sona.. Just a coincidence. You are right. Afterall he deserves it. You hatred. He is the traitor.
Said my other conscience all in black.

No Sona. After 3 years of your separation and 4 years of marriage you started to feel for him. Say it.
Said the previous one.

I wasn’t getting anything. What was happening??. Had I gone mad or what.

Come on Sona. Ignore her. You are right. He is no one to you. He is just your enemy. Just a man. Selfish. Mean.

I couldn’t take it and covered my ears with my palms. And when I removed it I was back on my seat. With Swarna beside me. That couple still loving each other’s company. I knew what that encounter was. My brain and heart at an endless war. But I was sure my brain is going to win. I won’t give my heart a chance to be victorious.

I closed my eyes and I didn’t know  when I slept embracing my sorrows and loneliness for fate had store for me something which I hadn’t expected.

Dev’s POV:
Tomorrow is my conference with the Kolkata based company. I was feeling so familiar thinking about this company. As if some link is there we have — I and someone or something — which I was missing out. I had done much for the day but still I couldn’t help thinking about her. Her Giggles, her smile, her frown, her anger, her irritation, her kindness, her majesty my Sona. If she would have been here, I would have punched her for leaving me. For her foolishness. Or perhaps my mistake forced her to do so. I took Sona’s photo and talked with it

Smiling. Huhh. And I am crying for you. I hate you so much. I am sorry Sona. Please come back. I miss you and your talks now. I can’t bear it. I will die if you didn’t return back.

I slept. I don’t know when. I got up next morning. With my alarm ringing right at my ears. Like I was a deaf. I got up at 6:00 am which was quite unusual for me as I didn’t know if I followed any time table for my life after Sona went. It was all the hoax for me.
All because of me.
I wished I could Undo my unknown mistakes. I hope so.

I came down to find my mother lighting lamp in front of her so called Lord. I shrugged my shoulders.
I was just passing when my mother noticed.
“Dev idhar aa beta. Haath jodte hue Jaa”

” Maa please. Mujhse nahi hogi tere Bhagwan ki jhoothi Pooja. Kyu Karti hai uski Pooja??”

“Beta ye tu…”

“Bas ma…. Kya diya hai isne tujhe. Tune jis jis se pyaar kiya un sabko Cheena hi toh hai isne. Pehle baba aur ab Sonakshi. Bol de Apne iss Bhagwan se ki agar ye sach mai hai to mujhe aaj apni Sona se milvaaye.” And I storm out only leaving a helpless mother to pity her son’s condition.

I reached my office with great difficulty after fighting my mind and heart. I reached my cabin and rung bell indicating my peon to bring black coffee–yes black coffee which I resumed taking after her departure thinking that she’ll return seeing me spoiling my life. But she didn’t care.So why should I ??? I started my laptop and heard a knock on the door.
” Come in” I said.
“Sir the clients from Kolkata will be arriving within 30 minutes. Shall we prepare for conference”

“Go ahead” I said.
“Sir but the delegates have requested the conference to be held in their venue.”

“Do as they say” I said.
I don’t know why but I really feel some attachment with these new clients from Kolkata. Moreover I have much inclination towards Kolkata. Ms Bose.?

Sonakshi’s POV:
I woke up to find that we have reached Delhi. I was feeling suffocated after coming to this place.

I reached airport. Completing all my formalities, I stepped out of airport. I could feel the similar fragrance. The scent made me familiar. But I didn’t want anything for sort. However shrugging all my thoughts I saw with name plate : Bose Group of Industries. We sat in car and ushered to our hotel.
After sometime, I entered my hotel room and went for a shower. For I was tired. Not only with this journey but also from my life. A gigantic hoax it was. I washed myself thoroughly. Not my emotions but my tiredness.

As soon as I came out I saw my phone ringing. I was Swarna.

“Hello mam.”
“Hii Swarna say. All the arrangements done?”
“Yes mam. All done. I have told them to come to your office tomorrow 10:00 am sharp.”
I disconnected the call. I took my laptop and saw if my presentation was finally ready. I did some final touch ups and I got going with my music. Music had been my partner in crime in all these three years. It had always been.

I didn’t know when I slept and I woke up at 7:00 in morning. After taking a shower and freshening up, I took my breakfast and drove to my office at Sizzling Square Complex.

I entered my cabin. All the memories flashbacked in my mind as if I had made them yesterday.
The place wasn’t new for me. Nor the people. Only that feeling with which I entered changed. I gave a smile to my employes and entered my room.
I took my laptop and switched it on. I placed all my files on my shelf which had been entirely empty till now though not dusty.
I rotated my chair 180° and my back now faced entrance of my cabin. Swarna entered. “Mam they have reached. May I usher them to your cabin.”

