Kuch na kaha (Manan) part 80


Kuch na kaha!

Manik got news that some media took malhotra’s photos and making the news of it. Manik came to his office.
“Patodi ji let them write. This time I don’t want anything to be kept secret. What ever happens I will face”
“Sir it’s not media it’s padmavathi.”
“Yes she is trying to have eligation on you that for power you are making malhotra useless and kill him”
Manik smiled. “Patodi ji! I want lalitha and padmavathi in my office as soon as possible”
“But sir! They are…..”
“She is raju’s daughter”
Patodi smiled”yes! I forgot”
“On that day when you gave me marriage certificate of daddu and lalitha. I enquired about her. She already did a scam and swallowed malhotra’s property. When I kept all those papers infront of her she said she will come to media if I need her. But daughter gave best plan so shifted”
“Then now?”
“I didnot say that I knew the truth of padmavathi, I have my ball in my court”
“If you were my son; I am still proud of you Manik. I feel emotionally as my son” patodi hugged Manik. Manik to hugged him wholeheartedly. Manik also feel same.

In office room
Padmavathi, lalitha are sitting infront of Manik
“I will come straight to point what you want?”
“I want my dad”
“Still my question is same”
“If my father is in power I will be home minister next he promised me”
“That’s it?”
Padmavathi confused.
“You are malhotra’s daughter, my dads sister, home minister’s bhuwa. Only that much?”
“Is she really malhotra’s daughter?” Manik asked lalitha
Lalitha gulped
Padmavathi shouted”shut up Manik”
“Cool down this is not parliament to fight or throw Chappell. It’s my office. Home minister office. Security may kill you with thousands of bullets on my one buzzer. Is she malhotra’s daughter?”Manik repeat
“Disgusting Manik! Are you really Rishi Baha’is son? I doubt”
“Ok then let clarify with your mom.”
“Manik don’t cross your limits, don’t forget that Iam your bhuwa and elder than you in all ways”
“I do respect your age and your relation with my dad, but it’s who want to strip yourself on road. Why your mom is silent? Ask her”
Padmavathi looked at lalitha
“Yes she is…. Mal..,”
“Stop there! Don’t complete it, see these papers.”Manik throws papers towards padmavathi
“Those are DNA test results you are raju’s daughter.”
Padmavathi who got shocked that she fell down
Manik made her to sit
“Is this true?” Padmavathi asked lalitha
“Yes, this total plan is raju’s so that you will get power and money”
“Wait! First let me speak; if you both create any nonsense these papers I will keep on media if not they will be safe with me. Malhotra killed my dad, he got paralyses due to his own karma all, everyone showed mercy on him. I don’t need tamasha after five years Iam with my mom and my wife and son. Don’t spoil my happiness if not I have many ways to deal with you guys”
“No need Manik” padmavathi walked away lalitha followed her.

Manik returned hospital. He decided to tell sadana about manan. When he was about to say to sadana, sri came and hug Nandini calling Pihu.
Sadana saw both and asked Manik”is Nandini married?”
“No, just a moment”
Manik went to Nandini, he want to listen from Nandini that sri is his son. Manik don’t want to reveal to anyone that Manik knows everything. Manik asked Nandini, she first denied but later went emotional and said yes but she is hating Manik to the core.
Manik understood her situation but he want everything to be settled as fast as he can do. So that media shouldn’t make this a issue and Nandini get hurt.
Manik told sadana about sri. Sadana slapped Manik.
Manik didnot give any explinaion but took her to Nandini’s house.
Nandini didnot accept Manik’s apology and forced Manik to go away from her house by keep gun on her forehead. It’s Manik who took her gun and got injured by it.
Manik is patiently trying to convince Nandini.

Nandini after the morning drama decided to send sri with Manik. She wantedly left sri with daddi.
Manik understood Nandini’s thinking and brought sri back. He made it loud and clear that he want both. When arrugument went physical, the old lovers caught fire and they once again came together physical intimated.

Manik brought Nandini along with sri and sharada to Ranchi.

