Kuch Pyaar Se Bhi Bhadkar – Raglak (part 1)

~~~ Kuch Pyaar Se Bhi Badhkar ~~~

Green wood senior secondary school, Delhi.
The School was hosting the felicitation ceremony for the winners of annual inter-school sports championship. The jam-packed auditorium was filled with appreciative number of audience. Students were excitedly holding their seats waiting for the announcement of the names of the winners. Guardians were also excited for their kids.
“Dear audience, no laziness in clapping. Please clap louder and cheer our super talented students.” The host appealed to the audience, “and now, moving to our next award that is for the first prize in the lawn tennis tournament, I feel proud announcing the winner’s name. This is third time in a row when the trophy is going to the same person. “The host smiled before announcing the name, “yes, the trophy goes to our pretty athlete, 10th grade student Miss Ragini Chauhan.

Please come upon the stage, I would like Mr. Bhargav, our respected Principal to come and honor the winner.”
The auditorium echoed with the sharp claps and cheers for the girl. But she was not looking happy. She was sitting there with angry expressions.
“Ragini, go” her friends called her.

“No…I will not receive the prize. Dad is not there. Maine unhe saaf saaf kaha tha ki main trophy sirf unhi ke hath se lungi. Phir bhi wo nahi aaye. Mujhe nahi leni ye trophy.” Ragini said angrily and left her seat.
“Miss Ragini Chauhan, please come upon the stage.” The anchor repeated.
Ragini’s sport teacher spotted her leaving the auditorium. He ran to her.
“Ragini, what’s wrong with you! Why the hell are you not on the stage?” He shouted.
Ragini looked at him with calm eyes, “I am sorry sir, I can’t receive the prize in absence of my dad. I am extremely sorry sir.” She said and moved out of the auditorium ignoring everyone cheering and clapping for her.

She came outside where a car was waiting for her. The driver spotted Ragini and excitedly opened the door for her.
“Ragini, bitiya aapki trophy kaha hai.” He asked seeing her empty hands.
Ragini threw her bag angrily inside the car, “ghar chaliye uncle” she ordered pushing herself on the backseat.

The driver sensed her anger and disappointment. He silently occupied his seat and started driving. He glanced at Ragini through the mirror, she was fuming in anger.
“Bitiya, wo sir ji, aa hi rahe the aapke school me, lekin usi waqt koi unse milne aa gaya. Shayad jaroori meeting thi isliye, wo aa nahi paye. Aap gussa mat hona unpe.” The driver said gathering somewhat courage to open his mouth.
“Achha, aisa kaun aa gaya tha, Jo mujhse jyada important hai. Dad ne promise kiya tha mujhse. Pehli baar unhone apna promise toda hai. Main bhi to jara dekhu aisa kaun sa bin bulaya mehmaan aa gaya, Jo mujhse bhi jyada important hai unke liye. Unki beti se jyada.” Ragini roared gritting her teeth.
The driver became silent and concentrated on the road. Within 10 minutes they reached at home.

As the car stopped, one of the servants rushed to hold Ragini’s bag. Ragini angrily came out of the car and ran inside.
“Ragini baby, aap itni jaldi aa gayi?” A maid came in her way.
Ragini angrily pushed her aside, “just get out of my way. Dad kaha hain.”
“Wo study room me hain. Koi Milne aaya hai. Usi se baate kar rahe hain. Unhone kaha koi unhe disturb na kare!” The maid spoke in a law voice.
Ragini glared at her and stormed in the study room.
“Dad, why did you do this to me? You didn’t keep your promise dad. Aap kyun nahi aaye?” Ragini bellowed with anger.

Her father looked at her and then towards his guest who was staring at Ragini in amazement.
“Ragini, I am sorry beta, we’ll talk later.” Her father said getting up from his chair.
“Why later dad, abhi kyun nahi” Ragini yelled and threw the flower vase placed on the table on the floor shattering into pieces.
“Ragini, calm down! Listen to me. Can’t you see I am talking to someone? Ye kya tareeka hai.” her father said sternly.
Ragini now turned towards the man, a good looking tall and muscular guy, in his mid-twenties. He was shockingly looking at Ragini.

“You! Who the hell are you?” Ragini shouted angrily.
“Ragini, behave yourself!” Her father scolded her for behaving badly with his guest.
The man scanned the 16 year old girl from toe to head. She was in her school uniform. White shirt and red and blue check skirt resting above her knees. Her ID card was hanging from her neck near her chest. Shoulder length hair and a red hair band, as a part of her dress code. Large beautiful eyes and a linear streak of kohl. But a lot of anger was filled in her eyes. He just wondered why she is shouting so much.
“Dad, I just want to know, kaun hai ye aadmi. Jiski wajeh se aapne apna wada toda. Usse baat Karna itna jaroori tha ki aapne uske liye mere school aane ka plan cancel kar diya.” Ragini burst out in tears now, “everyone was sitting there with their parents. But mere liye claps karne wala koi nahi tha. There was no one to pat my back. Kyun dad, kyun, aap ye meeting postpone bhi to kar sakte the na. Aap is aadmi se baad me bhi mil sakte the.” Ragini started shouting again rubbing her tears.