“Yes please Swarna.”
Dev’s POV:
We reached the sizzling square complex. We were ushered to one of the floors. We saw all the computers working and it seemed as if employes enjoyed doing all this stuff.

A lady who was frequently addressed as Swarna, probably their boss’s PA came and ushered us to one of the most furnished cabins. No name plate hung there. As we entered on the chair sat somebody with back towards us. We waited outside. The ringing of phone was heard. It is recieved. From the cabin came a familiar kind of voice. I couldn’t identify it.
The tapping of keys of laptop was heard. The lady sitting inside was shouting at top of her voice. There was some issue. Somebody fraud was just caught up within their staff. I suppose. As she accused.

“I trusted you so much. Every now and then. But you broke my trust everytime. You couldn’t take the  decision of leaving this job yourself. You are incapable of taking any decision. I don’t want anyone in my life who breaks my trust not once but everytime. You shouldn’t be making me or your family happy. It must be you who has to be happy. Learn to take your decision. Don’t be a toy who others play with.You are fired.” The phone disconnects. We open a door little to observe scenario.

Tina is concerned and asks the lady about her decision.
“Mam isn’t your decision too early and in a hurry. We can sit and talk”

“Swarna, no decision of mine demands for more than 5 minutes. Delayed Decisions always waste my time. And my time is very precious. Nobody has a right to waste it — not even me.”
“Send them in please. And go and bring the contract file I gave you. Faster.”

“Yes ma’am.” Tina came out and signalled us to go inside. I took a step inside. She still had her back towards us.

“Please come. Have a seat. We would be starting meeting shortly.”

“Yes sure ma’am.” I replied.

Tina re-entered and called her.
“Ma’am this is the file.” And she turned. But alas I skipped my file and I bent to take it. When I saw, the lady again had a back towards us. Finally her work was over and she signalled Tina to move out. She complied. The lady turned her face with her head down and I  was like just looking at her. She then looked up and was just introducing herself.

“Hello, I am Sonakshi Bo…”and she looked up. Her sweet expression turns to perplexed one and then to shocking….Hell shocking. I too gaped at her….

Sonakshi’s POV:
I just looked up to introduce myself.
“Hello, I am Sonakshi Bo..”, as i said this I ascended my head and looked at my delegates and smiled but as my eyes meet those two, my expression changed from a happy to confusion and then I was shocked. It was so terrific. He also saw me dumbfoundedly .We jumped up from chair simultaneously and I shouted in chorus with him “Aap??”

A hint of satisfaction had just striked my heart when all the events flashbacked in front of me. My satisfaction changed to restlessness.

“Sona aap?? It means you are the ….” He was saying as I  interrupted.

“Sonakshi. Sonakshi Bose. CEO of India’s one of the top 5 company: Bose Group Of Industries.” I said confidently. The turmoil I was experiencing in my heart is unpredictable.

I had been fighting since 3 years from heart. Now when I was just a step away from suppressing my heart and listening to my mind, his presence wasn’t going to weaken me from my motive. I won’t allow that. Whatever he does. He is no more than stranger to me.

“Please have your seat” I said again doing something on laptop.

“So may I please know your name please??”

“I am Adarsh Oberoi, Deputy In-charge of Ishwari Interprises Pvt Ltd.” Said a person sitting next to him.

And then I turned to him. Dev.
“And yours please??”
I was irritated at his lack of attention. “I asked your name . What’s your good name?”

“So don’t you know my name??”. He remarked sarcastically. He knew that I asked him purposely. No. But I didn’t. I didn’t know  him. How could I know his name.
“No. Of course not. If I had known am I insane to ask you such a question” I said ignoring.

“Dev. Devrath Dixit. Owner of Ishwari Interprises Pvt Ltd.”

“Nice to meet you” I got up and gave my right hand.

He got up too and shook his hand.”Same here ma’am.” He said with his heavy voice. I could sense he is feeling so awkward meeting his wife after 3 years as his business partner and boss. I had a wide grin and he just pasted a smile on his lips.
Precap:- Tashan-e-Khargosh Vs Mareez-e-Obhodro!!!??
Hello friends. This is the next episode. Hope you like it. I know not many know about this fan fiction but I am really grateful to those voted for it and liked it. I hope I am able to give you something new again with my next episode. Hope you enjoy. Please do comment and vote. I will be waiting. Please and tell whether I should continue or not.

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