Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 4


Manik went out with them. He had an issue to solve. Two sides people are arrguing very badly, Manik is hearing only one voice”in your list what’s my number?” He felt deeply, no very deeply hurt.
“What the hell she thinks about herself? How dare to ask me like that? Iam I a womanizer? How reticulous is she?” Manik’s pain is dominating his thoughts, still he is happy. The closed bit of nandini to him made him feel best. “After a long long time I feel her, I touched her.”Manik completed his work with those people and returned back.

Nandini went for rounds. She checked dadi, her body is normal, but she is not taking injections, she has phobia for injections. Nandini took medicine and went to her
“Dadi! Do you remember me?”
“Your operation is success, now you are fine, you can walk and do your works with right hand”
“Really?”she asked happily
Yes, if you take this injection you will be soon fast”
“No injection”
“I will give injection like Manik, very slowly”
“Manik will give me”
“I will give you slowly”
“No no” she became more stubborn
Nandini called nurse ” go out call him”
“Whom mam?”
Nandini got frustated “she said na call him”
“Ok Mp Saab”
Manik came in
“Dadi! Look at me why are you tensed?” Manik signaled Nandini do injection she did it, Manik is going on talking to her, she didnot noticed about injection.
All the nurses are shocked, the news spread like virus that “Dr. Had injected a patient”
They all new her very well since two years, she never treats any one specially.

At lunch sri came to hospital. He is playing with nandini’s PA lalitha. When he heard his moms voice came running to her and hugged her legs tight nandini smiled and took him in arms and kissed him on cheek.
“Mom today I won, sir gave me chacolate” sri showed her chacolate
“Wo ho! My sri is great, today nite we will have two matches.”
Sri’s face glowed like a star with happiness.
“Sri mamma has work she has to check patients so you go and play with lalitha di please”
“Ok! You know sri loves Pihu more than Pihu loves sri. See you are again going leaving me”
“Aaa! Sri is good boy you know Pihu is bad lady”
“No Pihu sweat” sri kissed her
Sri went to play with lalitha, nandini turned back and saw Manik and sadana. She shivered like a calf seeing a tiger. She is freezed with horror. Then she walked away.

“Manik who is that boy? Why is he calling nandu mom? Did she married?”sadana asked her son
“No sadana it doesn’t happen in my worst dream too”replied Manik
“Wait here I will just come” Manik thoughts are totally in different way, he is happy and even angry.

Nandini is in ward checking patient Manik came to her, “come I need to talk”
“Iam busy”
“Just come” Manik in anger
“May be you are minister, it’s my hospitaaaaa…. Manik took her hand and dragged her out before everyone. Nandini got anger, with all her strength got rid of Manik and tried to slap her for which Manik held her hand tight and took her to store room which is adjuscent to them
“Are you mad? You already ruined my life once now you want spoil my reputation?”
“Shhhhhhhhhhh! Who is that boy?”
Nandini freezed but came out in sec and asked in return” who the hell are you to ask?”
Manik pinned her to wall kept his both hands on her and pinned them too to wall seeing sharp into her eyes.
“Who is that boy?” He don’t want to waste a single min to listen the answer
“My son” Nandini replied with closed eyes
“Our son?” Manik face glowed with a beautiful smiled and happiness
“No! My son, iam married”
“Shut up!”Manik shouted with anger
“Don’t dare to spoil my happiness”
“Your wish to accept or not but truth is truth”
Manik hit the wall so strong that his hand got hurt and it’s bleeding.
Nandini tears came in her eyes
Manik looked at her and went more close to her kept his face at her neck and kissed her slowly, more slowly again Nandini shivered with jerks of tension.
“Who is your timid husband? Does he know who iam to you? Show me, call him now”
Nandini took a gulp and made herself strong and said “he went to Singapore”
Manik kissed her other side of her neck which is making her to loose control on herself
“Really! Ok call him I will talk”
This time Nandini is out of control enjoying his moves on her body
Manik took her lip in with his teeth and chews. Which is making her to more crazy
“Now say the truth” Manik left her and stood away from her.
Nandini felt ashamed and so lost that she sat on her knees and started to cry.
Manik took her arms made her to stand and said in slow voice “Pihu! Stop it, I can’t see you crying. Come here sit, now say he is our son, yes” made her sit on a chiar
“Why do you want to know now after five years? Does anything really matters to you? In these 5yrs you didn’t even turned back once so you don’t have right to question me”
“So he is our son”
“No only my son” Nandini said harshly
“Reality is our son. So we had a son, and and….. I got it. It’s Manan and sri is his nickname. I remember still on that day I said it, you laughed at me but I was true.”
“No he is my son only my son”Nandini tears flowing on her cheeks
“Yes! Your son, my son, our son”
“No Manik it’s only my son did you hear it”Nandini said it strongly
Manik looked at her and said “i will not take away sri from you. Never I promise” Manik said with pain
Nandini started to cry Manik hugged her tight

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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