“Ragini… Ye..” Her father initiated but the man interrupted him.
“Ek minute sir, I’ll introduce myself He said and turned to Ragini, “hi Ragini. I am Laksh. I am a CBI officer. Actually kal hi mera joining letter mila mujhe. Bas isi khushkhabri ko Chauhan sir se share karne aaya tha. I am so sorry meri wajeh se tumhare dad ko apna plan cancel Karna pada. Par agar mujhe pata hota ki unhone tumhare school jane ka wada kiya hai to main baad me aata. And I heard that you won first prize in Tennis. Congratulations!” Laksh said forwarding his hand.

Ragini threw a fiery glare at him, “oh I see… so u r Laksh! Huhh…main bhi na kitni stupid hu, mujhe pehle hi samajh Jana chahiye tha ki ye tum hi ho sakte ho, Jo mere dad ke liye mujhse bhi jyada important hai. Bachpan se lekar aaj tak dad ke muh se tumhari tarife sunti aa rahi hu. Laksh is like this, Laksh is like that, no one is like Laksh, dad’s favorite be like Laksh! Be like Laksh! Be like Laksh” Ragini shouted and banged her fist on the table. “Aaj tumhari wajeh se dad meri felicitation ceremony attend karne nahi aaye. First prize jeetne ke baad bhi main khali hath ghar aayi hu. I will never forgive you. I hate you.” Ragini shouted again.

Laksh was shocked knowing how much this crazy young girl hates him.
“Ragini this is not the way to talk to anyone.” Her father shouted at her, “Ragini u can’t talk to Laksh like that he is older than u. Tum use tum kehkar nahi bula sakti, he is not like your classmate. Call him sir, and behave yourself. He is going to join CBI, congratulate him” Her father scolded her.

Ragini controlled her anger and looked at Laksh, “ohh..Congratulations Laksh sir” she said stressing on ‘sir’ then she turned to her dad, “dad you look so happy on his success. Why don’t you throw a grand party for him.” she smirked, “you don’t remember that I also deserve your congratulations. But after all he is your favorite. Uski success ke aage meri success to humesha choti hi lagegi na aapko.” She said painfully glancing at Laksh and stormed out of the room.

Laksh tried to stop her but she was already gone. He looked at Mr.Chauhan, retired major from Indian army. His mentor, his idle, his inspiration, and more like a father figure for him. Who took an orphan boy from the street, gave him an identity, and made him into a successful cid officer. He knew that he had only a daughter on the name of his family. He never met her. But he never thought that she is a fireball.
Mr Chauhan sighed and looked at Laksh, “bachpan se tumhari tareefe sun sunkar bore ho gayi hai. Jalti hai tumse. She is very poor in studies. But she is a champion in the game of tennis. If I told her that u won gold medal in tennis then she’ll throw her all trophies in garbage” he said chuckling.
Laksh laughed, “sir, kya aapki wife bahut gussa karti thi?”
“Nahi, what why r u asking this?” Mr chauhan asked surprisingly.
“no I just Ragini must went on her mom becoz I never saw u angry” he said and both started laughing.

“Ye to kuch bhi nahi hai Laksh. 2-3 din humare sath ruko, phir dekhna, tod phod se hi uski subeh hoti hai, aur tod phod karke hi khatam. Samajh me nahi aata, kaise samjhaun.” Mr chauhan said sadly.
laksh put his hand on his shoulder, “its ok sir, she is a kid. Well, I would like to talk to her. Uske dilo-dimag me mere liye jo nafrat aur jealousy bhari hui hai na, wo khatam Karna chahta hu.” Laksh said looking hopeful.

“Oh come on Laksh, u r going back to Mumbai in two days it’s not easy to finish 10 yrs. Jealousy in two days. I suggest you, don’t go near her. Kahi tumhara sar phod diya to duty join karne ke bhi layak nahi rahoge.” He said and started laughing.
Laksh accompanied him in the laughter, “Sir nothing will happen. Let me talk to her once. I can handle her” Laksh said confidently.
“Ok, let’s see!” Mr Chauhan said in agreement. “I really need someone who can handle her like her mother. Pata nahi jab main nahi rahunga to kaun sambhalega use” he said lost in his own thoughts.

A/N: Ragini is in school and Laksh is going to join CBI. Well, I hope you guys are not surprised, the age difference is an important factor of the story. This will be a long series. But romantic angle of the story will come in the climax. Coz it’s not only about love, it’s something more than that, Hope you people liked it, give it a chance and stay connected to read further. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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    1. Drashti

      Thanks year for your suggestions. Actually age difference is important factor of the story. Laksh is 10 years older than Ragini. Even I’m not in favor of child marriage as I mentioned that this story not about love or romance it’s more than that. Please give it a chance hope u will like it. Sorry if I disappointed u..

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