Flash back ends

Manik is seeing outside. Total house is happy. Sri is running here and there.
“Patodi ji I want all media, our staff, everyone should attend evening party. Announce it that Manik Malhotra is giving a party.”
Sure sir!”
“With family I have to see you. Please don’t forget those people who helped me personally. Like pihu’s house keeper, dobhi, that pa lalitha, in college that attender, everyone. If needed Invite them personally”
“It’s already done sir”
“Manik! Why didn’t you say all that? I was thinking that you moved on. How could I?” Nandini hugged Manik and crying not noticing who are there in the room with Manik.
Patodi smiled and signaled everyone to come out.
After all went Manik made Nandini be in his arms and said softly”I love you Pihu”
“I love you too”
“How can I live without you? Only one news was late for me your pragnancy news, I got it from daddu rest, daily night I was before your house. All those officers wife’s are planning to divorce them as they are not going home night because their home minister is sleeping in car infront of his wife’s house”
“Don’t worry evening in party I will explain them”
“Acha! First say me your number in my life”
“It’s always only one”Nandini hugged him again. “I am sorry, actually daily I used to peep at you, from my window”
“O Chori chori”
“Then you will get punishment”
Manik kissed her and in his office room he made love with her.

Evening Manik gave grand party at Ranchi.
He announced about his marriage and son. All the flashes at time sparked. Live telecast of this is also going on.
Many questions are asked to Manik about keeping this as secret. Manik smiled and said “mera Biwi ko nazar na laga she is beautiful lady”
All laughed.
Party was lavish.
Patodi and his team came with family. Manik introduced Nandini and sadana to all of them.
They all said about Manik.
“We saw sir daily struggling for you both. Seeing him my love towards my wife increased. He is a wounderful guy I ever met.”patodi said to Nandini and sadana.
Sadana smiled and said “it’s Manik as usual”Nandini smiled
A loud dhool sound came all turned towards it
It’s cabir and gang.
Manik ran to them and started to dance with them shouting.
All the guests clapped
Mukhti and Sushanth with their son
Cabir and Roshini with their daughter
Piya and her husband from US
Priya and her husband Rashid khan who loved eachother and got married recently. came to attend party.
Sri is playing with those small kids.
Manik is happy. Nandini is extremely happy. Sadana again became a style icon for gang.

While party is going on daddi went to meet Malhotra.
Malhotra us happy seeing her
“Take me to home. Once I become normal I will see Manik’s end”
“Eat this first” she feeded him sweat his favorite one.
“Look how cruelly I will take revenge on him, he made this Malhotra like this he will pay for this”
“Eat it fully” she fed him totally
“Give me water”
“No! The poison which I gave will not work on you if you drink water so I can’t give you”
“Poison?????” Malhotra paniced
“Yes, why I should give you? You killed my brother I was silent, you had numerous affairs still I was silent, you treated me as slave still I am silent, infront of me you made munna suffer still I was silent but you killed my Rishi?????? How can I???? Die fast. I want to enjoy party with my munna”
“Water” Malhotra is suffering
Manik came running “daddi no!”cabir and Sushanth made Malhotra vomit all the poison and gave proper medication. He is still serious, oxygen mask and required equipment are brought.
By Next morning Malhotra is alright
Daddi slapped Manik”why are you making him to leave? I want to kill him”
“Then what is the difference in him and us?”
“He is a rakshash”
“Still we don’t have right to kill him”
“He killed my son” daddi cried a lot.
Sadana consoled her
Manik sent Malhotra to old age home. He paid a large amount and joined him.
Daddi removed all her suhagan decor from herself and started to live like a widow.
Nobody insisted or forced her to be normal.
Sadana, daddu,sharada are living in Ranchi with all chachis
Manik and Nandini along with sri came to Mumbai.
Now everything sorted out.

Things and legal points, medical issues etc are just my imagination nothing reality so just take it as story.

This is my story “kuch na kaha!”
Thank you all my readers including my silent reader.
You all asked me to start the 4th option of my all stories
I will start it from tommorow.
Guys a humble request to you all please give me a elobrate view on my story which thing you liked most and which you felt boring. Why???
Thank you waiting eagerly for your comments
Yours Sunitha.k

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    1. Sunitha.k

      I am house wife
      All these stories are my own novels which wrote in 2002to2005

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