Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 9


Kuch na kaha!

Manik is sleep besides nandini. She is sleeping, keeping her head on his chest. Manik hugged her tight. His thoughts are running fast

“Reall I don’t knew that Pihu is pragnant? I don’t know sri’s birth? I don’t that pihu’s father death? Don’t I really knew that she is in Mumbai? No no! I knew every bit in her life. Iam like her shadow. She don’t know anything about our life. I know everything. I had son on feb 15th,I know he lived basketball as me. I knew everything.

The pain which Pihu gone through, her tears, her higher education, her pragnancy, her delivery, her hospital construction, her hospital and house. Sri fall down from steps at his 11th month got injured on forehead every small details I lived with her, just I did come to her. It’s my incapability which made me to stay away. Yes, only my incapability. Manik closed his eyes.

Flash back;

Manik malhotra: vishwak malhotra MP in external affairs and water development at Delhi. His grand son. Sadana a bank employe is his mother. He lost his father at the age of 7. Stays at Delhi with mom. Though he had a big family in Punjab. His friends are cabir and mukhti they are childhood buddies. His mother is his world. He calls her by name, even his friends call her by name. Basketball is jaan. He is medical student. Studying at Gandhi medical college. Now he is in second year of medicine. His profession is medicine and passion is basketball.

Manik’s daily routine starts with his jogging. It’s early morning 5am. Manik wears a jockey and a pujama. His iPod is kept in pocket and ear phones on ears. Daily he takes five rounds. It’s his habit.
Manik is planing about his game in college while jogging. All of sudden a light flashed on his eyes which made him feel irritating, he closed his eyes and then kept his hand infront of his eyes and tried to see what was so reflecting, it’s a girl wearing a dress with mirrors on it. She is almost5.7″inches, thin body with bubble face her lips are so attractive. Her eyes are sparkling shiny, fair in color. She is waiting for someone so vigorously. Manik is dumstruk by seeing her. He is totally blank. It’s very hard for him to grab such a beauty in just one look. And it’s his frist experience.
Manik heard a horon sound and came out of trans it’s a car, he gave side and again looked for the girl, she is missing. He searched a lot but no use. Returned home.

Manik came back with sad face he want to see that girl once again but he couldn’t.
Sadana is on sofa reading news paper. She saw son returning home early with sad face
“Manu! What happened?”
“Then why are you like that?”
“Ok fine! I want coffee” sadana said
Manik went to kitchen. He makes super coffee.
“Take it” Manik is trying to come out of his thoughts. The spark which flashed in his heart is not leaving him.
“Radha! You don’t have coffee today” sadana said
“Why I will have” Radha demanded
“Yesterday! You burnt my sabzi so no coffee”
“Arey! I was watching movie”
“So you will burn my sabzi”
Sadana watched Manik he is thinking about something called him. “Manik”
“She is just a miracle”
“I don’t know sadana but she is just miracle”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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