Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: The color of love faded from my life Chapter 2~ Dev Dixit: The Reason

I returned my house: for I had no home. It was merely house with no family. No love. No care. The only company I had was my sorrow, my loneliness. My tears. My grief. And my hatred for him.

I came out of my reverie as I heard Click sound of my door unlocking. I went inside. I entered my mansion. The so-called Bose Mansion. Life is becoming difficult for me day by day. I don’t want to live with his memories. And he is not letting me live without his memories.

I kept my bag and purse on my sofa. I went to kitchen. Just to prepare something which could give me some peace at heart. No but it didn’t. I made soup for myself as I cdidnt wish to eat anything more than that.

I went to my bedroom. I changed my clothes and wore my night dress. I sat on my laptop to check if there was anything important only to find a big NO. I had engaged myself into my work for I couldn’t bear to think about him. I would have been dead long back if I wasn’t here – In Bose Group Of Industries. I switched off my laptop with a big thud.

I went to my bed, leant against bedpost and closed my eyes.

  ••••••••••••••••      ••••••••••••••••
Third person’s POV :

A voice is heard. Melodious manly though. The eyes are shown. The eyes are like ocean of feelings captivating each soul present there. Holding guitar gave the look of a typical rockstar to him. His rosy lips are shown moving as if he is singing something, maybe a song. Suddenly while singing, his eyes stop the movement of finding someone. As if he got everything. She captivated his mind, heart, soul…..
She joined him in his song…..

She: Rang rahi hoon ye kaise rang mai
Mai nahi hoon khud Apne hi bas mai
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi

(Music plays….Aaaaaaaaaaaa…)
(Devakshi Tune)


He: Badle se din hai Meri Badli si ratein
Kai Dino se meri mehki hai saansein.

She: Pehli dafa hai ki tu mujhme basa hai.
Pehli dafa hai ki tu mujhe chalka hai
Mere rangon mai kuch dhang hain tere jaise bhi…..

He: Mere Rangon mai kuch Rang hain tere jaise bhi…..
He and She: Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…..

They smile and hug each other. Their faces are revealed. They are Sonakshi and Dev. They give a hi-fi.
••••••••••••••••••       •••••••••••••••••••
Sonakshi’s POV:
I got up startled and shocked. The same dream again. Actually a nightmare. I had seen myself again with him. With that traitor. Noways. I drank water to calm myself. Only to realise that I had slept for 1 whole hour. This was first time in these 3 years that I got a sleep, thought not peaceful without any of my drugs…The sleeping pills. What an irony!!! I had sleepless nights because of him and now because of him I had a nap without my drugs.

Just then beeping phone of mine broke this strance.
I saw it was Swarna’s call.
“Hello ma’am. Good evening.”
“Good eve, Swarna. Yes tell me. Anything important. You called at this hour??”
“Very sorry ma’am. To disturb you at this hour of time. But our clients from Delhi based units are ready for conference but are not willing to come to Kolkata Durga to some emergency but want us to go there. So what to do??”

Delhi I thought. The place I hated the most. The fate changer in my life. I hate Delhi and its people.
However if it was in my company’s interest, rejecting the proposal was against my principles. So I complied.

“Go ahead. We will leave for Delhi. Book tickets according to the venue and date and lete know about it.”
” Yes, sure ma’am.” And line got disconnected. I couldn’t take no more. My head started aching. Severely . Suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my head massaging me and giving me so much relief. I closed my eyes. It was a familiar touch. Dev. It was Dev. I opened my eyes to realise there was noone in my room and I have been thinking of him. I pity him. I hate him.
Then why do I always ponder upon him?? He is no-one to me. I closed my fist as I tried to suppress my emotions but in vain. Floods of tears flowed. My emotions had reached their saturating point and now they couldn’t bear it.

I got message from Swarna saying that we had to leave by following after noon.
Now I had something more important to occupy my mind than him and his disgusting thoughts.

I packed my bag. I kept in it a pair of my sandals and sport shoes. I packed in my night dress, my coat and office suit. A simple kurti with leggings. A small make up kit. Make up was my regular fashion. Not to look beautiful but not to look dull. Because had I been not in make up anybody can notice the tear scars on my face.

I packed all this in suitcase. Kept it on couch. I came on bed and tried to sleep. I switched off the lamps. But after 15 minutes I switched it on again. I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid of any of the dreams which may come again.
I opened my side drawer. Took out a bottle labelled Sleeping pills and took two of them. I had them and then sleep took over me. And I slept.


Dev’s POV :
I just returned from my office. I had a tiring day. In these 3 years after she left me. I never found peace at my heart. I need to pour it out. But to whom??? Only to her. But where is she. I know it was my mistake. And I confess it. But I want one last chance from her. I know she is very angry with me. But I also know no force in this universe can distance us. I know I started all this. But ending will also be written by me.
I know she hates me. Why wouldn’t she. I am a traitor. I played with her feelings. I shouldn’t have done this. Please Sona, come back.
Just then my thoughts break their linkage as somebody knocks my door. I see and find my sister: Neha.

“Bhai u ohk???”
“Hmmm….Yes perfectly fine.” I said pasting a wide fake smile.
” Nahi don’t lie. I know you miss her a lot. I know one misunderstanding between you and her distance you both. But don’t worry bhai. She will come back. My heart says this” I felt a kind of peace at my heart listening all this. And I smiled.
” Oh bhai I forgot to tell you that the Kolkata based company which we were dealing with are sending  some people for conference as we told them. And the head of company is also accompanying them. I don’t remember the name.” I complied her and she left.
I was left smiling at her words that gave me hope that Sona would come. I know we don’t love each other but I surely know that I can’t live without her. I know I have hurt her so much. I know. But I realise it now. I will make amends for all my mistakes. I said and resumed my work on my laptop again.

Hello friends. This is my fan fiction on KRPKAB. Hope you enjoy. Please Devakshi fans, let me know if I should continue or not. Guys please share your views through comments and votes. Please support. I know many Devakshi fans do exist here. Please comment should I continue or I will delete this fabric if  u all don’t like. Because we writers exist because of you readers. And my kind request to all silent readers. Please comment if you are a true Devakshi fan?!!!

Thank you
Love you all
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